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Duran Duran Re-Issues Out Now!

September 24th, 2010

The “Notorious” & “Big Thing” 2-CD/DVD & Vinyl Limited Special Edition Releases are here!

Following the reissues earlier this year of Duran Duran’s eponymous debut and ‘Seven and The Ragged Tiger’ albums, EMI is pleased to announce the release of 2-CD/DVD Limited Special Editions of the band’s hugely influential fourth and fifth albums, ‘Notorious’ and ‘Big Thing.’

Below please find the latest release date information from EMI:

Austria September 24 (all formats)
Belgium September 27 (all formats)
Canada September 28 (all formats)
Denmark September 27 (all formats)
France September 27 (all formats)
Germany September 24 (all formats)
Holland September 27 (all formats)
Italy September 28 (all formats)
Japan September 27 (all formats)
Mexico September 21 (2CD/DVD only)
New Zealand October 11 (2CD/DVD only)
Norway September 27 (all formats)
Poland September 27 (all formats)
South Africa September 27 (2 CD only)
Spain September 28 (2CD/DVD only)
UK September 27 (all formats)
USA October 12 (2CD/DVD only)