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Inspiration for “What Happens Tomorrow”

August 15th, 2017

Hi Katy! I’m Dana and i’m 12 years old. I have been listening to Duran Duran for a pretty long time now even B.P.G. (Before Paper Gods) However, I have a question about “What Happens Tomorrow” one of my favorites (behind “The Reflex” & “Ordinary World”) I was wondering about the inspiration for the song. In the beginning it mentions a child growing up in the frightening world, and in the end it also mentions “these tiny lives matter.” Its seemed the whole song was faced toward children. I was just curious as to what the inspiration for this song was. Love, Dana :)

“Hi Dana! Thanks for being such a supportive fan! Your guess is actually rather close to the original inspiration for the song, say the band. Nick saw some news footage of a young child in a war torn city who said, “Nobody knows what happens tomorrow” – and the phrase very much stuck with him because, somehow, it summed up all of everyone’s life… but in this particular case, a far more frightening prospect of what the immediate future might bring. Katy”