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November, 19th, 2020


If it’s not on your calendar, we’re happy to remind you that “Union of the Snake” was released as a single worldwide on October 17th, 1983. The album it came off of, SEVEN AND THE RAGGED TIGER, was released this month (21 November (US) 24 November (ROW)). Therefore, this Collector’s Corner will see us going deeper into this single release, starting out strong with this wonderful rarity from the Netherlands.… read more

“Burning The Ground” & “Decadance”

November, 14th, 2020

I’ve always been curious about the remixes/singles titled “Burning The Ground” & “Decadance.” Can Nick or anyone shed any light on the history of these such as were they released as singles to radio stations or mainly dance remixes for the fans? Has Duran Duran considered an updated version to include more recent tracks? Thank you! Mike V

“The tracks were created to coincide with the release of the DECADE album, unsurprisingly celebrating 10 years of Duran Duran single releases.… read more

Duran Duran Reveal Headline Show Headline Show at Scarborough Open Air Theatre

October, 30th, 2020

British music icons Duran Duran will delight fans next summer with a momentous outdoor show on the stunning Yorkshire coast.

Duran Duran have sold over 100 million records worldwide, scored 18 American hit singles and 21 UK Top 20 tunes, cementing them as one of the most successful and influential bands of all time.

Next summer, the band will bring their epic live show to Scarborough Open Air Theatre – the UK’s biggest purpose-built open-air concert arena – on Wednesday July 7, 2021.… read more

Nick’s 2020 Halloween Playlist (and it’s scary!)

October, 30th, 2020

13 pieces of music from movie soundtracks curated by Nick Rhodes for Halloween.

Jerry Goldsmith – Ave Satani – The Omen

Popol Vuh – Brüder des Schattens – Nosferatu

Wendy Carlos & Rachel Elkind – The Shining (Main title theme)

Howard Shore – Videodrome theme

Alessandro Alessandroni – “La Terrificante Notte del Demonio” (end titles)

Krzysztof Komeda – Lullaby – Rosemary’s Baby

Goblin – Suspiria (theme)

Harry Bromley Davenport – Xtro (Main Titles)

John Carpenter – Halloween (theme)

Ennio Morricone – The Thing (theme)

Gene Moore – Profane – Sacrilege – Carnival of the Souls

Mike Oldfield – Tubular Bells part 1 – The Exorcist

Bernard Herrmann – soundtrack (prelude; the murder; finale) – Psycho

And on Spotify

NR Halloween

Roger’s OFFICIAL 2020 Halloween Playlist

October, 29th, 2020

“If I was going to DJ a Halloween Party this year, here are some tracks I’d definitely include. Happy Halloween!”

Roger Halloween Playlist

Simon’s 2020 Birthday Message!

October, 27th, 2020


October, 22nd, 2020


October is here and that can only mean one thing: Simon’s birthday! Our beloved frontman has his big day on October 27th, and to celebrate, we’re going to feature some items devoted to him. Let’s start with this print of a photo taken by Mike Owen, included in the fan club welcome pack in early 1985.

1985-simon fan club

Going back to Simon’s early days, here’s a rare item! This is a programme from Simon’s appearance as the Sandman in “Hansel & Gretel.”… read more

All those RIO versions….

October, 10th, 2020

Nick has mentioned that there are 5 or 6 versions of RIO when it was originally released and one of the biggest differences is the version of “Hold Back The Rain”. Can they tell us which releases (country, I would suspect) would have the 5 or 6 different versions. I’m aware of the UK and the US being different, but what other releases have the different versions? Bob

“It would be difficult for us to unravel. Aside from the second pressing in RIO released in the US, there was never meant to be any other different versions.… read more

Touch the Sunrise with Duran Duran

October, 8th, 2020

Next October (2021), we’re continuing our 40th anniversary celebrations by inviting 4,000 of our fans to join us in Ibiza for three days of dancing on the sand and soaking up the Ibizan sun. As one of the highlights in a string of events that will take place over the coming months celebrating the band’s rich and colorful career and the release of their 15th studio album, we’ve organised a special weekend that will include DJ sets, outdoor screenings and a closing headline show to remember.… read more


September, 24th, 2020


This month let’s look at some things that may have slipped under your radar: official items that have recently been sold on tours and through DURANDURAN.COM’s web shop. But these are no mere t-shirts and tour books!

First up – this set of 7 iron-on patches features design elements from the PAPER GODS album cover art.

paper gods patch set

Here’s one that’s even more recent.. This “Timeline” wrapping paper is one of 3 items to feature the adorable new character artwork of the band through various eras.… read more

New Synths

September, 15th, 2020

I’d like to ask Nick if he’s had a chance to check out some of the more recent Synthesisers on the market, like Korgs Prologue, Sequential’s Prophet X, XL and 12, Novations Peak and Teenage Engineerings new OP-Z (I know he is quite fond of their OP-1). Also, will be using the OP-1 on the new album? Thanks and very best regards, Kevin, from Co Durham.

“Hi Kevin, Thanks for the tips. I have not had time to check out all of these synths yet, but I am always curious and looking for great new products.… read more

Duran Duran Celebrate the 5th Anniversary of Paper Gods

September, 11th, 2020



I love DD ‘journey’ songs (‘Nightboat’, ‘New Religion’, ‘The Valley’), songs that we allow full rein to, that we resist the urge (always present) to cut down to three and a half minutes. Like those songs, ‘Paper Gods’ is political and autobiographical, without being obviously so. The bass story alone is a symphony! Listening to this is like taking a mind bath.… read more

WHOOOSH! A brand new weekly Spotify podcast/playlist hosted by Duran Duran’s Simon Le Bon

September, 3rd, 2020


Available now on Spotify

Duran Duran front man, Simon Le Bon, has released a new podcast series called WHOOOSH!that is now exclusively available on Spotify. In this new series Simon talks about some of his favourite records from years gone by, together with music he has more recently discovered.

Co-hosted by long-time band associate, Katy Krassner, the series uniquely sits within Spotify’s playlists, meaning that all of the records curated and discussed by Simon, can be played in full, allowing the listener to take the journey with them.… read more

Duran Duran Monthly Collector’s Corner: August, 2020

August, 27th, 2020

A return to t-shirts…

This month let’s visit the fashionable side of collecting with a return to t-shirts. If you missed our first foray into garments, you can time warp back to June 2016 by clicking here.

Let’s start with a throwback to the 1980s. The ¾ sleeve design totally gives it away as a relic of the 80s! This shirt was first sold on the 1983-1984 tour, and then later as official merchandise.

83 blue sleeve comp

The next item happens to tie in with an anniversary!… read more

Duran Duran Word Search #4

August, 16th, 2020

Click below & print out your fourth Duran Duran word search!

We will provide an answer key soon….

Enjoy! ^DDHQ

DD Word Search 4

Spacey Sound in “Ordinary World”

August, 12th, 2020

Hello Katy, I feel very privileged for the opportunity to ask you a question. My question, up front, is about a sound effect in the song Ordinary World, a song that I love. It is a kind of Sci-Fi sound effect can be heard at the at the 3:12 mark and ends at 3:15 (on the official music video) so it’s about 3 seconds long. The sound effect has always stood out to me since the first time I heard it back when the song came out.

I wondered how the sound effect got mixed into the song …There’s an audio editing card in the computer that makes the exact same sound at startup that’s heard in “Ordinary World” – but at a different pitch.… read more

Duran Duran Debut Album to be part of National Album Day UK

August, 12th, 2020

“National Album Day is adopting a 1980s theme for its third edition, set for Saturday, October 10.

The initiative is organised jointly by record labels body the BPI and the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA), and is supported across the BBC, along with AIM and other music trade associations, retailers and digital platforms.

Special releases will include new albums, boxsets and classic reissues such as Duran Duran’s Duran Duran, Paul Simon Graceland, The Stone Roses’ eponymous debut LP and Smash Hits 80s.”… read more

Nick and John On Instagram LIVE for Duran Duran Appreciation Day 2020

August, 10th, 2020

ICYMI: John & Nick’s very fun, very lively, very informative DDAD2020 chat on Instagram Live!

Screen Shot 2020-08-16 at 9.56.31 PM

#DDAD2020 is coming!

August, 7th, 2020

Mark these two things down in your calendar!

Monday Aug 10: Nick and John on Instagram LIVE (@duranduran), 10a PST, 6pm BST. Make sure you FOLLOW Duran Duran on Instagram to watch!!

Monday Aug 10-11 : DDAD Sale in the web Shop on! 20 % OFF ALL STORE PURCHASES from 00.00 am PST / 08.00 am BST August 10th to 03.00 pm PST /11.00 pm BST August 11th. Use discount code: DDADstore20 at checkout

(please note the VIP code will not be valid over this period)

Roger’s Desert Island Discs Volume 3

August, 6th, 2020

Volume 3 in a series of chats with Roger on songs that changed his life!


James Brown
The XX
Duran Duran

Screen Shot 2020-08-05 at 9.56.44 PM