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Simon Le Bon to Officially Open the Sunseeker Stand at the Southampton Boat Show

Sunseeker is delighted to announce that lead singer of iconic British band Duran Duran, Simon Le Bon, will be the special guest at this year’s 50th anniversary show starting on Friday September 14. Simon, a long-serving ambassador of The Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE), will be officially opening the Sunseeker stand and BLUE exhibition space. Sunseeker will be showcasing its commitment to marine conservation at… read more

Simon Speaks to BBC Radio About Tall Ships

Simon speaks to BBC Radio about Tall Ships Youth Trust and his new ambassadorship. Tall Ships runs residential sea voyages which help develop individuals’ employability and personal skills whilst at sea. Over the past year the charity has offered support to more than 1,200 young beneficiaries facing challenges including learning difficulties, hearing or visual impairments or behavioural, emotional and social… read more

Youth Sailing Charity Announces Partnership with Duran Duran Frontman Simon Le Bon

Simon Le Bon, frontman of iconic British band Duran Duran, is setting sail as the new ambassador for the Tall Ships Youth Trust which runs seafaring trips for disadvantaged young people across the UK. The Trust runs residential sea voyages which help develop individuals’ employability and personal skills whilst at sea. Over the past year the charity has offered support to more than 1,200 young beneficiaries facing… read more

Fan Community Q&A Excerpt – Jason Felts of KAABOO.

Duran Duran have one date booked in 2019 and it is in Grand Cayman Island! But what drew them to KAABOO CAYMANs inaugural event?? The Duran Duran fan community was lucky enough to chat with Jason Felts, the Chief Brand + Marketing Officer for KAABOO. Hi Jason, for our readers that don’t know you, can you introduce yourself? Hello readers! I’m Jason Felts, Chief Brand + Marketing Officer for KAABOO and CEO of Sir Richard… read more

Duran Duran Appreciation Day, 2018

On this most hallowed of days in our ancient DD calendar, as a small token of our great appreciation for your appreciation, we would like to offer you this video clip, Directed by Gavin Elder, of a couple of songs filmed in Tokyo at the Budokan on the penultimate date of our Paper Gods tour last September. We are hoping to complete editing on the film of the full performance for release later this year but until then…… read more

Fan Community Q&A Excerpt with Patty Palazzo

Who doesn’t know Patty? If you’re a fan of the band, chances are you do. She’s helped design a lot of awesome DD things you’ve seen around for oh, maybe the last 15 years! She worked with John early on with B5, and on Juicy Mens etc etc AND she launched her own totally amazing tee shirt line, Punk Masters. As her newest set goes on sale, we thought we’d check on in and say “hello”!… read more

Q&A with Elliot Taylor!

Elliot Taylor: ace photographer, RICOCHET: David Bowie 1983 book assistant, Denis O’Regan right hand man, Roger Taylor’s son (and so much more!) He has spent the past year working with Denis on RICOCHET: David Bowie 1983, a museum quality fine art boxed book of photos of David Bowie, taken by Denis O’Regan. The set is limited to 2000 copies. Elliot was kind enough to do an interview for the fan community… read more

Snapchat, Christian Marclay Sound Stories show

Today in Cannes, I visited the Snapchat, Christian Marclay – Sound Stories show at the Centre D’Art La Malmaison – Five great ideas in five different rooms, beautiful, mesmerising and truly original use of today’s technology. The integration of sound and interactive visuals is spectacular. I really hope the installation travels so that many more people can experience it. Pure joy. Nick IMG_7883 IMG_7892 IMG_7894 IMG_7899read more

John’s ALL LOVE Birthday playlist

Welcome to this ALL LOVE playlist! I hope it’s a celebration of everything we love about music and why it is so special to all of us. It is a real treat to post this on my birthday. I’m going to be grooving, dreaming and tripping to this playlist all summer long. Hope you are too! Press shuffle and let it roll. read more

Nick on Eliot Cohen of Red Bus Studio

In 1980 when we worked on our debut album, many of those recording sessions with our producer, Colin Thurston, took place at a studio called Red Bus in NW London. It was a real thrill to return there today for the first time since we made that record. Our visit was made even more surreal as we entered to find the basic structures all exactly as they were, even the MCI console still remains in studio one… I remember Colin teaching… read more

Watch “A Night with Duran Duran” Trailer here

Boys on Film – A Night with Duran Duran to air 29 June on BBC Four

In Boys on Film – A Night with Duran Duran, iconic British rock band, Duran Duran, are set to take over BBC Four on Friday 29 June from 9pm. With exclusive access to the band, the night features two newly-filmed documentaries which showcase incredible insights, previously unseen archive footage and rare demo tapes, as well as the group’s thoughts and inspirations across the decades since they first formed in 1978… read more

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