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Madonna Backing Vocalist?

March 16th, 2005

Hi Kathy, I just read that Simon Le Bon mentioned, in a mid-80’s interview for the BBC TV show “Breakfast”, that Madonna did backing vocals for them that were never released.  The exact title of Madonna’s unreleased contribution was not mentioned in the interview. One would guess (without knowing)that it would probably be on one of several recordings from 1984-1985 produced by Nile Rodger (who also produced Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” LP.) Can you please confirm any information on this that you can? Would like to know what song(s) it was for. Any story you can share would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Joey


nick's favorite madonna song

July 13th, 2001

Since Nick went to see Madonna in concert, what is his favorite Madonna song of all time? Thanks, Kathy


simon and madonna

June 27th, 2001

Hi Katy, I have noticed that Duran Duran have popped up in two different Madonna movies: there is a “Notorious” poster on a record store wall in “Who’s That Girl”, and Madonna’s car drives by a Tower Records that is advertising “The
Wedding Album” in her little seen “Dangerous Games” flick. I’m just curious: what is each members favorite Madonna track, if any?
Thanks! Kevin. HI KEVIN. I ASKED SIMON FOR YOU AND HE SAID “My favourite madge track is “Frozen””

What's happening in June

June 5th, 2002

The guys have been all about the Jubilee Celebrations, with Simon participating in a Street Fair in his town. Nick got to meet the Queen (and see old Spandau Ballet members!) at the Royal Academy Celebration of the Arts, which took place before the Jubilee Celebration. He also saw Madonna’s play last night, “Up For Grabs” and was in the audeince with Gweneth Paltrow, who he saw after the show.

Simon will be part of the Motorcycle judging team the Louis Vuitton Concours D’ Elegance Motorcycle judging team, along with Paul Stewart and others at the Hurlingham Club in West London on Saturday. This is a great event and Simon is very excited. His kids are on holiday this past week, so he has his hands full – but did get a chance to see the “Pricess Diaries” with them and he loved it! Simon is nearly finished with lyrics and will be back in the studio with Nile for the last of the sessions with Nick, Andy, Roger and John.

simon the teacher!

July 30th, 2001

I love this sight and am so thrilled that the original five are back together! I have a question (s) for Simon. I am in a local band and I am the lead singer/main lyric writer. Writing lyrics is very important to me, but I can not play an instrument to save my life. How do you go about presenting a “new song” to a band without music and how much control do you have over the musical input of everyone else? Also, what do you do to stay sane when everyone else is jamming or going off on musical tangents during the writing process (when crowds just make you feel lonely, lol) Good luck and keep the great lyrics and music coming! Jim

JIM, YOU GOT THE BEST TEACHER! “Hi Jim,sounds to my like you’re facing a bit of a dilemma. Without the ability to play any instrument you are clearly limited with regards to song presentation, i.e. you either present lyrics solely or singing to them, you attempt to get the band to understand and play what’s in your head. This is difficult, frustrating and probably will take the song away from your original idea. This may not necessarily be a bad thing; good tunes often develop out of misunderstanding a sort of musical chinese whisper, you just have to be mentally agile enough and free enough from your own ego to make it work. The same goes for the ‘control’ issue; remember you are in a band – it’s not just about your ideas.

As for the ‘jamming’ situation – you have to be patient enough to wait until the music becomes something you feel inspired by and you can contribute to with a top line (melody). On the other hand it may not reach that stage. You will often feel excluded by jam sessions. To some extent the rest of that band will probably be aware of this, they may even do it all the more to prove a point to you – remember they have all taken up the discipline of an instrument, you haven’t. It is also possible that at some level there may be some resentment to the attention you receive as frontman. It must be said that jamming is very important part of the process especially for a new band. It teaches us to play together and inspire each other. Intrinsically, it is the most primitive and essential form of music as a band and we all do it.

My advice to you is pick up a guitar and start playing, even if it’s difficult you will be able to pick up the basics (Christ, if Madonna can do it…). You will suddenly find that songwriting becomes easier and you will begin to develop a much better relationship with youRfellow band members. Who knows they might even allow you join in the jam – one day. hope this helps. Whoosh. S”

paying tribute

July 26th, 2001

Katy – I am of course a hard core duranie from the 80’s. I loved the tribute “Thank you” album. White Lines and Lay, Lady, Lay are awesome. My question is… Are there any bands the group didn’t pay tribute to on that album that they wanted to? And what specific songs would they like to “cover”? Thanks for doing a great job!

there are so many bands old and new that I would love to tribute; The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Destiny’s Child, to name but a few. Can you tell? – it’s just about right here, that I’m starting to think about takin’ the piss – just a little bit. But I won’t. Howzabout “Summer in the City” by Lovin’ Spoonful or “Lady Marmalade” by Pink, L’il Kim, Mya & Christina Aguilera. Or even better “AmericanPie” by Madonna.”