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Welcome to ASK KATY. This is the place where you can Ask Katy stuff about Duran Duran. You can Ask Katy whatever you would like and she will try to answer you. Katy has worked for Duran Duran for many years now, and we like to think she knows a lot. Got a question about the band? Ask Katy. What is the B-side to Union of the Snake? Ask Katy. Trouble with remembering when the band last came to your town? Ask Katy. You get the picture. So don’t be shy…Ask Katy and she will answer a selection of questions each month. Here are the most Frequently Asked Katy Questions.

If your question isn’t answered, it may be because it has been answered before. Use the search feature and find out.

Jitters on Stage

September 12th, 2019

Hi Katy! I play guitar in a local band and I always get these terrible bouts of stage fright before a gig . I was wondering if any of the guys could give me some pointy tips about managing my nerves onstage.Thanks a bunch, Julio Rodriguez, Madrid (Spain)

“Hi Julio, I’ve been lucky not to be plagued by nerves before show tho I do get an adrenaline rush that most performers get before going on stage. I think if you are confident in what you’re doing then there is really nothing to worry about . Audiences are very forgiving even if you make mistakes. I’ve been on stage many times when things have not gone perfectly but they’ve often gone on to be the best shows, so relax and enjoy it! Nick”

JT Remembers “Timeslip” (or does he?)

August 17th, 2019

Hello I am emailing you to see if you can possibly and perhaps kindly help with my query I watched the TV show called “Timeslip” the block which was made by Yorkshire TV back in 1985 and featured John Taylor from Duran Duran as a computer hacker. My main query is if someone can please ask Mr. Taylor about any background information relating to to the programme as I would be extremely grateful for his time anything considered including where the location filming took place and also any trivial information on the making of it. Yours faithfully, Carl Lord.

“It was such a long tome ago! I forget how I was approached about doing ‘Timeslip’. Like so many ‘extra-curricular’ gigs, it seemed like a good idea until I found myself actually doing it, practically clueless (or at least hating my hair).

Has anyone seen ‘Once Upon a time in Hollywood’? It’s the true story of two glam rock obsessed teenagers who started their own band, becoming 80s pop idols and dodgy actors 😉”

Fan Fave Surprise?

July 12th, 2019

Katy, Has the band ever been surprised by the songs that have turned into fan favourites? (say, for example, songs like “New Religion” or “Salt in the Rainbow”). Cheers, Sian C.

“What is interesting is how different songs have become more popular in different countries or even different cities. I think most things from the RIO album are easy to understand because enough of our audience are familiar with those tracks. But sometimes, when we try to play slightly more obscure album tracks, it is hard to make them work because, of course, the majority of our audience would still prefer hear songs which they are more familiar with. We always try to strike a balance. “New Reigion” and “Friends of Mine” made a recent return on the last shows we played in America… The Band”

Simon & the Stones

June 14th, 2019

Hi Simon! I know about your love for The Rolling Stones. I’m a big fan of this band. I wonder if you was considering reworking one of their songs on the album Thank you. Do you ever think of some kind of cover from Stones in the future? Which song would you choose? Juraj, Bratislava, Slovakia

This is a tough question Juraj.

Covering a Rolling Stones song is not something to be undertaken lightly; especially if you’re as big a fan of the band as I am. The problem is that most of them, the songs that is, are untouchable. This is mainly because the original versions are SO great, it would ge very difficult to come close to them.

We live in an age of many covers. And I tell you what – most of them are CRAP!
Having said all that, I have to admit, one if these days I might have a go at something like ‘Ruby Tuesday’. Or wait for it … ‘As Tears Go By’


Up the Villa!

May 26th, 2019

For Roger…What are your thoughts about the upcoming Championship Playoff Final coming up next Monday? What are your feelings about AstonVilla’s chance to return to the Premier League after a long absence? Also, will you be attending the match at Wembley? Cheers, RK

Hi Richard,

Yes, will most definitely be there with 3 generations of the Taylor family.

With no disrespect to Derby, I’m feeling that we are in the right place at the right time this year and if all goes well, we will be playing Premier League football next season. However, the game still has to be played, and the one of the great things about football is that anything can happen … it should be an almighty clash. They say ‘cometh the hour, cometh the man’ …I’m hoping that certain man will be our very own ‘Super Jack’

Up the Villa!

As The Lights & Arcadia Art

May 13th, 2019

Ok so I’ve been doing this since 1981! And just noticed the similarities??? Hit me with a brick. It took me this long??? Was this done on purpose? Thanks, David

52647474_10157029165082733_8755809810974244864_n Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 2.33.57 PM

The band says: “A very curious observation…the original artwork for SO RED THE ROSE, and all the products for Duran Duran from 1981-1985, was done by Malcolm Garrett – hence the obvious similarities in style!

The new package for the Record Store Day version of AS THE LIGHTS GO DOWN would have been appropriated from Malcolm’s style (original designs). We would imagine the graphic designer in charge of this new release referenced all of Malcolm’s work previously related to this project and it certainly looks as if he/she took a quick look at Arcadia too!”

“Playing For Keeps” single questions

April 13th, 2019

Dear Katy, The Arcadia track “Say The Word” (Theme for ‘Playing For Keeps’) seems to have been recorded later than the SO RED THE ROSE album…was it a track they adapted for the PFK soundtrack or was it specifically written and recorded for the movie ? Did Roger drum on it, and if he didn’t drum on it – who did ? Yours rhythmically, IzzY World

“The song “Playing for Keeps” was mostly recorded at the same time as the rest of the SO RED THE ROSE album…it was a B-Side, and was originally called “Annie’s War.” While Nick and Simon don’t remember if that version of the song still exists, when they were asked to contribute a song to the soundtrack of PLAYING FOR KEEPS they decided to adapt that piece of music. At that point, the lyric was changed to “Say the Word.” Neither Nick or Simon believe that Roger played the drums on this particular track, they believe it was Steve Jordan. Katy”

“Friends Of Mine” video laugh

March 12th, 2019

Hi Katy,…I’ve been wondering for years & not knowing if this question already answered, so here it is : In the “Friends of Mine” video the band playing cards & acts cool as ever but suddenly in the end they all lose it and laughing uproariously at Simon. Why? What happened? –please tell us …It’s so unexpected & adorable seeing the band that way! Thank You, DIAN

“Hi Dian. The footage you’re talking about was shot for a British TV show and it was never an ‘official’ video. Unfortunately, the band can’t remember what game they were playing, who won, or what it is they were laughing about. Sorry! Katy”

When Do You Write?

February 16th, 2019

Simon, I love your song lyrics! Do you write bits and pieces all the time or do you start when you’re getting ready for a new album? LucaStone

“I do write all the time, if I come up with a phrase I like I write it down. Sometimes I can go months without coming up with an idea but as we get closer to the recording process, I turn my attention to lyrical ideas song titles, subject matters in preparation. WHOOOSH s”

S.O.S for “Union of the Snake”

January 15th, 2019

Hi Katy, Here’s one that I’ve been wondering about for a long time….On “Union of the Snake” just before the final chorus, there are some high pitched notes which don’t appear in any of the other bridges. It sounds like three short notes, three longer and three shorter again – is this an ‘SOS’ and was that Nick’s intention when he played it? Thanks,Stephen

“Wow! Well done Stephen! It was absolutely based upon morse code and I thought no one would ever notice. Good job! NR”

DD Special Editions

December 21st, 2018

Those Special Edition CD/DVD’s that the band put out for the first five albums were amazing! Do the boys plan to release these same Special Editions for their remaining albums? Adam P. Cray

“Hello Adam, we have always tried to meticulous about our packaging and especially re-packaging wherever we do control the releases. Regarding CDs, as the format is now fading, it is unlikely that record labels will do many special editions. In fact, vinyl is much more likely at this stage. Personally, I still love beautiful products. Even though the world consumes most music digitally now, there is nothing quite like a records so I am at least happy this format is growing in popularity again , particularly amongst audiophiles. Nick”

Sting on “The Promise”

November 21st, 2018

I have question for Simon Nick and Roger for Arcadia. How did you guys get Sting to sing background vocals on your album Arcadia. Robert

“Simon and Nick had set up residence in Paris to make the Arcadia album and many artists came through to perform. It so happened that Sting was coming to play a show, which they attended, and thought it would be interesting to have him come and sing on the album. They liked the sound of Simon and Sting’s voice together on the Band Aid single, and wanted to see what would come of putting them together again. Sting was incredibly gracious about it, and his contribution is actually one of their favorite moments on the record. Katy”

Favourite Video

October 15th, 2018

Simon, what was your fave Duran Duran video to film & why? Prowton

“It would definitely be….one of the Sri Lanka videos. It was such a trip. Take a bunch of kids from Whitley Bay, London and Birmingham…it was a different world! The sunshine, the people, the food, the music, the smells. It was so amazing just being there. That suite of three videos “Hungry like the Wolf,” “Save a Prayer” and “Lonely in Your Nightmare.” “

Why Japanese Post War Photography?

September 9th, 2018

I just finished reading about Nick`s Japanese Photo Documentary and in his answer he said that Post-War Japanese Photography was a subject that was close to his heart. I was wondering why that subject was close to his heart? Thank`s! Frannie Rhodes

From Nick: “My interest in Japanese photography began when I first saw photos from Dido Moriyama. I then started to discover many other extraordinary Japanese photographers whom I realized were mostly not so well known in the west. I am often drawn to Japanese aesthetic sense because it is so refined and different. It was also interesting to me as I learned more about the story how things paralleled between what was going on in Japan and the rest of the world post-war.”

Planetary Themes

August 14th, 2018

I’ve noticed there has been a lot of lyrics and artwork from the band over the years with a wonderful Cosmic/Astronomical vibe. Astronaut being the obvious. I was wondering if anyone in the band does any stargazing or has a affinity for Astronomy/Astro-photography? P.S. I love the stunning images of the Night Sky in the backdrop of the Paper Gods tour! Reine’

“The band says they all share a little bit of a fascination with things otherworldly. Nick had a telescope when he was young and he would spend hours looking in to the sky at night piecing together the different star constellations. More recently, he discovered the fantastic App STAR WALK which brought back all those memories for him. The band couldn’t understand anyone who wasn’t interested in the universe “out there.” Obviously, planetary themes have often cropped up in Duran Duran songs starting from the very beginning with “Planet Earth.”

How To Do A Track List

July 12th, 2018

May I say your last two albums have been two of the finest, that I continually play all the time. My question to you is how easy (or hard) is it to choose the final track list for an album? Can you give your fans some insight into the process? I ask especially as PAPER GODS’ bonus tracks included the sumptuous “Northern Lights,” the sultry “Cinderella Ride” and the thumping “Valentine Stones.” I myself can’t decide which of the twelve PAPER GODS tracks could even make way for them, so how did you? Kindest regards, Christian Tam

“Hello Christian. It’s usually a fairly democratic process that involved lots of arguments. I thinks “Northern Lights” should have been on the album but Simon and I had a dispute over the positioning of one musical part in the track so it was set aside until we could resolve it, and it missed the album deadline. I also decided to add the intro much later. Having said all of this, I think that people usually find the tracks they want now, and as much I love the vinyl album format, it’s rare to find anyone who listens an entire album even in digital format, from start to finish. I am glad you enjoyed those bonus tracks though. Nick”

Nick’s Fave Soundtracks

June 17th, 2018

From one musician and music lover to another, one of the most powerful details I love is the aesthetics that music creates. Growing up (and still do), I loved movies scores. I loved how the thematic elements of sound matched what was going on in the picture. Some were just ordinary, but others stood out to me. One of the best, if not my favorite is “The Fury” soundtrack by John Williams. Of course, the movie was not a big hit like most of the other John Williams masterpieces, but there is something special about it from late 70’s period. My question to you is this. What movie score put a major impression on you growing up or even now? Thanks,Johnny Diggs

“I think some of the most well-known movie scores were the ones that perhaps affected me most; obviously the James Bond soundtracks, particularly songs like “Goldfinger” and “Diamonds are Forever,” the incredible Ennio Morricone for the Sergio Leone movies and the electronic score from “A Clockwork Orange” by Walter Carlos. A little later I discovered the Fellini and Visconti movies, and was completely in awe of Nino Rota’s work (he also did “The Godfather” score). There are certain directors who I think understand soundtracks particularly well – David Lynch, Quentin Tarantino, and Tim Burton to name a few. Finally, I should mention how great some of the early Disney soundtracks were too. Nick”

All Done!

May 16th, 2018

For Simon: What is one thing you are happy to have done once but will never try again. Julie Abraham

“Ocean Racing! It was very exciting but I was at sea for seven weeks. A lot of the time you’re just sitting there, in the weather, be it sunny-raining-snowing-windy. It’s a lot of time to sit there with a cold wet bottom. I did it once, it was wonderful and I never need to do it again!”

Maybe DJ?

April 16th, 2018

I was wondering if Roger was still doing the whole DJ thing. If so does he have any plans on spinning at Cielo anytime soon and I was wondering what type of unit he uses when he works if its digital or or if he goes all vinyl? Curious …only bc I’m working on picking up some gigs here in New York myself…its very competitive …but I enjoy the hobby. Sharon Curtis

“Hi Sharon, yes still dj’ing, but don’t currently have any plans to go back to the most lovely ‘Cielo’. I’m all digital these days, using Traktor software on my MacBook Pro with Traktor S2 hardware. I find that I can manipulate my music in a way that I never could with Vinyl/CD’s. I can hear all the vinyl purists shouting “noooooooooo”!!!!! i’m jumping off right now! Thanks for the question! Roger X “

“Of Crime and Passion” Counter Melody

March 14th, 2018

Hi Katy, I have a question about Of Crime and Passion that has been vexing me for some 30+ years now. I am hoping the band can chime in and clear this up for me.

There is a glorious counter melody being played during each of the pre-choruses, the parts where Simon sings “Clouds on the/Graze on the/Way down by the shoulder.” For the life of me I can’t tell if this line is being played on a guitar by Andy or if it’s Nick on a synthesizer. If it’s a guitar, it must be running through a few effects to give it this marvelous futuristic sound and if it’s a synthesizer, it seems to have some kind of organic guitar sound dialed in. Or maybe it’s Andy and Nick playing the line in unison. Can you or the band tell me what is making this sound? Thank you! Kevin Hilman

“Hi Kevin, That’s actually a tricky question because with many Duran Duran songs, we try to combine the sound of different instruments playing together to blur the edges so that it becomes unclear precisely what is happening musically. In this case, I don’t remember who played what but my guess is probably Fairlight, Roland Jupiter 8 and guitar with effects which forms the wall of sound. Nick”