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Duran Duran’s Monthly Collector’s Corner, January, 2015

Collector’s Corner – January 2015 – Save Your Prayers The Duran Duran track “Save A Prayer” was released worldwide in August 1982. However, due to the popularity of the video on MTV, the song was re-released with a live version in 1985. This month marks 30 years since its release, and as it is one of the most significant ballads by Duran Duran, we’re discussing it in this month’s Collector’s Corner! In… read more

The smallest gigs… to make the biggest difference. Duran Duran perform in support of War Child

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 2.46.23 PM War Child and O2 present PASSPORT BACK TO THE BARS The smallest gigs… to make the biggest difference February 16-24, 2015 War Child and O2 are proud to announce the incredible full line-up, dates and venues for Passport Back To The Bars, a week of one-off events offering incredible access to some of the biggest names in music in the most intimate venues – supporting War Child after an unprecedented year of violence… read more

Fan Community Excerpt: Patty Palazzo Q&A

An excerpt from the Fan Community Q&A with designer/artist Patty Palazzo, who really, needs no introduction!! OK, so we know a lot about you already, you have been part of the Duran team for how long now? I first started working with John (solo) in late 1995 and first started to work as part of the Duran team in 2003 when the reunion came about. How did you move from working as John’s assistant to becoming a designer?read more

A Note from Nick

“Yesterday I attended Todd Lynn’s fashion show – It was a unique experience, sharp modern clothes with Japanese and punk influences. The band Slaves played live to provide the soundtrack. It was exciting to see musicians with real raw energy and passion again. I am now looking forward to their debut album which is out in May. Great to see PJ Harvey too, who is very popular on Duran Duran iPods – she… read more

John Taylor New Year’s Mix Tape!

“Paul from Manimal asked me if I would do another year-end Soundcloud playlist, like we did last year. I wasn’t sure I wanted to, as I’ve been so caught up in mixing the new Duran Duran album I almost didn’t want to give serious head space to any other music but ours. However .. music is so damn important to me – sometimes I think it’s the very blood that keeps my heart pumping – I realized I did want… read more

Duran Duran Year-End Favourites, 2014

Each year Roger, John, Simon & Nick share their favourite happenings from the year. Below they rate 2014 – seems like it was a very good year! ROGER Favourite Concert of 2014 For me, it was Peter Gabriel at Wembley. It was quite something! The “SO” album was one my favorites of the 80s, and he was playing the whole of the record. It was a very powerful experience. Favourite Album of 2014 I’ve just become… read more

Happy Holidays from Duran Duran, 2014!

Happy Holidays from Nick, Simon, John & Roger!! Thanks for all the great support this year as the band finishes up DD#14. Listen to their messages here! R0044947read more

Duran Duran’s Monthly Collector’s Corner, December, 2014

DO NOT ADJUST YOUR SET Nick Rhodes has always been an avid photographer and lover of photography as an Art. You could always find Nick and his trusty camera documenting life as it blasted by him while on the road touring with Duran Duran. I badge Around 1983, in the quiet of hotel rooms around the world, Nick started working on something new, a fusion of media: photography meets television. He would manipulate the television picture… read more

Duran Duran to perform London concert benefitting War Child

War Child and O2 are proud to announce Passport Back To The Bars, a week of one-off events offering incredible access to big name acts in the most intimate music venues – supporting War Child to bring hope and safety back to children in war zones, after an unprecedented year of violence. Produced by War Child, O2 and the Music Managers Forum, the Passport shows are a part of BRIT Awards Week 2015. These will be the smallest… read more

John Visits the House of Commons to Launch Addiction Report

“I went to the House of Commons in London Tuesday to help launch the Addiction Report by the Centre of Social Justice. The report makes many significant points about problems of addiction and alcoholism facing many people in Britain. I wouldn’t say I agree with every single thing in it, but if half of it were to come to pass, our society would be a much better place to live in. You can view the report here: more

Joe Vizvary/Images in Vogue: Duran Duran VIP Fan Community Q&A Excerpt

So you’re in a band in Canada. You start to build up some local success. You score a single everyone is interested in. And then Duran Duran circa 1984 come to play in Canada and your band is asked to open for them. AMAZING, right? In one of our coolest Q&As to date, Joe Vizvary from the band Images in Vogue, themselves part of the 80s music story, tells us all about his experiences in the band and being asked to open… read more

Duran Duran’s Monthly Collector’s Corner, November, 2014

Knock, knock… Notorious! In November, 1986 Duran Duran put out the album NOTORIOUS worldwide. Having paired down to a trio, the band got creative in what would turn out to be a seminal release for them. Simon, John & Nick teamed up with Nile Rodgers, who they had worked with before on several tracks, and brought some funk in to the Duran canon. This was an important time for the band. After the success of “Seven… read more

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