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Fan Community Q&A Excerpt – Jason Felts of KAABOO.

September 11th, 2018

Duran Duran have one date booked in 2019 and it is in Grand Cayman Island! But what drew them to KAABOO CAYMANs inaugural event?? The Duran Duran fan community was lucky enough to chat with Jason Felts, the Chief Brand + Marketing Officer for KAABOO.

Hi Jason, for our readers that don’t know you, can you introduce yourself?

Hello readers! I’m Jason Felts, Chief Brand + Marketing Officer for KAABOO and CEO of Sir Richard Branson’s entertainment arm at Virgin

How is KAABOO different than the other Festivals out there?

More than a music festival, KAABOO is an elevated live entertainment experience that with a focus on comfort, hospitality, and customer service; which are not typical in the festival industry. KAABOO is the ideal live music experience without the rough qualities of what people would expect from a traditional festival event. At KAABOO, everyone receives a heightened level of amenities from access to spa services and Vegas Style pool cabanas, to craft food and beverage choices, and areas with shade and AC. Plus, you’ll only find flushing toilets at KAABOO. Our general admission (HANG LOOSE + THATCH passes) rivals some festivals’ VIP programs. In addition, KAABOO offers a greater level of VIP than you’ll find at any other festival with our ULTIMATE HANG and DREAM PASS offerings; both passes are extremely limited and offer exclusive access and amenities to guests.

What can people expect from the art and culinary indulgences at KAABOO Caymans?

All KAABOO festivals are built on a similar foundation by paying homage to the “five senses”: big-name MUSIC headliners, thought-provoking exhibits in ARTWORK; renowned comedians at HUMOR ME; delicious culinary offerings at PALATE; and a full spectrum of INDULGENCES for which KAABOO has become famous. However, each event proudly displays a flare of its local culture and personality within the brand.

KAABOO Cayman has an undeniable island feel and is set just across the street from the world-renowned Seven Mile Beach. There will be an undeniable tropical element to all of KAABOO Cayman’s offerings including local cuisine, regional visual artists and performers.

Go ahead with your best pitch – why should Duran Duran fans be at this event?

Combine one of, if not the best band in music history with the most beautiful, tropical, safest island in the Caribbean and I believe that should answer the question. Oh, and it’s in February, so why not escape the cold and come enjoy a less than ordinary world in Cayman.

Speaking of Duran Duran… what were your reasons for booking them for this inaugural festival?

Put simply – they are a true bucket list artist for many and the overarching demand to have them headline year 1 was consistent with our desire to have them there.

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