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Duran Duran Monthly Collector’s Corner: August, 2020

August 27th, 2020

A return to t-shirts…

This month let’s visit the fashionable side of collecting with a return to t-shirts. If you missed our first foray into garments, you can time warp back to June 2016 by clicking here.

Let’s start with a throwback to the 1980s. The ¾ sleeve design totally gives it away as a relic of the 80s! This shirt was first sold on the 1983-1984 tour, and then later as official merchandise.

83 blue sleeve comp

The next item happens to tie in with an anniversary! In August, 1985 THE POWER STATION were in the midst of their only ever North American tour, which ended on August 28th at the Brendan Byrne Arena in New Jersey. If you were lucky to catch one of those gigs, you may have seen this shirt for sale among others.

1985-power station black tour shirt

This tee is from the STRANGE BEHAVIOUR tour in 1987, and is another shirt with a story. The back of this example is printed with metallic copper/bronze ink, which when worn and washed tended to oxidize and turn a serious shade of green! This makes finding a truly mint condition specimen quite difficult.


This magnificent looking creature was sold on the 1993 tour. When you consider how shirts are manufactured, this is an interesting one. Rather than a basic design printed on the centre front and back, this shirt has an all-over design that is even printed on the sleeves. If you pull the neckline open, you can see the ink oversprayed from printing the front.


In 2003, Japan saw some historic reunion shows. When the band started thinking about a reunion, they knew that Japan would be a proving ground for their vision. Japanese audiences are quite reserved, and to get them really into the shows was a sign that the band still had chemistry, and that the Duran Duran live show was still a force to be reckoned with. This shirt is Japan-only, from the 1978-03 tour in July 2003.


In 2015, the band played some high profile shows that generated some really amazing and rare t-shirts, starting with the WARCHILD charity benefit in London in February. This show at legendary pubilc house Wilton’s was part of BACK TO THE BARS, a series of gigs by high profile bands in tiny venues, with the tickets only available through a charity raffle. Demand was staggering! At less than 300 people, this was the smallest show Duran Duran has played in their professional career. This shirt wasn’t even for sale, but was part of a swag bag that VIPs received at the gig. Getting one of these sure isn’t easy.


2015 saw another fabulous event: the FOLD festival, curated by Nile Rodgers and hosted by him and his band CHIC over Aug 4th and 5th 2015 in Riverhead NY. This show was just before the album PAPER GODS came out. The band were joined on stage by Nile Rodgers and Janelle Monae, who both feature on the song “Pressure Off” for one of the song’s very first public performances. Here’s one of the shirts for sale at FOLD.


This month, let’s end with something to keep us warm coming into the cooler temperatures: this fleece pullover is a promo item from Simon’s yacht, DRUM. It is sure a special boat – after Simon’s racing adventures in 1985-86, DRUM needed some love. Scottish businessman Arnold Clark bought her in the late 80s, refurbished her and got her back on the water. In the 2000s, the maxi yacht returned to service and was used to raise money for charity. After more than 30 years of service, DRUM was retired in 2020, and the owners hope she can end up in a museum.


Created by Derek Supryka // Pictures by Derek Supryka // Edited by Katy Krassner