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John on Spandau Ballet’s “Soul Boys of the Western World”

November 12th, 2014

Last night I went to see the Spandau Ballet documentary, “Soul Boys of the Western World.”


It was a fantastic experience, I loved it. It’s a great, great film about music and friendship, and anybody – any fan of Duran Duran – should see it. It’s just terrific.

The movie was very funny, very warm, with great music and great fashion from the time. On top of that, I walked out of the screening and slap-bang into the whole band. It was a lovely reunion with them all; I hadn’t seen Steve Norman in almost twenty years!

It was a really special moment for me. I think you’d really enjoy the film, and if you’re able, make the time to see it.

– John Taylor, November 12, Los Angeles

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