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Nick Rhodes and John Taylor form Duran Duran in the late 70s.

1978 line up: Stephen Duffy (vocals and bass), John Taylor (guitar), Simon Colley (bass and clarinet), Nick Rhodes (synthesizers, tape and rhythm machines)

1979 line up 1: Andy Wickett (vocals), John Taylor (bass), Roger Taylor (drums), Alan Curtis (guitar), Nick Rhodes (synthesizers)

1979 line up 2: Jeff Thomas (vocals), John Taylor (bass), Roger Taylor (drums), Alan Curtis (guitar), Nick Rhodes (synthesizers)

1980 line up: Simon Le Bon (vocals), John Taylor (bass), Roger Taylor (drums), Andy Taylor (guitar), Nick Rhodes (synthesizers)

In early 1980, the band bring their demo tapes to Paul & Michael Berrow, who run the Rum Runner night club. The brothers agree to give the band rehearsal space and jobs in the club so they wouldn’t have to take day jobs. (John works the door, Nick DJs, Roger works as Busboy).

In April, 1980, Duran Duran take out an advert in Melody Maker music magazine for a “Live-Wire Guitarist.” Andy Taylor answers the ad, auditions and impresses Nick, John and Roger with his talent and professional experience, having toured Europe as a teen. He gets the job and moves from his hometown of Newcastle to Birmingham, where the band is based.

A bar maid at Rum Runner recommends her ex-boyfriend as lead singer for Duran Duran. Simon Le Bon shows up to his May, 1980 audition in pink leopard-skin trousers. He wins over the band with his showmanship and book of lyrics they feel fit perfectly with their songs. The book has the name of his previous band on the cover (ROV OSTROV). The lyrics to the song which would eventually become “The Chauffeur” are in that notebook.

The band write their first ever song together at the Rum Runner, “Sound of Thunder.”

The Berrow brothers form a company Tritec Music (named after the triangular-themed bar inside the club) in June, 1980. The band sign a Production deal with the Berrows, who also become their managers.

Duran Duran (classic line up) play their first show together on July 9, 1980 at The Rum Runner, Birmingham, England.

Kahn and Bell design clothes for bands early performances.

Duran Duran go in to the studio to record “Girls on Film” and “Tel Aviv” (which is a completely different version than the instrumental featured on their debut album) at AIR Studios in London

Betty Page of Sounds magazine writes the first National article about the band, classifying them as part of the New Romantic movement.

Simon Le Bon drops out of University to perform with Duran Duran full time.

Duran Duran record demos with Producer Bob Lamb, which include the songs “Planet Earth” and “Is There Anyone Out There.”

The band do a photo session with photographer Andy Earl in Milton Keynes; one of his photos is used as the 12″ cover photo for “Planet Earth.”

Duran Duran plan to independently release a 45rpm single with “Planet Earth” and “Is There Anyone Out There” on the Tritec Music label; they print 5,000 labels with a new logo designed by John Warwicker.

John Warwicker designs a triangular shaped Duran Duran poster that are plastered all over the city centre of Birmingham.

Duran Duran get the support slot with Hazel O’Connor and are on the road from November until early December, 1980. The band start to get encores and the girls in the audience are starting to scream.

The tour reaches London where Hazel’s show at the Dominion Theatre is recorded. Simon joins her on stage and sings backing vocals on her encore performance of the David Bowie song “Suffragette City.” This is later released as a B-Side to one of her singles.

While on tour with O’Connor, a bidding war erupts between Phonogram and EMI to sign Duran Duran; the band eventually sign with EMI records, persuaded by A&R man Dave Ambrose, who had signed The Sex Pistols and Kate Bush

Duran Duran return to Birmingham and record more demos for their first album at Bob Lamb’s studio.

The Band play some more UK dates and prepare to go into the Studio with Producer Colin Thurston, who had previously worked as an engineer with David Bowie and Iggy Pop, as well as having produced the first Human League album. They record at Red Bus Studios, London and Chipping Norton Studios in Oxfordshire, as well as trying out Abbey Road for a few days. The debut Duran Duran album is mixed at Utopia Studios.

Paul Edmond does a photo session at the studio in Chipping Norton.

Duran Duran end the year 1980 by unknowingly ushering in a new trend – they film the video for “Planet Earth” at St. Johns Wood with Russell Mulcahy and the video for “Careless Memories” in Soho, which is directed by Perry Haines and Terry Jones.

1980 Tour Dates:

April 4, 1979 Polytechnic Dept of Foundation Studies, Birmingham, UK
May 29, 1979 Cannon Hill, Hexagon Theatre, Birmingham, UK
June 1, 1979 Barbarellas, Birmingham, UK
October 11, 1979 Golden Eagle, Hill Street, Birmingham, UK
November 13, 1979 University, Cellar Bar, Birmingham, UK
November 14, 1979 University, Cellar Bar, Birmingham, UK
November 18, 1979 Red Star Club, Essex Street, Birmingham, UK
December 15, 1979 Bewdley, Little Lakes Caravan Park, Worcester, UK
February 1, 1980, Aston University, Birmingham, UK
February 18, 1980 Nashville, Kensington, London, UK
March 12, 1980 Rum Runner, Broad Street, Birmingham, UK
July 16, 1980 Rum Runner, Broad Street, Birmingham, UK
July 19, 1980 Cedar Ballroom, Birmingham, UK
July 22, 1980 Holy City Zoo, Birmingham, UK
August 6, 1980 Rum Runner, Broad Street, Birmingham, UK
September 16, 1980 Hostaria Wine Bar, Hurst Street, Birmingham, UK
October 3, 1980 Aston University, Birmingham, UK
October 4, 1980 Cedar Ballroom, Birmingham, UK
October 9, 1980 Lyceum, London
October 22, 1980 Holy City Zoo, Birmingham, UK
October 24, 1980 Cedar Ballroom, Birmingham, UK
November 9, 1980 Maquee, London, UK
November 18 Top Rank, Cardiff, UK
November 19, 1980 Apollo, Manchester, UK
November 21, 1980 Polytechnic, Sheffield, UK
November 22, 1980 Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK
November 23, 1980 Colston Hall, Bristol, UK
November 24, 1980 Top Rank, Reading, UK
November 27, 1980 Odeon, Birmingham, UK
November 28, 1980 University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK
November 29, 1980 Odeon, Edinburgh, UK
December 1, 1980 City Hall, Newcastle, UK
December 2, 1980 de Montfort Hall, Leicester, UK
December 3, 1980, University, Leeds, UK
December 4, 1980 University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK
December 6, 1980 Dominion Theatre, London, UK
December 11, 1980 The Venue, London
December 22, 1980 Cedar Ballroom, Birmingham, UK

The band record an appearance on the Richard Skinner Sessions on BBC; they perform “Sound of Thunder,” “Is There Anyone Out There,” “Friends of Mine,” and “Careless Memories.” The BBC later airs a three-minute profile on Duran Duran.

Duran Duran perform at The Sundown Club in London.

Duran Duran’s first single, “Planet Earth” (with B-Side “Late Bar”) is released in UK. The “Planet Earth” single (with B-Side “To The Shore”) is released in America. The band’s first single hits #12 on the UK charts and #8 on the Australian charts.

Finn Costello shoots the cover for the first album.

Duran Duran begin their first headlining tour of the UK, in support of the the album.

In March the band perform “Planet Earth,” “Careless Memories” and “Girls on Film” on the Midlands (UK) music show LOOK HEAR!

The band play “Planet Earth” on Noel Edmonds’s Multi-Coloured Swap Shop Saturday TV show.

Duran Duran perform on BBC’s Top of the Pops for the first time on March 19, 1981 with a performance of “Planet Earth.”

Duran Duran support their album in the UK with concerts at Aston University (Birmingham), Brady’s Club (Liverpool), Manchester Polytechnic, Sundown Club (London), Rock City (Nottingham), Top Rank (Cardiff), Leicester Polytechnic (Leicester) and Top Rank (Sheffield).

In April “Careless Memories” (with B-side “Khanada”) is released in UK; the 12″ single includes a cover of David Bowie’s “Fame.”

Duran Duran perform “Careless Memories” on Top of the Pops.

In May, Duran Duran appear on their first magazine cover Smash Hits UK.

The Nite Romantics EP is released in Japan, containing Night versions of “Planet Earth” and “Girls On Film” along with “Fame” and “Khanada.”

Duran Duran fly to America for the first time for their North American Club Tour. The first date of the tour is at Spit in Long Island, NY. Among the tour stops are 4 performances at the Roxy in Los Angeles and 2 shows at the Ritz in New York City.

The band’s eponymous debut is released worldwide; the first US pressing did not include “To The Shore.”

The band appear on The Peter Powell Show on BBC Radio One, performing “Nightboat,” “Girls on Film,” “Is There Anyone Out There” and “Like An Angel.”

The Duran Duran album peaks at #3 in UK; remains in the charts for 118 weeks.

The band begin the “Faster Than Light” tour of the UK with dates that include the Brighton Dome, Gaumont (Southampton), Rock City (Nottingham), Apollo (Manchester), City Hall (Newcastle), Tiffany’s (Glasgow), Odeon (Edinburgh), Royal Court Theatre (Liverpool), Hammersmith Odeon (London), New Theatre (Oxford) and the Birmingham Odeon.

The “Girls on Film” single (with B-Side “Faster Than Light”) is released worldwide in July.

Duran Duran make a third appearance on Top of the Pops, performing “Girls on Film.”

The band film the “Girls on Film” video at Shepperton Studios on August 13th with directors Kevin Godley and Lol Crème; Antony Price designs the clothing the band wears in the video. The song becomes the world’s first extended video, edited to the Night Version of the song. Due to it’s “x-rated” content, the video is banned by both MTV and the BBC.

Duran Duran begin International promotion to support their first record, visiting and performing in Belgium, France, Sweden, Netherlands and Germany. Bus loads of fans from the UK came to support the band on their date in Paris.

WLIR on Long Island become the first US station to play Duran Duran.

Duran Duran fly to America in September for their first headline tour of North America. Dates include The Channel (Boston), Bayou Theatre (Washington, DC), Eastside Club (Philadelphia), Le Club Montreal, El Macambo (Toronto), First Avenue (Minnesota), Parkwest (Chicago), The Metro (Boston), Nitro (Detroit), Pirate’s Cove (Cleveland), Park West (Chicago), I Beam (San Francisco), Peppermint Lounge (New York City) and Danceteria (New York City).

Andy Warhol brings Duran Duran to The Factory.

Duran Duran perform at the Underground Club at The Savoy, New York City. Andy Warhol attends. He later takes the band to Studio 54.

The band do a record signing at Vinyl Fetish in Hollywood, CA.

Simon, Nick, John & Roger do an interview with Rodney Bingenheimer on KROQ radio, Los Angeles.

Before leaving America, Duran Duran visit with MTV, who had a staff of 16 people at the time. They discuss airing their videos and future programming ideas.

Duran Duran begin their first headlining tour of Germany; dates included Die Wartburg (Wiesbaden), Markthalle (Hamburg), Ballroom Blitz (Hannover), Kant Kino (Berlin) and more.

In November, EMI present the band with their Gold and Silver discs in recognition of sales for the Duran Duran album.

The “My Own Way” single (with B-Side “Like An Angel”) is released as a stand-alone single worldwide, (ex-US) in November. The single was designed to capitalize on the Top 5 success of “Girls on Film.” The 7″ single and 12″ versions were recorded in October 1981 with Colin Thurston, well before the rest of the Rio album, where the song would later appear. “My Own Way” was another hit, reaching #14 on the UK Singles Chart, and in Australia, where it became Duran Duran’s second Top 10 hit at #10. Malcolm Garrett and Peter Saville designed the cover artwork.

The band perform “Girls on Film” on Rock Pop Germany.

Duran Duran perform at the Chichester Festival. The performance is filmed for television.

The “Careless Memories Tour”’ begin on November 29th at Gaumont, Southampton, England.

Duran Duran perform “My Own Way” on Top of the Pops.

The band end the year at home in England with performances at Hammersmith Odeon, London and 3 shows with band Talk Talk supporting at the Odeon, Birmingham.

Duran Duran’s Night Versions EP, including “Girls on Film” and “Planet Earth,” is released in Australia.

The band perform “Anyone Out There” and “Nightboat” live on Old Grey Whistle Test in England.

The first broadcast of Off the Record, a Duran Duran concert recorded at Chichester Festival in November 1981, airs on TV.

Duran Duran is nominated for “Best Newcomer” at the British Rock & Pop Awards; they perform “Girls on Film” and “My Own Way” at the show.

The band begin recording the Rio album at Air Studios, London with producer Colin Thurston. Paul McCartney is in another one of the Studios with George Martin and the band Japan are also recording an album there at this time.

Artist Patrick Nagel is commissioned to create a painting for the cover of Rio. He makes two images for the band to choose from, one is used for the album, the other is only ever seen on the Japanese single issue of “My Own Way.”

The band and their management agree to hire director Russell Mulcahy, who directed “Planet Earth,” to work on several more videos. It is Russell and Producer Eric Fellner who suggest the band shoot on location in Sri Lanka.

Duran Duran commission director Ian Eames to make a short black and white film to accompany the song “The Chauffeur.” The band elect not to appear in the video. It is a highly stylized clop inspired by the images of photographer Helmut Newton.

Duran Duran film the video for “My Own Way” in St. Johns Wood; Russell Mulcahy directs.

Nick stays behind in London to complete the final mixes on the Rio album, while the other band members fly off to commence work on the videos in Sri Lanka. He catch up with them several days later, bringing a cassette of the finished album with him.

In Sri Lanka Duran Duran film videos for “Hungry Like The Wolf,” “Save a Prayer,” and “Lonely in Your Nightmare.”

Duran Duran tour Australasia for the first time behind the Rio album. All dates are sold out.

Duran Duran and Director Russell Mulcahy fly to Antigua to film the “Rio” and “Nightboat” videos.

Duran Duran perform “Hungry Like the Wolf,” “Lonely in Your Nightmare” and “Hold Back the Rain” on Peter Powell’s Get Set for Summer show in the UK.

Due to Andy’s illness from Malaria, the European dates for June and July are postponed.

The “Hungry Like the Wolf” single is released with the B-Side “Careless Memories (Live).”

Duran performs “Hungry Like the Wolf” on Top of the Pops.

Duran Duran perform “Hungry Like the Wolf” on Dance Fever.

Rio is released worldwide on EMI, May 10/11. In the US, the album comes out on the Harvest label.

“Hungry Like the Wolf” hits #5 on the UK Singles Chart.

Rio album reaches #2 in UK.

The band return to North America to support the release of Rio; dates include The Meadowbrook (New Jersey), Ontario Theatre (Washington, DC), Pier 42 (New York City), Mann Music Center (Philadelphia), North Stage Theatre (Long Island), Chance (New York City), Peppermint Lounge (New York City), Paradise (Boston), Le Club (Montreal), Concert Hall (Toronto), Heaven (Pittsburgh), Clutch Cargo (Detroit), Parkwest (Chicago), Palms (Milwaukee), 1st Avenue (Minneapolis), Playhouse (Winnipeg), Dinwoodie Lounge (Edmonton), McEwan Hall (Calgary), Commodore Ballroom (Vancouver), Showbox Theatre (Seattle), Kabuki Theatre (San Francisco) and The Greek Theatre (Los Angeles).

Andy Taylor marries the band’s hairdresser, Tracey Wilson at the Chateau Marmont Hotel in Los Angeles, CA.

Duran Duran get the opening slot on Blondie’s Tracks Across America tour. The CNE venue in Toronto has over 30,000 fans in the audience, the largest the band have ever played to up to this point. They get an unexpected encore but have played all of their songs so they have to repeat one of them.

Simon and Nick film commercial for MTV.

Duran Duran perform “Save a Prayer” on Top of the Pops.

“Save a Prayer” reaches #2 on the UK Charts.

Duran Duran begin working with David Kershenbaum in Los Angeles on remixes of several tracks from Rio for the Carnival EP to be released in America, Japan and several other countries.

The Carnival EP is released. Each territory had a different selection of 4 songs (except Japan, who had 5 tracks) with Night Versions.

US Radio begin playing dance versions from the Carnival EP.

The band play rescheduled shows including Draken Theatre (Stockholm), Drammenshallen (Oslo), Turku Concert House (Finland), Falkoner Theatre (Copenhagen), Rotation (Hannover), Zeche (Bochum), Trinity (Hamburg), Sektor (Berlin), Oz (Stuttgart), Music Center (Utrecht), Brielpoort (Deinze), Le Palace (Paris) and more.

The initial success of the Kershenbaum remixes spurs Capitol Records to issue a re-mixed and re-mastered version of the Rio album for North America featuring the David Kershenbaum remixes.

The single for “Rio” is released worldwide with the B-Side “The Chauffeur (Sing Blue Silver).” The single version for US, France and Germany has the B-Side “Hold Back the Rain.”

Duran Duran embark on a sold-out 25-date tour of the UK; dates include Caird Hall (Dundee), Apollo (Glasgow), Edinburgh Playhouse (Edinburgh), 2 nights at the Hammerstein Odeon (London; where Steve Harley of Cockney Rebel joins them on stage for “(Come Up and See Me) Make Me Smile” ), 2 nights Apollo (Manchester), De Montfort Hall (Leicester), 2 nights at the Empire Theatre (Liverpool), 2 nights at City Hall (Newcastle), 4 nights at the Odeon (Birmingham) and more.

Duran Duran perform “Rio” on Top of the Pops.

The band are interviewed by Paula Yates for the TV Programme The Tube.

“Rio” single reaches at #9 on the UK charts

The “Hungry Like The Wolf” single (Kershembaum remix) is re-released in US.

Duran records “Is There Something I Should Know,” at Good Earth Studios in Soho, London. The band produce the song with Ian Little. It is mixed by Bob Clearmountain in New York, but the band decide the sound is not exactly what they are looking for and hire Producer Alex Sadkin to remix the masters in London at RAK Studios.

MTV places “Hungry like the Wolf,” on maximum rotation; it goes on to become one of the most played videos ever.

Duran Duran break the US, with “Hungry Like The Wolf” reaching #3 on the US charts.

Duran Duran perform on MTV’s Rockin’ Eve New Year’s show at The Palladium in New York City.

Princess Diana declares Duran Duran her favorite band.

Duran Duran’s Mega-Mixes is released in Germany.

The band are awarded Best Album and Best Group, and Simon is awarded Best Male Vocalist, at the British Rock & Pop Awards.

John appears as panelist on the Pop Quiz game show in UK.

John is featured on Rockschool, demonstrating the “Planet Earth” bass line; the show includes an interview with Chic’s Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers.

Nick produces the Kajagoogoo album White Feathers at Chipping Norton and Utopia studios, with Colin Thurston. The single “Too Shy” reaches #1 in the UK.

Simon, Nick and Andy appear on the television programme Saturday Superstore in the UK.

Rio album goes Gold in the UK.

Duran Duran’s Video Album is released on VHS, Beta, and laserdisc.

“Is There Something I Should Know” is released as a standalone single around the world except in US; It goes straight in to the UK chart at #1, becoming the only the 4th single in history to accomplish that feat.

Duran Duran fly to New York City and perform “Hungry Like The Wolf” and “Girls on Film” on Saturday Night Live.

“Hungry Like The Wolf” peaks at #1 in Canada.

Duran Duran’s Video 45 with videos for “Girls on Film” and “Hungry Like The Wolf” is released in US. The VHS contains the MTV-friendly version of “Girls on Film”, while the Beta format has the uncensored Night Version.

At a video signing at the Video Shack in Times Square in New York City, the band is mobbed; twelve mounted police are called in to break up the crowd and the band have to be smuggled out the back of the shop. John, Roger and Nick are interviewed by New York’s Channel 7/ABC News about the mob scene at the signing.

“Rio” single ( Kershenbaum 7″ remix) is re-released in US, B-Side “Hold Back The Rain (remix).”

Duran Duran Duran perform “Is There Something I Should Know” on Top of the Pops.

Duran Duran Duran perform “Is There Something I Should Know” on the Kenny Everett Video Show.

Duran Duran Duran perform “Is There Something I Should Know” on the Riverside Show.

The band’s first album is repackaged with “Is There Something I Should Know” and re-released worldwide (“ITSISK” has replaced “To the Shore”). This release also becomes the first Duran Duran album available on CD.

Rio goes platinum in the USA.

Simon and Nick are Guest VJs on MTV; Andy Warhol stop by as their guest; the rest of the band appears at the end to present a Rio album to MTV as a thank you for helping them break in America.

The re-release of Duran Duran album reaches #10 on the US Charts.

The band begin writing their third album; several demo tracks are recorded.

The single “Is There Something I Should Know”is released in US with the B-Side “Careless Memories.”

Duran Duran start recording their third album at George Martin’s Air Studios in Montserrat.

“Is There Something I Should Know” reaches #4 on the US Charts.

Duran Duran perform for the Prince’s Trust at the: Old Dominion Theatre, London, England. Princess Diana, who loved the band, and Prince Charles were in attendance. It was later discovered that the IRA had planned, but failed, to blow up the theatre in an assassination attempt on the Royals.

The re-released Duran Duran album goes Gold in the US .

Duran Duran perform at the Aston Villa Football Grounds, Birmingham, England to raise money for MENCAP charity. When it is discovered that the financial goal of the charity wasn’t reached, the band and their manager donate a huge sum of money to the charity.

After another stay recording in Montserrat, the band finish recording and mixing at 301 Studios, Sydney, Australia with Producer Alex Sadkin.

Duran Duran film the video for “Union of the Snake” near Sydney using 35mm film; Once again, Russell Mulcahy is the Director.

Simon and Nick work at mixing “Union of the Snake,” up until delivery, leaving themselves only 24 hours to write, record and mix “Secret Oktober” for the B-side.

The band decide to fly in a Bengal tiger to Australia for the photo shoot of the Seven and the Ragged Tiger cover.

In another first, the band decide to release the “Union of the Snake” video to MTV a week before radio receives the single, amid much protest from radio stations.

The “Union of the Snake” single is released worldwide with B-Side “Secret Oktober.”

John, Roger and Nick accept an award for “The Most Popular International Act” in Australia.

The band begin rehearsals for their first worldwide tour at the Sydney Showgrounds.

Duran Duran perform “Union of the Snake” on Top of the Pops.

“Union of the Snake” reaches #3 on both the UK and US charts.

The SING BLUE SILVER Tour begins in Australia. All dates are sold out:
National Indoor Sports Centre, Canberra, Australia
Sydney Entertainment Centre, Sydney, Australia
Festival Hall, Brisbane, Australia – 2 nights
Melbourne Sports and Entertainment Center, Melbourne, Australia – 2 d nights
Memorial Drive Tennis Courts, Adelaide, Australia
Entertainments Centre, Perth, Australia

Seven and the Ragged Tiger released worldwide; the album enters the UK charts at #1.

SING BLUE SILVER tour comes to the UK:
Apollo, Manchester, England – 2 nights
Queens Hall, Leeds, England – 2 nights
Royal Highland Exhibition Hall, Edinburgh, Scotland
National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, England – 2 nights; show is filmed for The Tube TV show, along with interviews with Simon, Nick and John
Brighton Centre, Brighton, England – 2 nights
Wembley Arena, London, England – 5 nights

Duran Duran film the video for “New Moon on Monday” in Noyers, Bercy, and Paris, France. They make both a short and long version of the video.

The single “New Moon on Monday” is released worldwide, with the B-Side “Tiger Tiger.”

Seven and the Ragged Tiger goes both Gold and Platinum in the same week.

The SING BLUE SILVER tour continues as Duran Duran becomes the first act to utilize live video cameras and screens in their show. They break every existing merchandise record during this tour.

SING BLUE SILVER tour of Japan; dates include:

Sendai Sports Centre, Sendai, Japan
Budokan, Tokyo, Japan
International Exhibition Hall, Nagoya, Japan
Fukuoka International Centre, Fukuoka, Japan
Castle Sports Centre, Osaka, Japan
Budokan, Tokyo, Japan – 2 Nights

Russell Mulcahy begins to gather together a crew together to film the Sing Blue Silver documentary about the band’s North American tour.

Duran Duran’s full stage is set up at the Saddle Dome in Calgary two days ahead of time for technical run-throughs before the first North American date.

SING BLUE SILVER tour North America; dates include:

Saddle Dome in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Seattle Center Coliseum, Seattle, Washington
Lawlor Arena, Reno, Nevada
The Forum, Los Angeles, California – 2 Nights
Arizona State University Activity Center, Tempe, Arizona
Frank Erwin Center, Austin, Texas
Reunion Arena, Dallas, Texas
The Summit, Houston, Texas
Louisiana State University Assembly Center, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Municipal Auditorium, Kansas City, Missouri
Kiel Auditorium, St. Louis, Missouri
Dane Co. Coliseum, Madison, Wisconsin
Rosemont Horizon, Chicago, Illinois- 2 nights
Cobo Arena, Detroit, Michigan
Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland, Ohio
Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
WVU Coliseum, Morgantown, West Virginia
Roanoke Coliseum, Roanoke, Virginia
Syracuse Carrier Dome, Syracuse, New York
The Spectrum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (portions of the video for “The Reflex” are filmed during the show; “Cracks In The Pavement” recorded at this show later used as B-side to “The Wild Boys.”)
The Forum, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Civic Center, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland, Maine
Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, Connecticut
Worcester Centrum, Worcester, Massachusetts – 2 Nights
Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, Virginia
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York – 2 Nights, one of which is broadcast live on Westwood One radio; the band’s families fly in from England to attend these shows.
Carolina Coliseum, Columbia, South Carolina,
Jacksonville Coliseum, Jacksonville, Florida
Lakeland Civic Center, Lakeland, Florida
Hollywood Sportatorium, Hollywood, Florida
The Omni, Atlanta, Georgia
Greensboro Coliseum , Greensboro, North Carolina
Civic Center, Charleston, West Virginia
Capitol Center, Largo, Maryland
Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, New York
Brendan Byrne Arena, East Rutherford, New Jersey
New Haven Coliseum, New Haven, Connecticut
Myriad Convention Center, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Oakland Coliseum, Oakland, CA – 3 Nights
San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego, CA – 2 Nights

Duran Duran grace the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, where they are dubbed the “Fab Five.”

Duran Duran perform “New Moon on Monday” on Top of the Pops.

Simon and Andy are interviewed on Solid Gold, a TV dance show in the US.

Artist Patrick Nagel, who created the iconic cover for the Rio album dies of a heart attack at the age of 38.

The band holds a press conference at the Magic Castle club in Hollywood, California with an estimated 150 journalists in attendance.

The extended “New Moon On Monday” video premieres on MTV; the network soon switches to the shorter version.

Duran Duran are made honorary citizens of Texas while performing in Austin.

Duran Duran is awarded two Grammy Awards for “Best Short Form Video” (”Girls on Film”/”Hungry Like The Wolf” Video 45) and “Best Long Form Video” (Duran Duran Video Album); the band, performing in Pittsburgh, is unable to attend.

Capitol Records hold a major press conference in New York City; to preserve his voice, Simon does not attend.

“The Reflex” single released in the United States, with B-Side “New Religion (live).”

The band begin production on the film Arena, with concert sequences filmed in Oakland.

“The Reflex” single released in UK, with B-Side “Come Up and See Me (Make Me Smile).”

The band finish their North American SING BLUE SILVER tour and fly back to London.

“The Reflex” reaches at #1 in the US, becoming the band’s first Number One single in America.

Duran Duran perform “The Reflex” on Top of the Pops.

“The Reflex” reaches #1 in UK.

Duran Duran make promotional appearances in Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Italy and more.

The band appear on the UK Game Show Pop Quiz, where John is the team leader. The band compete against Spandau Ballet and win.

The Tiger Tiger! EP is released in Japan with the songs “The Reflex,” “Union of the Snake,” “New Moon on the Monday,” “Is There Something I Should Know” and “Tiger Tiger.”

Additional crowd and concert footage for Arena is filmed at the Birmingham National Exhibition Center; 2,000 free tickets are given away via Birmingham Evening Mail and London Standard newspapers.

Studio footage for Arena is filmed at Twickenham Studios in West London.

Duran Duran record “The Wild Boys” single for their live album Arena at Maison Rouge studios in southwest London with Nile Rodgers producing.

Simon and Andy perform backup vocals for Sister Sledge’s “Lost In Music” since Nile is producing their album as well.

The video for “The Wild Boys,” and additional studio footage for Arena, is filmed in London; actor Milo O’Shea, who played Dr. Duran Duran in the film Barbarella appears in the Arena footage.

John runs into James Bond film producer Cubby Broccoli at a party and suggests Duran Duran to write and record the next Bond theme.

Simon and Nick attend the MTV Video Awards and present Cindi Lauper with the Best Female Music Video Award for “Girls Just Want To Have Fun.”

The Dancing on the Valentine video EP is released with videos for “Union of the Snake,” “The Reflex” and “New Moon On Monday.”

“The Wild Boys” single is released with B-Side “Cracks in the Pavement (live).”

The band perform “The Wild Boys” on Top of the Pops.

Duran Duran’s Arena live album is released worldwide.

“The Wild Boys” single reaches #2 in both the UK and the US.

The band’s documentary on their North American tour, Sing Blue Silver is released on VHS, Beta and laserdisc. The band also release Arena, a concept/concert film from the same tour.

As The Lights Go Down, a one-hour concert video created from the concert portion of Arena is shown on MTV along with an hour long version of Sing Blue Silver.

Nick releases Interference, an art book of Polaroid photos he took of television sets.

Arena reaches #6 on the UK charts.

For two days, Duran Duran participate in Bob Geldof and Midge Ure’s Band Aid project by recording “Do They Know It’s Christmas” at Trevor Horn’s Sarm West Studio in London. Simon is a featured vocalist.

Arena reaches #4 on the US charts.

“Do They Know It’s Christmas” with B-Side “Feed The World” is released.

Duran Duran go to Spain on a promotional tour.

John and Andy become friendly with Chic drummer Tony Thompson, who in turn introduces them to Chic bassist (and John hero) Bernard Edwards, who is now a successful producer.

John, Andy and Tony record a demo of T-Rex’s “Bang a Gong” with the goal being that the three of them record an album together with different guest vocalists. Robert Palmer comes in to sing, and Producer Edwards is so blown away he suggests that they keep him as the vocalist for the entire project.

John, Andy, Tony and Robert dub themselves The Power Station after the New York City recording studio; Capitol/EMI sign the band.

“The Wild Boys” reaches #1 in Germany.

The Source syndicated radio show airs a one hour special live across America featuring tracks from Arena, a call in Q&A with Simon and Nick and the US premiere of “Do They Know It’s Christmas.”

Sing Blue Silver premieres on British station ITV with an airing of As the Lights Go Down the following night.

The BBC air a special Christmas edition of Pop Quiz with Duran Duran once again defeating Spandau Ballet.

Simon and John attend the MTV New Year’s Eve bash and join Frankie Goes To Hollywood on stage to sing “Relax.”

Simon invests in the 77-foot maxi-yacht Drum along with managers Paul and Michael Berrow.

The “Save a Prayer (live)” single off of Arena, with B-Side “Save A Prayer” single edit, is released in the US. The video for the song will go on to become the reigning champ of MTV’s Friday Night Video Fights.

Duran Duran win the BRIT Award for Best British Music Video for “The Wild Boys.”

The Power Station perform “Some Like It Hot” and “Bang A Gong” on Saturday Night Live; this turns out to be Robert Palmer’s only live performance with the band.

Duran Duran performs “The Wild Boys” at the San Remo Festival in Italy. Simon appears with his foot injured and in a cast.

Power Station’s “Some Like It Hot” single is released.

Power Station release their first album, 33 1/3.

John and Andy appear as guest VJs on MTV.

Duran Duran’s “The Reflex” is named International Hit of the Year at the Ivor Novello Awards in London.

With John and Andy focusing on Power Station, Nick and Simon decide to record some tracks of their own. As the project takes shape, they invite Roger to join them.

Nick and Simon name their band Arcadia after the Latin phrase “et in arcadia ego.”

Simon, Nick and Roger begin to record the Arcadia album, So Red The Rose, at Studio de la Grande Armee in Paris with producer Alex Sadkin and numerous musical guests, including Grace Jones, Sting, David Gilmour and Herbie Hancock.

So Red The Rose mixed at Soundworks Studio in New York City

Duran Duran and John Barry write the James Bond theme “A View to a Kill,” (for the film of the same name), which is recorded at Maison Rouge Studio and CTS Studio in London with a 60-piece orchestra.

“A View To A Kill” single released worldwide, with B-Side instrumental “A View To A Kill (That Fatal Kiss).”

Top of the Pops airs Duran Duran’s performance of “A View To A Kill”

“A View To A Kill” peaks at #1 in US, the first James Bond theme to do so.

“A View To A Kill” peaks at #2 in UK.

Duran Duran perform “A View to a Kill” at the Montreux Pop Festival, Montreux, Switzerland.

The “A View To A Kill” video is filmed at the Eiffel Tower, Paris, France. Footage from the film is interspersed within the video.

A View To A Kill Soundtrack released in US and Japan.

Robert Palmer decides not to tour with Power Station; Michael Des Barres becomes the lead singer as Power Station embark on a summer tour.

On July 13th, Duran Duran and Power Station both perform at Live Aid in America at JFK Stadium, Philadelphia, PA.

Duran Duran’s performance of four songs (“A View to a Kill”, “Union of the Snake”, “Save a Prayer”, and “The Reflex”) results in what would become the band’s final show with the original five members.

Simon’s boat Drum begins the Fastnet yacht race.

On August 11th, Drum capsizes three miles off Falmouth during a trial run at the Fastnet race; Simon and five other crew members are trapped underneath the hull before being rescued by the British Navy.

Nick makes an surprise appearance during the encore of a Power Station concert. He comes out during the performance and “sweeps” the stage with a broom.

Arcadia begin filming the video for “Election Day” in Paris, with director Roger Christian.

Power Station appear in an episode of Miami Vice, playing “Get It On” onstage during a scene in a nightclub.

Arcadia’s “Election Day” single released (with B-Side “She’s Moody and Grey, She’s Mean and She’s Restless”).

Arcadia’s So Red The Rose is released worldwide; the album goes Platinum.

Simon and Nick make another appearance as guest VJs on MTV. Keith Haring stops by to paint the set.

Simon and Nick appear on the Rock Over London radio show.

Simon marries Yasmin Parvaneh in Oxford, England.

Roger announces he’s leaving Duran Duran.

EMI releases the Rio album on CD in Germany. The CD uses an alternate version of “Hold Back The Rain,” which all other CD releases will utilize until Rio gets digitally re-mastered in 2001.

Nick and Simon make an appearance on Wogan show on UK TV to promote Arcadia.

John records the single “I Do What I Do,” written by Michael Des Barres, for the film 9 1/2 Weeks.

Arcadia’s “Goodbye Is Forever” single is released with B-Side “Missing”.

Simon makes an appearance on the US TV special Disney’s Living Seas.

Nick and Andy get together in Los Angeles to work on some songs for the band’s planned forthcoming album.

Simon joins Drum, which is competing in the Whitbread Race, in leaves Auckland.

Nick, along with Sheena Easton, presents the Song of the Year to Quincy Jones for “We are the World” at the Grammy Awards.

The Power Station “Video Album” is released.

The Making of Arena vhs is released in UK and Japan.

Drum arrives in Punta del Este, Uruguay, coming in second place.

Simon and Nick shoot the video for Arcadia’s “The Flame” in Spain; John appears briefly in the video.

In April of 1986, Duran Duran issue a press release about Roger’s official departure from the band.

With Simon back on board, Drum returns to Portsmouth, finishing the Whitbread race third over the line.

Simon joins Nick and John in London to begins writing lyrics for what will be the Notorious album.

Duran Duran begin working at Westside Studios in London on the new record. They will eventually make the rounds to Abbey Road, Maison Rouge, Skyline and AIR Studios.

Wham! perform their final show at Wembley Arena; Simon performs “I’m Your Man” with George and Andrew.

Andy Taylor invites Terry Bozzio and Patrick O’Hearn to help on his solo project. At this point, Simon, Nick and John begin to realize Andy isn’t going to come back to the band.

Drummer Steve Ferrone begins working on the sessions for Notorious.

Notorious Producer Nile Rodgers performs on several guitar tracks on the album.

Simon records “Grey Lady Of The Sea” with Nick Wood; it is used for the documentary film on his yacht called Drum: The Journey of a Lifetime.

Andy releases a solo single “Take It Easy” from the film soundtrack for American Anthem. Shortly thereafter, he releases his first solo album, Thunder.

Atlantic Records releases Arcadia’s “Say The Word” single from the Playing For Keeps movie soundtrack.

Andy Taylor definitively decides not to return to Duran Duran. Warren Cuccurullo, of Frank Zappa’s band and Missing Persons, becomes the band’s guitarist, adding to some tracks on Notorious.

Duran Duran film the video for the single “Notorious.” The dancing is choreographed by Paula Abdul.

The “Notorious” single is released worldwide with the B-Side “Winter Marches On.”

The “Notorious” video is world premiered on MTV (US).

“Notorious” single reaches #7 in the UK and #2 in the US.

The band begin extensive media interviews to promote their forthcoming record.

Duran Duran perform “Notorious” on Top of the Pops.

On November 18, 1986, EMI/Capitol Records release Notorious.

In December, prep begins for the Strange Behavior tour, which is filmed for a documentary entitled Three to Get Ready (which will later premiere at film festivals).

The band receive an award at the Diamond Awards Festival in Antwerp, Belgium, where they perform the songs “Notorious” and “Vertigo.”

Casey Kasem’s American Top 40 announces Duran Duran as the most successful duo or group from England based on the Billboard charts. Duran Duran were ranked first, followed by The Police, Culture Club, Wham! and The Rolling Stones.

The band’s “Skin Trade” single released in US with B-Side “We Need You.”

Duran perform “Skin Trade” on German TV show WWF Club.

In February the “Skin Trade” video, featuring model Tatiana Petiz, premieres on MTV.

The Making of Arcadia videocassette and laserdisc is released in Japan, Australia and the UK, with videos and behind the scene footage from “Election Day,” “The Promise,” “Goodbye Is Forever,” “The Flame” and “Missing.”

“Skin Trade” single is released worldwide. The original sleeve, with a woman’s bare behind, is banned in record shops except in Canada and France.

Duran Duran perform at the San Remo Festival.

The band appear on Top of the Pops to perform “Skin Trade.”

Duran Duran make an appearance on The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers to perform “Skin Trade.”

Duran Duran appear on Arsenio Hall Show and perform several songs from Notorious.

In March the band begin the STRANGE BEHAVIOUR tour in Japan:

Shimin Kaikan, Fukuoka, Japan (2 dates)
Kokusai Tenjujyo, Nagoya, Japan (2 dates)
Korakuen Stadium, Tokyo, Japan (2 dates)
Nishinomiya Stadium, Osaka, Japan

Duran Duran return to England to perform “Save a Prayer” and “Skin Trade” at The Secret Policemen’s Third Ball at the Palladium, London on March 29th. Their rendition of “Save a Prayer” will be added to the charity compilation of the event, benefitting Amnesty International.

The STRANGE BEHAVIOUR moves to Europe for the end of March and the first three weeks of April:

Forest National, Brussels, Belgium (2 dates)
Lilles, France
Bercy, Paris, France (2 dates)
Schleyerhalle, Stuttgart, Germany
Sporthalle, Cologne, Germany
Grugahalle, Essen, Germany
Drammenshallen, Drammen, Norway
Scandinavium, Gothenburg, Sweden
Isstadion, Stockholm, Sweden
Valbyhallen, Copenhagen, Denmark (2 dates)
Deutschlandhalle, Berlin, Germany
Sporthalle, Hamburg, Germany
Royal Dublin Society Exhibition Hall, Dublin, Ireland
Kings Hall, Belfast, North Ireland

A pre-taped performance of the band airs on Soul Train.

The single “Meet El Presidente” is released with B-Side “Vertigo” and the “Meet El Beat” remix. This is the first DD song released as a CD single.

Duran Duran perform “New Religion,” “Hungry Like The Wolf,” “Notorious,” “Meet El Presidente”and “Wild Boys” on the final episode of the UK music show The Tube.

In April, Top of the Pops host the band’s performance of “Meet El Presidente.”

The band close out April with UK dates:

Queens Hall, Leeds, England
Empire Theatre, Liverpool, England
Apollo, Manchester, England
Playhouse, Edinburgh, Scotland (2 dates)

Duran spend May touring Europe:

Palais de Sports, Lyon, France
Les Arenas, Fréjus, France
Palais de Sports, Toulouse, France
Hallenstadion, Zurich, Switzerland
Ahoy, Rotterdam, Holland (2 dates)
Festhalle, Frankfurt, Germany
Olympiahalle, Munich, Germany
Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria

Duran Duran appear at the Montreux Pop Festival, Montreux, Switzerland

National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, England
Brighton Centre, Brighton, England
Empire Ballroom, London, England
Wembley Arena, London, England (3 dates)
Palacio Municipal, Madrid, Spain
Estadio Municipal Fuente de San Luis, Valencia, Spain
Palacio Municipal, Barcelona, Spain
Stadio La Favorita, Palermo, Italy

MTV join the band on the road for the Music Passport documentary special with Duran Duran, filmed in Italy.

Stadio Comunale, Bari, Italy
Stadio Comunale, Cava Dei Tirreni, Italy
Stadio Flaminio, Rome, Italy
Stadio Comunale, Modena, Italy
Stadio S. Siro, Milan, Italy
Stadio Comunale, Florence, Italy

Master Mixes, a two album set of remixes from the Notorious album, is released in the US and Hong Kong.

Simon and John make their first appearance on The Howard Stern Radio Showon WXRK, New York, on June 22nd.

The US leg of the STRANGE BEHAVIOUR tour begins June 18th, with Erasure opening all dates:

Worcester Centrum, Worcester, MA, USA
Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, CT, USA
Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Madison Square Garden, New York, NY, USA (2 dates)
Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY, USA
Finger Lakes Performing Arts Center, Rochester, NY, USA
Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls, OH, USA
Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati, OH, USA
Marcus Amphitheater, Milwaukee, WI, USA
Welsh Auditorium, Grand Rapids, MI, USA
Five Seasons Center, Cedar Rapids, IA, USA
Poplar Creek Music Theatre, Chicago, IL, USA
Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, MI, USA
Louisville Gardens, Louisville, KY, USA
Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte, NC, USA
Merriweather Post Pavilion, Columbia, MD, USA
Six Flags Over Georgia, Atlanta, GA, USA
Starwood Amphitheater, Nashville, TN, USA
Sandstone Amphitheatre, Kansas City, MO, USA
Compton Terrace, Phoenix, AZ, USA
The Forum, Los Angeles, CA, USA (2 dates; The Bangles join the band onstage for a rendition of “If She knew What She Wants” at the band’s second show on July 25th)
Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre, Irvine, CA, USA
San Diego Sports Arena, San Diego, CA, USA
Cal Expo, Sacramento, CA, USA
Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA, USA
El Coliseo Roberto Clemente, San Juan, Puerto Rico (2 dates)
Six Flags Music Mill Amphitheatre, Arlington, Texas, USA

On August 12th, Duran Duran join David Bowie’s GLASS TIGER tour to finish their run of North American dates:

Mile High Stadium, Denver, CO, USA
Portland Civic Stadium, Portland, OR, USA
British Columbia Place Stadium, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Commonwealth Stadium, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Winnipeg Stadium, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Molson CNE Stadium, Toronto, ONT, Canada (2 dates)
Lansdowne Park, Ottawa, ONT, Canada
Olympic Stadium, Montreal, QBC, Canada

On August 31st, Duran Duran play their 100th, and final, show of the Strange Behaviour tour at Beacon Theater, New York, NY. The show is a benefit for “The Association to Benefit Children”; Lou Reed join band for “Sweet Jane” and “Walk on the Wild Side.”

Capitol/EMI releases the compilation Brave New Music for a New World, including Duran’s “Winter Marches On” and the “Notoriousaurus Rex” remix.

The band take the rest of the year off.

The band start the year performing at the Hollywood Rock Festival, with one show at Praca Da Apoteose, Rio de Janeiro and another at Estádio do Morumbi, São Paolo, Brazil

Simon becomes a partner of SYN Productions Company, Ltd., which will have their main office in Japan. SYN is an acronym of the principles first initials: Simon and Yasmin Le Bon and their partner in SYN, Nick Wood

Peter Rudge (former manager of Rolling Stones) begins managing Duran Duran.

Simon’s solo track, “Grey Lady Of The Sea” from the documentary DRUM, is issued as a CD3 single in Japan; includes the song of the same name, plus tracks by Propaganda and Bronski Beat. It is also released as a CD5 in the UK.

Warren plays most guitar parts on the band’s upcoming Big Thing album, recorded at Davout Studios in Paris.

The band members work with writer/producer Jonathan Elias at Davout Studios on different parts of his Requiem For The Americas CD project: Simon writes and sings “Follow In My Footsteps”, recorded with Susanna Hoffs of The Bangles. John plays bass on “The Chant Movement.”

Duran Duran World, a 234-page book shot by Virginia Liberatore during the Strange Behavior tour published.

In May of 1987 the band begin mixing Big Thing at Soundworks Studios in New York.

The Working for the Skin Trade concert video is released June 20th.

The video for “I Don’t Want Your Love” is filmed with director Steve Lowe.

Duran Duran hire drummer Sterling Campbell for the upcoming Big Thing tour.

In September, the first single off of Big Thing, “I Don’t Want Your Love,” is released worldwide with B-Side “I Don’t Want Your Love” (album version).

In September the band begins rehearsals for The Secret Caravan Tour at Stanbridge Farm Studios in Sussex. Joining Duran Duran are Warren Cuccurullo, Sterling Campbell, Spike Edney on keyboards and Stan Harrison on saxophone.

The “I Don’t Want Your Love” video premieres on MTV on September 26th.

The video for “All She Wants Is” shot in London with director Dean Chamberlain. This video will win an MTV Video Award for Innovation.

The single for “I Don’t Want Your Love” peaks at #14in the UK, top ten in Canada and #4 in the US.

In October, Top of the Pops airs Duran’s performance of “I Don’t Want Your Love”

The band do some television press in October, including Glamboys to Badboys (UK), Countdown (Dutch) and Deejay (Italy)

On October 18th, Big Thing is released.

At the end of October, the band begin the SECRET CARAVAN tour in N. America, which are warm up dates in smaller venues:

Metro Theater, Chicago, IL
The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA
Capitol Records parking lot, Hollywood, CA
Coconut Grove Ballroom, Los Angeles, CA
First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN,
Arcadia Theater, Dallas, TX
Center Stage Theatre, Atlanta, GA
Cabaret Metro Theater, Chicago, IL
Diamond Club, Toronto, Ontario
Citi, Boston, MA [and do a signing at Tower Records in Boston, MA]
Roseland Ballroom, New York, NY

Big Thing is a top 15 hit in the UK and reaches the top 25 in the US.

Peter Rudge asks the label send out a guitar driven single called The LSD Edit to radio stations under the name The Krush Brothers to shake Programmers image of Duran Duran as a bubblegum pop band.

In mid November, the band begin the BIG THING LIVE tour of Europe:

Manchester International II, Manchester, England
Fort Regent, Jersey, Channel Islands [surprise show]
Studio 54, Barcelona, Spain
Sport Palace, Madrid, Spain
La Locomotive, Paris, France [as The Krush Brothers]
Forest National, Brussels, Belgium
Bercy, Paris, France
Ahoy, Rotterdam, Holland
Ishalle, Stockholm, Sweden
Rockefeller, Oslo, Norway
Valbyhallen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Congress Center Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
Philipshalle, Düsseldorf, Germany
Kongreßhalle, Frankfurt, Germany
Stadthalle, Offenbach, Germany
SportHall, Prague, Czechoslovakia
Kürhalle Oberlaa, Vienna, Austria
Budapest Sportcsarnok, Budapest, Hungary
Palaverde, Treviso, Italy
Palatrussardi, Milan, Italy (3 shows)
EUR, Rome, Italy (2 shows)
Palasport, Naples, Italy
Palamaggio, Caserta, Italy
Town and Country Club, London, England (as The Krush Brothers)
Wembley Arena, London, England
National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, England

On December 20th, “All She Wants Is” is released as a single worldwide with B-Side “I Believe/All I Need to Know (medley).”

Duran Duran’s “Do You Believe in Shame” is featured on the soundtrack of the movie Tequila Sunrise starring Mel Gibson, Kurt Russell and Michelle Pfeiffer.

To kick off their tour in support of the album, the band gets back to basics and begins the Caravan Duran Tour, playing small clubs in the United States and abroad.

The United States Army discovers the use of music is very successful in psychological warfare against their enemy. The Bush Administration found it necessary to invade Panama to rid the country of General Manuel Noriega. To increase Noriega’s tension and unease, the Army begins to play a selection of loud music near his base, including Duran Duran’s “Hungry like the Wolf.”

The band continues to tour in support of Big Thing, moving on to larger venues with the Electric Theatre Tour.

Ten years of Duran Duran are documented by both an album and video entitled Decade. The mega-mix “Burning the Ground” captures some of their finest recorded moments.

Warren Cuccurullo becomes a permanent member of Duran Duran, as they release their sixth studio album Liberty and the singles “Violence of Summer (Love’s Taking Over)” and
“Serious.” To the disappointment of their fans, the band chooses not to tour.

Simon, Nick, Warren and John start preparation and writing for the next Duran Duran studio album.

Duran Duran holes up in Privacy Studios to record tracks for their self-titled seventh CD, also known as The Wedding Album. They collaborate with Brazilian musician Milton Nascimento on a song called “Breath after Breath.”

The band performs at the KROQ (CA) Acoustic Christmas show.

Duran Duran makes a triumphant return to the charts with “Ordinary World,” which instantly becomes a massive hit Worldwide.

The group films the video “Ordinary World” in California with Director Nick Egan.

Duran Duran’s The Wedding Album is released and mirrors the success of the single “Ordinary World.” The song “Ordinary World” receives much praise and wins an Ivor Novello Award for songwriting.

Duran Duran becomes one of the first bands to play in South Africa after the end of Apartheid.

“Come Undone” becomes the album’s second hit as Duran Duran embarks on a lengthy world tour.

The band is honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Simon and Nick appear on Larry King Live in Washington, DC.

Duran Duran performs live via satellite across the globe from the Tower Records store on Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles.

A world-first Enhanced-CD produced by AMXstudios [Alasdair Scott and Malcolm Garrett] premiered at the EMI Records world conference in Brighton, 1993. “Universe” featured a revolutionary audio mixer, allowing users to remix “Ordinary World” on their CD-ROM enabled computers.

Duran Duran performs “Come Undone” at the MTV Movie Awards.

Beavis & Butthead play the video for “Come Undone” on their MTV show.

The band continues on the road with the Dilate Your Mind World Tour in support of The Wedding Album.

The band films a video in New York City for “Femme Fatale” with director Ellen Von Unwerth.

While in South America, Duran Duran shoots the video for “Breath After Breath” in Argentina.

Duran Duran performs an acoustic set on MTV’s Unplugged series.

In their spare time, they commence work on their next album, recording in studios around the globe while on tour.

Duran Duran decides to pay tribute to their musical influences and release Thank You, an album of cover versions. The song and video for “Perfect Day” reunites the band with original drummer Roger Taylor.

Duran Duran performs the rap classic “White Lines” on the Late Show With David Letterman, accompanied by Grand Master Flash, Melle Mel and the Furious Five.

Everyone from Lou Reed to Led Zeppelin and Iggy Pop to Bob Dylan sing the praises of Duran Duran’s versions of their songs.

Duran Duran headlines a series of radio festivals in the States and contributes a stellar track to the Led Zeppelin tribute album Enconium.

Hole performs “Hungry Like the Wolf” in their set for MTV Unplugged.

Bassist and founding member John Taylor decides to leave Duran Duran to pursue a solo career.

Simon performs in Italy for the Bosnian War Child charity, and appears on the album Pavarotti and Friends Together for the Children of Bosnia, duetting with Pavarotti on Duran’s “Ordinary World,” and Dolores O’Riordan on “Linger.”

Simon, Nick and Warren return to Privacy Studies in London to begin work on a new album.

Duran Duran contributes a song to the soundtrack of the motion picture The Saint. Their stand out track, “Out of my Mind,” together with a video shot in Czechoslovakia, garners worldwide attention and anticipation for the release of Medazzaland, the group’s eleventh album.

As Duran Duran readies the CD, they shoot the video for the first single “Electric Barbarella” in UK with Ellen Von Unwerth.

After 17 years on the edge of music and technology, Duran Duran makes yet another break through by becoming the first band in the history of the Internet to digitally download a song for sale on the World Wide Web. “Electric Barbarella” is downloaded from Abbey Road Studios London, using Liquid Audio.

MoJo Records release The Duran Duran Tribute Album, with tracks by Goldfinger, Reel Big Fish and Deftones. A concert is organized in Los Angeles by the acts involved to celebrate the band and their music. is launched.

Duran Duran kicks off a two month tour of North America by performing at the opening night of New York’s Whitney Museum Exhibit featuring the work of Andy Warhol.

The band returns to the studio to begin writing the follow up to the critically acclaimed Medazzaland.

The band embarks on the Greatest and Latest Tour of the UK, their first live dates there in five years.

Duran Duran leaves EMI Records after 18 years. EMI records release both a re-mix CD called Essentials and Greatest, a second Greatest Hits collection.

Simon performs with the Smashing Pumpkins at the Sheperds Bush Empire in London. They perform the Duran classic “Nightboat.”

VH1 features the band on its Behind the Music program as Duran Duran enters the year 2000 by signing a multi-album deal with Hollywood Records.

Two more Tribute Albums are released: Glue featuring Nathan Stack, Deep 13 and Earthling and Undone: The Songs of Duran Duran, a tribute by Australian artists, showcasing covers by The Living End, Kylie Minogue and Ben Lee.

Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes and Warren Cuccurullo put a touring band together to play outdoor arenas during the summer. The shows receive rave reviews.

Puff Daddy samples “Notorious” for a Notorious B.I.G. song.

The band performs on VH1′s Hard Rock Live, showcasing songs from their forthcoming album and classics from their repertoire.

With 60 million records sold, Duran Duran releases their new album, Pop Trash on June 13th, 2000. “Someone Else Not Me” is the first single, released on May 2nd.

The band’s official site,, is re-vamped and re-launched.

Duran Duran records VH1 Storytellers in London on June 25th. The show first aired in Europe on August 25th and in the US on September 23rd.

The video for “Someone Else Not Me” premiers on on June 13th. The video is made using Flash Technology and is the first video that was broadcast on MTV and VH1 using this type of digital animation.

Duran Duran appears on US television shows including The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Today Show Summer Concert Series, The View, and The Craig Kilbourne Show to promote the album.

The band begins Pop Trash Tour 2000 of the United States in Florida on July 21st. The 33-date tour attracts rave reviews. During the US tour, the band plays a week’s residency at the House of Blues in Los Angeles, smashing all attendance records. On Wednesday, August 30th, the show is broadcast live on

BBC1 television (UK) film interviews past and present members of Duran Duran for a documentary on the band celebrating 20 years of their career. The BBC1 show entitled The Wild Boys first airs in the UK on August 28th.

Duran Duran do a Christmas tour of the United Kingdom, selling out all shows. The UK Pop Trash tour features the world’s first use of “augmented reality” technology in a live concert. Duran Duran works with a computer graphics producer to create advanced 2D and 3D visual effects, which allows animated characters to appear live on stage with the band.

Universal Theme Park in Japan uses the Duran Duran song “Last Day on Earth” from the Pop Trash album to welcome visitors during the Grand Opening.

The band tours Russia for the first time in their career. The show from Moscow is broadcast live on television.

Duran Duran embarks on the Close Up tour of the USA, playing multiple nights in intimate venues. Their five-night stint at Chicago’s House of Blues break all records for their fastest sell out shows ever. The shows receive terrific reviews.

The film Donnie Darko with Jake Gyllenhaal uses the song “Notorious” for an extended sequence. The movie goes on to become a cult classic, with many devoted followers seeing the film over and over again and attending midnight screenings. The film is later re-released in 2004.

During a “Close Up” tour show in Anaheim, California, the first fully immersed video and audio recording of a rock concert is conducted. The live rock experience is captured using a unique 360-degree panoramic video and 10.2 channel audio recording system. This pioneering recording is coordinated by producer Jarrell Pair with audio/video researchers working with Dr. Tom Holman, famous for creating Lucasfilm’s THX audio standard.

Simon LeBon and Nick Rhodes shoot a print campaign for the GAP in May.

The National Portrait Gallery in London showcases an exhibition of “Horst Portraits, 60 Years of Style”. Duran Duran is featured as part of this exhibit.

Unable to land the Space Shuttle Atlantis due to poor weather, NASA wakes the crew the next morning by playing Duran Duran’s “Hold Back the Rain” in an effort to ward off the bad weather. It works, and the shuttle lands safely at Cape Canaveral.

Duran Duran tours Japan in June for the first time since 1992. The Japanese dates are the last with guitarist Warren Cuccurullo. Warren Cuccurullo parts with the band to reform his group Missing Persons.

Nick Rhodes and Simon LeBon are reunited with the original three members of Duran Duran, Roger, Andy and John Taylor. They meet together in Europe in June to commence writing on a new album.

Simon, Nick, John, Andy and Roger get together in the South of France to work on material for a new album.

John tapes a guest spot on the Fox Television show That 80s Show.

When they return from France, Simon and Nick team up with the Dandy Warhols to work on their new album Welcome to the Monkey House. Nick is at the helm producing the record and Simon provides guest vocals.

The Devils, featuring Nick Rhodes and original Duran Duran lead singer Stephen Duffy, release Dark Circles in the UK to critical acclaim.

The Devils (Nick Rhodes and Stephen Duffy) perform songs from Dark Circles at London department store Harvey Nichols to a packed crowd that includes both Simon LeBon and Roger Taylor.

Simon records a duet of “Save a Prayer” with SYN artist Silvio singing in Portuguese and Simon singing in English. The song appears on a Starbucks compilation available only in Japan.

The Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Museum in Cleveland, OH features Duran Duran in the “50 Years of Rock and Roll” exhibit with clothing worn by Nick, John and Roger.

Celebrations Chocolates and the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) come together to put out a series of Christmas Cards made available to the public. World famous photographer The Earl of Lichfield creates twelve stunning cards that are themed around the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas” – but with a modern twist. Featured amongst them is Twelve Drummers Drumming with Roger Taylor.

Simon starts “Simon’s Reader” on, a quarterly feature in which Simon reviews books that are of interest to him. Spin, Blender and USA Today newspaper all tout the merits of his reviews.

Nick Rhodes produces songs for two up and coming artists, She Said Yeah and Riviera F in-between his duties on the new Duran record.

Duran Duran celebrates the 25th anniversary of the formation of the band in 1978.

The Devils featuring Stephen Duffy and Nick Rhodes perform at The Live Music Hall, in Cologne, Germany. The show is taped for the Music Planet 2Nite show for Arte TV. It is the only full performance they have done thus far.

Capitol/EMI Records re-issue a re-mastered version of the album Rio.

In April Duran Duran announces their first tour dates together in eighteen years with the original line up of Simon, Andy, Nick, John and Roger. The first shows (in Japan) go on sale and the renowned 8,000 capacity Budokan Arena in Tokyo sells out in a staggering 30 minutes! A second sell out show at the Budokan is added to the five other dates.

The Dandy Warhols release Welcome to the Monkey House. The album receives critical acclaim and rave reviews for its Duran/Bowie-esque influences – brought to the project by Rhodes’ finely tuned production skills.

June sees EMI Records release re-mastered versions of Duran Duran and Seven and the Ragged Tiger.

EMI Records release a 13 CD Box Set of the band’s singles from the period ‘81-‘85 to coincide with the 25th Anniversary. The band members announce their first American dates in eighteen years, including a night at the legendary Roxy Theatre on Sunset in Los Angeles (the first West Coast venue they played some 20 plus years earlier). The show is announced by the band on LA’s KROQ radio. Fans sleep outside the venue for nights in order to secure tickets to the show. A star-studded audience includes Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani, fellow No Doubt’ers Tony Kanal and Adrien Young, actor Nicolas Cage, Christina Applegate, Beck, Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray and Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols.

Duran Duran announces more US dates, including The Joint at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas which sells out in less than 10 minutes, with a second date being quickly added. Another celebrity-packed audience attends the concert and after-party, hosted by Hard Rock founder Peter Morton. Guests include singer Macy Gray, comedian Jimmy Fallon and Oscar-winner Adrien Brody amongst others.

Famed photographer Mario Testino does a photo session with the band for British Vogue, which becomes the first magazine to publish a photo of the reunited band.

The band records their five Japanese shows, one of their Las Vegas dates and their first show in Orange County, to release both individually and as a box set. Available through the Internet
only, these are part of the Encore Series distributed by

Duran mania spreads to New York in August when the band plays their first date in eighteen years on the East Coast at Webster Hall (formerly The Ritz). All 1,500 tickets sell out in a mind blowing 2 minutes – crashing the Ticketmaster website for at least 30 minutes.

The show and after party celebration is attended by many New Yorkers happy to see the band back together including Christie Turlington, Edward Burns, Chloe Sevigny, Debbie Harry, Tatum O’Neal, Famke Janssen, Michael Musto The Donnas and film director Brett Ratner.

The band members attend the MTV Video Music Awards in New York the night after their show at the Ritz and are surprised with a presentation of a “Lifetime Achievement Award.”

EMI Records release a 2-DVD Greatest Hits compilation containing all of the band’s seminal videos.

Duran Duran plays to 45,000 people at KROQ’s (CA) Inland Invasion show. The event becomes the fastest selling date ever at Devore’s Glen Helen Pavilion.

The band headlines other radio shows in San Francisco and Boston during September and early October.

Q Magazine – the UK’s most prestigious music magazine – presents the band with the Lifetime Achievement Award at their 2003 ceremony in London. Nile Rodgers presents the accolade and the event is televised around the world.

The band plays their first UK show since 1984 as the original lineup to an ecstatic sold out crowd. Fans camp out at The Forum, in Kentish Town, London and Sky News reports that there were over 200,000 requests for tickets for a venue that could only hold 2,000 people.

Duran Duran is invited to participate in the Princes Trust Fundraiser at the Royal Albert Hall, entitled “Fashion Rocks.” As the band performs “Girls on Film,” models – including Yasmin LeBon – strut the catwalk dressed in Donna Karan. The televised event raises over One Million Pounds for charity.

The band joins pop star Robbie Williams as the special guests on his tour of Australia and New Zealand (December 2003). The first stadium concert in Sydney sells 50,000 tickets in one hour and a second Sydney date is added because of the demand.

After a successful stint “Down Under” with Robbie Williams – where the band adds solo shows to cope with fan demand – they finish 2003 with a sold out show in Singapore.

Throughout the year, alongside their extensive touring and promotional commitments, the band manages to convene regularly in London for further writing and recording sessions.

“All She Wants Is” is featured in the Oscar nominated film Monster starring Charlize Theron. The band later finds out Director Patty Jenkins is a fan.

Simon is featured in the Vanity Fair all music issue doing a Q&A with George Wayne in New York, the day after the band wins their surprise MTV Award.

Simon is a presenter with Lisa Maffia (So Solid Crew) at this year’s MOBO Awards at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

Duran Duran launches their paid Fan Community at, making concert tickets available to members first, as well as showcasing exclusive photos, footage and content.

Power Station lead singer Robert Palmer dies suddenly in France and Powerstation drummer Tony Thompson dies of cancer a few months later. All members of Duran Duran are deeply saddened by both deaths.

Duran Duran teams up with Amnesty International, participating in their “Second Annual Music for Humanity” Auction. The band auctions off concert tickets, backstage passes and a signed skateboard on EBay to raise money and awareness for Amnesty International.

Duran Duran announces four UK arena shows, which sell out almost immediately. They perform 17 shows to over 200,000 people across Britain. The last two shows, at London’s Wembley Arena, are filmed. The band is invited to participate in the US Super Bowl in Houston, TX. The song “Wild Boys” is broadcast to over one billion people worldwide.

NASA sends a second Mars Exploration Rover into Space called Opportunity, whose main task is to investigate whether Mars ever had environments that were suitable for sustaining life. Each morning the Rover is awoken by a song, and in early February NASA chooses Duran Duran’s “Is There Something I Should Know?” in hopes of “encouraging” Opportunity to
find some more answers.

The British Phonographic Industry (BPI) announces that they will honour the band at their February Awards show, The Brits, with the Outstanding Contribution to Music Award. The Award is presented to the band by Justin Timberlake, who surprised the band at August’s MTV Awards by telling them what a big influence they had been on him.

An after party is thrown for Duran Duran in honour of the win at The Brits. The bash is held at the Adam Street private members’ club, and is attended by Justin Timberlake, Gwen Stefani, Scarlett Johansson, Alicia Keys, Philip Treacy, Jamelia, The Queens of Noize, Stephen Fry, Badly Drawn Boy, Timbaland, and others. Harpers & Queen magazine covers the event with a pictorial.

Indie favorites Goldfrapp & The Scissor Sisters are announced as special guests for the UK dates, with Goldfrapp taking the first nine shows and Scissor Sisters the last six.

A group of Duran Duran fans attend every UK show of the tour, sponsored by the automobile company KIA, who provide the women with a KIA Rio as transportation.

Simon, Nick and Roger visit the BRIT school in Croydon, England, where they inspect the dance studio, theatre, recording studio and technology labs before facing a grilling in a Q&A session from 50 students. Duran Duran plays to more than a quarter of a million people on their UK tour and break the house record on May 1st at their final UK Wembley Arena show. Wembley Arena is subsequently demolished – so the record will remain.

Duran Duran’s Greatest CD re-enters the UK chart at #3.

A new track, “Sunrise” mixed by Jason Nevins, is included on Capitol Records’ Queer Eye For the Straight Guy soundtrack.

Due to the success of the Singles Box Set and Greatest DVD, which was certified Platinum, EMI releases the Sing Blue Silver documentary and Arena/Making of Arena live concert film on DVD as well as a mini box set containing Duran Duran, Rio and Seven and the Ragged Tiger.

Duran Duran attends the FIFA 100 Charity Auction & Tribute Ceremony, honouring the top 100 living football (soccer) players, at the Natural History Museum in London. The band allows FIFA to use “Beautiful Colours” as an accompaniment to a video clip showing great football moments of the last fifty years.

John is the center of a six-page feature in THE FACE magazine, where he reports on how it feels to be a transplanted Englishman in Los Angeles.

Nick is asked to Oxford University for their annual debate. He is partnered with U2 Manager Paul McGuiness as they discuss “This House believes that reality T.V is killing real music.” Nick & Paul believe this to be true, but do not win the debate.

World Idol winner Kurt Nilsen covers Duran Duran’s “Ordinary World” on his debut album, out on BMG.

Boy band PHIXX covers Duran Duran’s “Wild Boys.”

Official Duran Duran ringtones become available for the first time, featuring songs “Rio,” “Girls on Film,” “Planet Earth,” “Wild Boys,” “Ordinary World” and “Notorious.”

Nick Rhodes is asked to photograph guests attending the Serpentine Gallery’s Annual Summer Party. His work appears as a spread in Tatler magazine.

Duran Duran returns to the Studio in London, where they work with Producers Don Gilmore and Dallas Austin, and re-mixer Jason Nevins.

The band signs a worldwide deal with Epic Records in June 2004.

EMI releases Box Set Number 2, featuring songs from the band’s catalogue from 1986 through 1995.

Duran Duran’s single, “(Reach Up for the) Sunrise” is released off their upcoming CD in September, 2004 and quickly rises up the charts worldwide, hitting Number 1 on the Billboard
Dance Charts abd becoming a Top 5 smash nearly all over the world.

“(Reach Up for the) Sunrise” is used on a commercial for TIM Mobile phones in Italy, as well as the theme song for the UK version of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and the Australian Morning Show, Sunrise.

Duran Duran appears at In Store appearances at Saturn (Berlin), HMV (Birmingham and London) and Virgin MegaStore (New York and Los Angeles) to rapturous crowds who camp out overnight to meet the band.

Epic releases Duran Duran’s Astronaut on October 11/12th, the first album of new material featuring the original line up since Seven and the Ragged Tiger.

Top US morning show, Good Morning America, shut down 44th Street, in New York, for the first time in the show’s history, for a three song performance by Duran Duran on the day of the album’s release.

The band embarks on endless promotion for their single, appearing on the television shows Top of the Pops, The Lottery, Time Lovejoy’s All Stars, The Jonathan Ross Show, TRL in the UK and Italy, The Tonight Show Featuring Jay Leno, The Late Late Show, Last Call with
Carson Daly
, Ellen, Good Morning America, Live! With Regis and Kelly and many others.

Beginning in October, guitarist Dom Brown is brought in to help out while Andy recovers from an illness. Dom was able to learn the set in under 2 days without any rehearsals. He stood in for 6 weeks and Dom’s second show was in Atlanta to 15,000 people.

In November, Duran Duran is honoured with the Ondas Award for Musical Achievement in Barcelona, Spain.

Deep Visual develops a projection for the Duran Duran UK Tour, featuring a Manga cartoon during the song “Careless Memories.”

Duran Duran’s Astronaut is released in the following formats: CD, CD with Bonus Track (Japan), CD/DVD (with footage of the band’s Wembley performances and behind-the-scenes
footage), Double 12” Vinyl.

Duran Duran’s Astronaut hits #1 on the Billboard Download chart the first week of release.

Each band member films their “own” video of “(Reach up for the) Sunrise” with the Polish Brothers. These are later released on ITunes Internationally.

“(Reach up for the) Sunrise” gets the re-mix treatment from Alex G, Jason Nevins, Eric Prydz, Ferry Corsten & Full Intention.

The video for “What Happens Tomorrow” is filmed in Los Angeles with Directors Smith N Boran.

Nick Rhodes participates in the Guy Oseary book On The Record: Over 150 Of The Most Talented People In Music Share The Secrets Of Their Success.

Duran Duran appears on the cover of the Radio Times in London with respected Newscasters dressed up as “The Wild Boys” to support the Children in Need charity.

Kelis mixes the Duran Duran song “Notorious” in to her single “Trick Me”.

Simon and Nick attend the MTV Europe Awards in Rome and present the Best New Artist Award to Maroon 5.

The band tapes a performance on the hit NBC Television show Las Vegas, which airs in January, 2005.

A 5.1 mix of Astronaut is done by Jeremy Wheatley for the dual-disk release of Astronaut. The CD side contains the album as-is and the DVD side contains the 5.1 mix of the album in DVD Audio format along with some DVD footage and videos.

“What Happens Tomorrow” remixes done by Peter Rauhofer – Reconstruction Mix and Reconstruction Dub.

Nick Rhodes is given a football after his appearance on Tim Lovejoy’s Allstars TV Program in the UK. He then has the football signed by many celebrities for the Lighthouse charity to auction off.

The song “Ordinary World” is used in the Matthew Vaughn film Layercake.

“Hungry like the Wolf” is used in the DVD release of Shrek 2.

“Nice” remixes done by: Lindberg Palace – 456 Productions – Mike Greig – JD aka Dready – Pablo La Rosa – Johnson Somerset – Eric Prydz.

The band tours the US from February to April 2005, culminating with a performance at Madison Square Garden on April 13th, 2005.

In March, Dom Brown is called in again to help out on the US Tour as Andy had to return to the UK to be with his father who was very ill. Dom jumped in for the Denver Arena show and performed for the next few weeks.

Duran Duran designs a Pop Up book as their tour programme, which are a huge hit and are carried by eclectic book stores including West Hollywood’s Book Soup.

Duran Duran kicks off a European tour in the summer of 2005 visiting places such as Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary (where Simon famously asks “Is anyone Hungarian?”) , Norway, Belgium, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, Czechoslovakia, Greece, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands and France.

Duran Duran performs at Live 8 on July 2nd, 2005, at Circus Maximus in Rome. Their performance is also beamed in to London’s Hyde Park, while the whole concert is aired over the internet by AOL and over Satellite radio by XM. The band then jets to their performance at the Roskilde Festival.

After a short and successful summer tour of the US, 3 dates in Japan (including the Summer Sonic Festival), the band announces they will be doing Christmas shows in the UK including Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow and two shows at London’s Earls Court.

Armand Van Helden samples Andy Taylor’s “I Might Lie” for his track “Into your Eyes”.

Duran Duran Live From London is released, capturing the original band during their spectacular seventeen-date, 2004 UK arena tour in both a special deluxe 2-Disc package and a spectacular single DVD disc. Directed by award-winning film-maker, Lawrence Jordan and shot with fourteen state-of-the-art, 1080 24p high-definition cameras, this unique concert DVD, with its film-like visuals, captures the magic, excitement, and pure adrenaline of the band’s final two Wembley concerts on April 30 and May 1, 2004. Both packages also include a behind-the-scenes documentary, rare and candid interview footage, a photo gallery, and a unique audio-track voice-over by all five of the band members – talking about the songs and the show. In addition, the special, deluxe two-disc set includes one song that can be watched in 3D, together with a 12 page booklet, and the live album.

Duran Duran performs at Fashion Rocks which will aid in charity relief for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Duran Duran is asked to be special guests at the launch of the Imperia Vodka brand, imported from Russia, where the single “What Happens Tomorrow” is a huge hit. Imperia “rents” out Liberty Island in New York City for the event. The band performs for the crowd from a barge floating in the Hudson River.

Live From London is shown in movie theatres across the US to sold out audiences. Some theatres add 2nd showings due to demand.

Andre Agassi personally asks Duran Duran to perform at his annual Grand Slam for Children charity event in Las Vegas.

The band begins work on their follow-up to Astronaut.

Duran Duran performs at the Nobel Peace Concert in Norway.

The band plays Christmas dates in Europe, culminating with two shows at Earls Court in London.

Duran Duran re-launch ringtones in the UK, featuring songs taken from Live From London and a re-mix of “(Reach Up for the) Sunrise”.

Ferry Corsten samples the Duran Duran song “Serious” off of the Liberty album. The song, “Fire”, becomes a massive dance hit and includes clips of the original in the new video.

After taking a well earned break, Duran Duran returns to the Studio in London with Engineer Michael Patterson to continue working on their forthcoming CD.

February 2nd, 2006 marks the 25th Anniversary of the release of Duran Duran’s “Planet Earth” single. Roger comments on, “My strongest memory of the release of ‘Planet Earth’ is one of US gathering around the radio in Chipping Norton studios (where we were recording tracks for the forthcoming FIRST album) and hearing one of our songs being played on the radio for the first time, being absolutely ecstatic and feeling that we had really ‘arrived,’ when in fact it was just the start of a very long journey.”

Duran Duran performs at the Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy. The performance takes place on February 15th at the Medals Plaza, Piazza Castello, Torino. Footage of the show is broadcast around the world.

To celebrate the end of the Astronaut World Tour, Duran Duran releases their first set of exclusive master ringtones, which include the Jason Nevins remix of “(Reach Up for the) Sunrise.”

Duran Duran launches their official Myspace page at

Duran Duran adds Mobile Graphics to their Mobile Webshop.

The deluxe version of Live From London (10 tracks + 2 bonus) is added to iTunes.

EMI UK releases Nick Rhodes and John Taylor Present: Only After Dark. Only After Dark is the first compilation to recreate one of the UK’s most dynamic and exciting moments in music – the late ’70s and dawning ’80s period, which resonated soundly with the two future members of Duran Duran. The critically acclaimed CD features tracks by Brian Eno, David Bowie, Simple Minds, Grace Jones and more.

Nick’s essay on the early ’80s in Birmingham and the songs that inspired Only After Dark is chosen as the cover piece for the London Daily Telegraph’s Saturday pull out section.

In another first, John Taylor and Nick Rhodes step in to the history books to launch the UK Guardian newspaper’s Film & Music Podcast series, with a 2-part interview discussing their Only After Dark compilation. This mini-podcast-within-a-podcast makes UK media history, becoming the first time music from the major record labels and music publishers has been officially approved for use in a podcast.

Duran Duran performs at the Annual Red Cross Ball in Monaco on August 4th. It is their last performance with Andy Taylor.

Dom Brown took up duties as full time guitarist for the band.

Duran Duran’s “Nice” remixes, including mixes by Eric Prydz, JD aka Dready, Johnson Somerset, Mike Greig and Pablo La Rosa, are added to iTunes.

Duran Duran announces plans to create a virtual universe in Second Life, as well as perform a concert in-world. This news creates 1.8 million media and online mentions for the band, setting a record in terms of coverage.

EMI releases Duran Duran’s video catalogue for electronic download. Videos include “What Happens Tomorrow,” “Girls on Film,” “Rio” and “Save a Prayer.”

Duran Duran reconvenes in a New York City studio and begin work with famed Producer Timbaland on three tracks for their upcoming album.

Justin Timberlake, whom the band first met when they received their Lifetime Achievement Award from MTV and who later presented them with a second Lifetime Achievement Award at the UK BRIT Awards in 2004, collaborates with them on one of the songs from the forthcoming release.

Individuals: Portraits from the Gap Collection is published and showcases the GAP print ad Simon and Nick did. The book benefits Project Red, a business model developed by Bono and Bobby Shriver to create a sustainable stream of revenue for AIDS initiatives.

The longest running Duran Duran fanzine, The Dutch Go Duran ceases publication after 18 years.

Nick Rhodes is a presenter at the first annual British Academy Video Games Awards In London. He is joined by his newly created Second Life Avatar.

John Taylor designs a Signature Peavey Guitar and Bass line, called the Liberator, in association with Juicy Couture.

The band announces the departure of guitarist Andy Taylor and confirm that they will continue as a foursome as they finish up their new CD for Epic/Sony Records.

The band performs for the first time in Poland, in front of 120,000 People. The show is televised nationally.

The band warms up for a short U.S run with five European shows in Bratislava, Bucharest, Sofia, Athens and Belgrade.

The band opens the new Sears Center Arena in Chicago on October 26th.

Duran Duran joins the Red Hot Chili Peppers as Headliners for the Voodoo Music Experience, Halloween weekend in New Orleans.

The band visits Warren Easton High School while in New Orleans. This school was devastated by hurricane Katrina and began rebuilding after being closed for 7 months. After taking a tour of the school, and participating in a press conference/autograph session with the Journalism Department, the band donates an audio sound system for the school to the students.

Duran Duran headline the BANG! Music Festival on November 11, at Bicentennial Park in Miami. Other artists include Gnarls Barkley and Daft Punk.

The band perform a stand alone gig in New York City as part of the Cipriani Concert Series to benefit amfAR. Over a million dollars is raised.

Princes William and Harry announce Duran Duran as one of the main artists to appear at this summer’s Princes Diana Memorial Concert, taking place at London’s newly re-built Wembley Stadium on July 1, 2007. The show sells out in just 20 minutes.

John Taylor under takes four in-store appearances to launch his signature series Guitar and Bass lines.

The band goes into the studio in London with producer Nate ‘Danja’ Hills and mixer Jimmy Douglass to complete their album.

The video for “Rio” tops a global survey on AOL for the ‘Best Music Video of all Time’. The classic clip takes 59% of more than a million votes cast.

Fans vote on Capital Radio’s Hall Of Fame countdown for their favorite songs of all time; Duran Duran holds 4 entries with “Ordinary World”, “Girls on Film”, “Save A Prayer” and “Wild Boys”.

Duran Duran returns to the studio in July with Justin Timberlake, writing the track “Falling Down”.

The band announces the upcoming publication of Would Someone Please Explain, The Best of Duran Duran’s Ask Katy culled from ten years of questions from the ASK KATY column on

Q Magazine announces the “500 Greatest Lost Tracks – The Best Songs You’ve Never Heard” with “My Own Way (Night Version)” coming in at #129.

Nick Rhodes participates in a traveling guitar exhibition, designing a one-of-a-kind guitar – the world’s first electric guitar to feature a TV screen. The Fender guitar plays video (curated by Rhodes), as well as music. The guitar is later sold in a charity auction.

Dom Brown is asked to play all the recorded guitar parts for the band’s upcoming album.

Duran Duran’s version of John Lennon’s “Instant Karma” is included on Instant Karma: The campaign to Save Darfur.

The band plays their first “fan community members only” concert for their official Fan Community at a sold out Hammerstein Ballroom in New York.

Duran Duran opens the Concert For Diana show from London’s newly renovated Wembley Stadium on July 1, introduced by Princes William and Harry.

Duran Duran perform at Al Gore’s Live Earth event from Wembley Stadium on July 7. They are the only band to play at both events.

Anticipation builds as Sony announce Duran Duran’s Red Carpet Massacre will be released November 12th (US) and 19th (UK), 2007.

Duran Duran appears on the UK TV show The Jonathon Ross Show to promote Red Carpet Massacre.

Duran Duran set to perform an unprecedented 10 nights on Broadway in November at the Barrymore Theatre. After the 7th show, the Stage Hand Union goes on strike, forcing the band to miss one performance and re-schedule the remaining two at the Roseland Ballroom.

Duran Duran perform “Falling Down” on the American Music Awards, as well as “Hungry Like the Wolf,” which was voted by fans as the “classic” Duran song they most wanted to hear.

Duran Duran appear on the US TV show Ellen to promote Red Carpet Massacre.

After being forced to cancel their show at the Odeon on London’s Westend due to Council concerns of rioting, Duran Duran re-schedules their performance at the Lyceum; the December 3rd show sells out in just 5 minutes.

Nick Rhodes takes the photos for the packaging of Red Carpet Massacre; John Taylor oversees art direction with Patty Palazzo.

Duran Duran performs “Notorious” and “Nite-Runner” on the show X Factor in London.

Duran Duran become the first artist to partner with Apple’s Garageband for a re-mix contest on Sony’s dedicated Duran Duran site. Given the song “Nite-Runner,” fans are encouraged to re-mix the track with the winner hand-picked by the band.

A&E feature the band on an episode of Private Sessions; Duran Duran fan Ricky Gervais calls in to ask them questions.

Sirius Satellite Radio dedicates a week to Duran Duran, giving them their own Red Carpet Radio channel.

John Taylor makes the January, 2008 cover of Bass Player magazine (US).

The band film interviews at Olympic studios in London for the Rio: CLASSIC ALBUMS DVD. They film the live performances for the DVD 3 days later in Boston.

Duran Duran performs “Falling Down” at the San Remo Music Festival in Italy on February 26th.

The Duran Duran designed ROCK THE RABBIT T-Shirt is chosen by Playboy to be sold in major outlets such as Bloomingdales & select W Hotel boutiques.

A 3 CD box set containing Duran Duran, Rio and Seven and the Ragged Tiger is released in the UK on Monday, March 17th. Though there is no content change to the CDs or artwork, EMI have numbered the boxes, making it a collectible.

Duran Duran kicks off their Red Carpet Massacre World Tour in New Zealand Duran Duran play their first batch of Festivals, co-headlining Richard Branson’s V FESTIVAL with The Smashing Pumpkins. The tour continues through the Far East including Indonesia, The Philippines, Japan, Hong Kong and Korea.

The band ends the Australasia leg of the tour in Costa Rica, a place the band had never played before. Headlining the Festival Imperial, the band play to a rapturous audience.

Duran Duran kicks off their 2008 North American tour in Vancouver, BC on April 29th. The Leeds, UK band Your Vegas is the opening act for the entire tour.

American Idol finalist David Cook performs Duran Duran’s “Hungry like the Wolf” on the hit TV show.

Brandon Flowers and Dave Keuning from The Killers join the band on stage at their Las Vegas show at The Joint in the Hard Rock Café to sing Duran Duran’s “Planet Earth”.

Simon throws out the first pitch at a Cubs game at Wrigley Field on May 13th.

Smashing Pumpkin’s Billy Corgan joins the band onstage to sing “The Chauffeur” at their Chicago gig at the Rosemont Theatre .

Duran Duran announces a musical collaboration with Mark Ronson for a Smirnoff sponsored event in Paris on July 2.

“Wild Boys” is featured in the film and soundtrack for Son of Rambow.

Animated series Futurama reference Duran Duran with an ode to “Hungry like the Wolf.”

The band perform two shows at New York City’s Central Park SummerStage at the Rumsey Playfield, one of the few NYC venues they’ve never played.

Duran Duran make history by becoming the first band to ever play at the Louvre Museum (home of the Mona Lisa) in Paris. They perform under the I.M Pei glass pyramid as part of the biggest fundraising event ever held on the Paris museum’s premises. Proceeds go toward renovating the 18th-century furniture rooms of the decorative-arts galleries.

La Cigale in Paris hosts the third global Smirnoff Experience event, showcasing a collaboration between Duran Duran and Mark Ronson. The event presented live performances of Ronson’s re-workings of his favorite Duran Duran classics along with songs from their new album.

DD take the Red Carpet Massacre tour to the UK, with performances in London at the O2 Arena, Liverpool, Nottingham, and Birmingham. The Duke Spirit support the band on all UK dates. They continue across Europe, playing shows in Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, and Italy, including a free show in the Reggio Calabria Piazza

On July 16th, The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, which is built and managed by the NASA Goddard Spaceflight Center, sends the names Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, Roger Taylor and John Taylor to the moon.

Pop Trash and Medazzaland are added to iTunes.

Roger Taylor performs a DJ Set at the famed Pacha night club in Ibiza.

The band is awarded the ultimate music video accolade by MTV viewers, who voted the band’s legendary clip for their hit single “Rio” The Greatest Video Of All Time, beating stiff competition from Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” Madonna’s “Like A Prayer,” Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” Fatboy Slim’s “Praise You,” Notorious B.I.G’s “Sky’s The Limit,” and Rage Against The Machine’s “Sleep Now In The Fire” to claim the top slot.

John Taylor films a guest role on the American TV Sitcom Samantha Who starring Christina Applegate.

A survey by crowns “A View to a Kill” the best Bond theme.

Eagle Rock releases Rio: CLASSIC ALBUMS. This DVD tells the story behind the writing, recording and subsequent success of the album through newly filmed interviews, musical demonstrations and both new and archival performances.

Duran Duran set on the most extensive tour of Latin America they have ever done in their career. The tour travels through Peru, Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Venezuela, Panama and Brazil, covering 4 countries the band have never visited before. Sadly, they are forced to cancel a few dates in Mexico and Texas due to an ear infection contracted by Nick Rhodes. They resume in Houston, Texas and continue through Canada, ending the world tour with a string of dates on the East Coast.

Duran Duran publish Would Someone Please Explain, The Best of Duran Duran’s Ask Katy, available on The book, which highlights the best of the ASK KATY section of the website, features never-seen-before photos, a band Q&A and questions never published on the website.

Roger Taylor finishes out the year with a DJ stint at New York City’s Webster Hall.

Duran Duran release their most recent album, Red Carpet Massacre, on vinyl in a special, limited edition, numbered package. All copies sell out within a few days.

John appears in the UK as a guest on the BBC’s Style on Trial series.

January 27th finds the band recording in depth interviews for the forthcoming Sky Arts Songbook show, filmed in HD.

On January 28th, Duran Duran film Sky Arts Songbook before a studio audience at the Hospital in London. They perform some lesser known songs such as “Late Bar,” and are joined by violinist Martha Brown on “Do You Believe in Shame”.

The band return to the Studio on February 2nd -13th to commence writing for the first time since the recording of Red Carpet Massacre.

Nick and Katy add an audio component to their annual February Oscar Picks with an “All-Academy-Awards” Katy’s Kafe.

Duran Duran contribute an exclusive live performance of their classic Bond theme, “A View to A Kill,” arranged by and performed with Mark Ronson, as a bonus track on the War Child Heroes charity CD compilation.

Simon appears on the BBC 2 programme High Altitude, where he and his brother Jonathan learn to ice-sail in northern Sweden.

In March, Roger and his DJ partner, Jake Fonique, return to the US to DJ at Cielo in New York City, as well as at Gryphon at the Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, FL.

John participates in the Tap Water Project via Unicef to raise awareness for the world water crisis.

On February 27- March 3rd Nick and Snake Newton mix the Sky Songbook show in surround sound at Sphere studios London.

Roger offers a drum lesson for the great Ormond Street Hospital charity auction; the auction is won by a young fan named Chloe who spent an hour in the studio getting a lesson from Roger.

“Hungry like the Wolf” features in The Simpsons episode “E Pluribus Wiggum.”

The band announce a summer date at Edinburgh Castle on July 16th.

Duran Duran are announced as the headliners for the Lovebox Weekender Festival in Victoria Park on July 18th. Other artists include N.E.R.D, Florence and the Machine, Groove Armada and Ladyhawke.

Duran Duran reveal a few summer dates in the US: July 5th at the Marymoor Amphitheatre in Redmond, WA, July 7th at the Fillmore in San Francisco, July 8th at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga, CA, July 10th at the Pearl in Las Vegas and July 11th at The Pacific Amphitheatre in Orange County.

On March 11th Nick records an interview for a documentary about Andrew Logan’s Alternative Miss World show.

From March 18th-26th, the band work in the Studio with Producer Mark Ronson who texts Rolling Stone magazine that the sessions are “fucking awesome!” Kaiser Chiefs drummer Nick Hodgson joins them for some songwriting.

In May, Simon crews on the yacht RIO during Antigua Sailing Week and was part of the team that won The Lord Nelson Trophy for first place.

The band return to the studio to do more tracking with Mark Ronson from May 11th- June 1st, They work at both Eastcote and Sphere in London.

On June 3rd in St. Petersberg, Russia the band all visit the Hermitage Museum.

Duran Duran perform in St. Petersburg on June 4th at the Palace Square. Pop singer Anastacia opens the show.

From June 8th-10th Nick works on Keyboards for the new album with Mark Ronson at Sphere studios

Designer John Richmond’s June fashion show in Milan is set entirely to the music of Duran Duran.

Celebrated artist Dinos Chapman creates original poster art for the band’s headlining performance at Lovebox.

Mark Ronson appears onstage and performs with Duran Duran at their Edinburgh Castle show and their Lovebox Festival headlining gig. The band comprises a brass section and a string section who feature on some of the medley’s in the show. One specifically mashing “Girls On Film” together with “La Freak” by Chic, this was discovered by the band on You Tube and re-appropriated for these performances, as far as we know, the first time this has happened. The shows were also noted as the first in which the band ever used lasers in their production.

Nick exhibits two of his artworks as part of the DNA Exhibit celebrating the influence of John Foxx’s music at the Horse Hospital in London.

Simon completes a photo spread for James magazine in the Netherlands.

Simon lends his vocals to the “Beds R Burning” charity single to support Tck Tck Tck Time for Climate Change.

The crew of the space shuttle Endeavor listen to Duran Duran’s “Reach Up for the Sunrise” on their last day in space.

EMI enthusiastically release the Deluxe Rio re-issue, including previously unheard demos, the Live from Hammersmith 82! DVD and Rio re-issue on vinyl.

Simon contributes a chapter to the book The Atheist’s Guide to Christmas.

Mark Ronson surprises listeners to his East Village Radio podcast by playing a snippet of a new Duran Duran song.

Roger DJs a set at Almada club in London during the Omega Constellation launch party in October.

Simon lends backing vocals to the song “Simple Joys” by the duo Beautiful Small Machines.

On November 2nd, Simon joins Mark Ronson onstage at the Concert for Care at the Brixton Academy; they perform “Planet Earth.”

John appears at a symposium on “40 years of the Internet” at UCLA’s School of Engineering, giving a much lauded keynote speech.

John participates with Toohey’s Extra Dry to offer an Australian band the chance of a lifetime – to work on a record with Mark Ronson, Santigold, Nick Hodgson of the Kaiser Chiefs, Sean Lennon and John. Mark Ronson chooses the winner, who then flies to New York to work with the aforementioned artists.

Diane Von Fursternberg names her new collection “Her Name is Rio.”

The Duran Duran webshop is re-designed and re-launched on .

Nick has two lots up for auction in the Phillips de Pury & Company MUSIC auction in London.

Guitarist Dom Brown begins writing with the band.

Duran Duran lend their support to the Sri Lanka campaign for Peace and Justice.

In December, EMI release a digital-download-only BBC concert featuring Duran Duran at the Hammersmith Odeon, recorded November 4, 1982.

Roger and Jake DJ at the Merah Club in London in December.

EMI announces several Duran Duran CD re-issues for 2010 including Duran Duran, Seven and the Ragged Tiger, and Arcadia’s So Red the Rose.

Martin ‘Wolfie’ Adams from England wins the world darts championship 2010. His walk on/off music is “Hungry Like The Wolf.”

Duran Duran announce they will cover “Boys Keep Swinging” for the Manimal Records’ David Bowie Tribute Album, due out in September, 2010. 100% of the net profits will benefit the War Child charity.

Roger and partner Jake Fonique DJ the I Love London event to aid the Wings of Hope children’s charity on January 15th, at The Dorchester Hotel on Park Lane in London.

The band meet in the studio on January 20th to review the tracks written for the new release; they re-group with Mark Ronson the first week of February for more work.

The band finishes all studio recording on “Boys Keep Swinging” in London on January 21st . The track is mixed by Serban Ghenea.

On February 1st, Simon records vocals on “Being Followed.”

On February 2nd, Simon records vocals on “Before the Rain.”

On February 16th Duran Duran headline the GSMA Mobile Conference in Barcelona. Nick Rhodes is one of the keynote speakers at the conference the next day.

Nick records Oscar picks with Katy

Roger is featured on the cover of Italy’s Red Passion magazine, talking about both his work in Duran Duran and as a DJ. He and Jake Fonique DJ at the Red Passion Club in Campobasso, Italy on March 6th.

John is the musical director for the New Roads School benefit featuring Stewart Copeland, John Desmore, Raul Pacheco and more. The school later releases a CD of music from the event to raise more money.

The single “Fox” co-written by John Taylor, is released by The Danimals, the Toohey’s Extra Dry winning band chosen by Mark Ronson.

Duran Duran’s “The Chauffeur” is featured on the Greenberg movie (starring Ben Stiller) soundtrack, released on March 26th.

Roger and Jake Fonique DJ the 4th Annual FATE Awards in Belfast, Ireland at the end of March.

John writes a tribute to Malcolm McLaren on that is later picked up by Billboard magazine.

On April 3, Roger and Jake DJ at the club Subtone in Cheltenham, UK.

Arcadia’s So Red the Rose two CD re-issue, complete with all the videos filmed for the project, is released by EMI on April 12th/13th.

In mid April, John takes over the blog section of and posts a different photo of himself every day for thirty days.

Simon records vocals on “Other Peoples Lives” on April 20th.

Nick and Simon join Mark Ronson at Ronnie Scott’s in London for a performance of Duran Duran’s “The Chauffeur” on April 21st at the Gucci Icon after party.

Band members complete the lyrics for “Runway Runaway” and Simon puts down a guide vocal on April 27th.

Nick participates in the SAVE SIX campaign to save BBC Radio 6 Music.

JT’s Vault, chronicling the band’s early days, is launched on

Simon provides guest vocals on the title track to Mark Ronson’s new album Record Collection.

EMI re-issue the albums Duran Duran and Seven and the Ragged Tiger. The two disc set includes remixes, live tracks and videos. It is released on March 29th in the UK and Europe and May 18th in the US. EMI also issue the set in limited edition vinyl.

Roger and Jake DJ on May 8th at the Sui Club, Ancona, Italy.

Nick loans several vintage outfits to the Museo de la Moda in Santiago, Chile for their 1980s Fashion exhibit that opens in May.

Simon presents the Best Album Award at the 55th Annual Ivor Novello Awards, honouring the best of English Songwriting on May 20th.

On May 24th, the band perform in Russia at the Neon Moscow charity event.

On May 28th and 31st the band members work on the track “Safe (in the heat of the moment)” in the studio.

On June 1st, the band works on the song “Brain Wrecker,” which later became “Pale Blue Planet” and then finally “Girl Panic!”

Simon records the lead vocal on “Blame The Machines” on June 2nd

On June 3rd Nick guests alongside rapper Wylie, on Mark Ronson’s East Village Radio show which was being broadcast from London.

On June 5th Simon performs 3 songs at the Raisa Gorbachev Foundation charity event at Hampton Court Palace.

Duran Duran records guitars in the studio with Dom Brown on June 15th.

On June 16th, Roger and Jake DJ the exclusive invite only party for the Pitti Uomo Fashion Fair Party, near Florence, Italy.

Nick attends The Founders Forum, a conference where leading thinkers from technology and internet based companies get together to share new ideas.

On June 18th, the band members have a surprise screening of Nick’s 50th birthday film at BAFTA in London of a film they have produced for John’s 50th birthday. The movie features many friends, family and colleagues from over the years telling stories about John and wishing him well.

John plays bass on the track “Tigress Ritual” off the upcoming album Man Meat by Swahili Blonde, the new band led by ex-Red Hot Chili Pepper John Frusciante.

Nick and John write the lyric for “The Man Who Stole a Leopard,’ with John recording a rough guide and Nick writing and recording a guide for the newscast that comes at the end of the song.

Duran Duran’s “Girls on Film” is mashed with Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” for the new DJ Hero videogame.

The band records chorus backing vocals on “Safe (in the heat of the moment)” on June 29th.

On June 30th, a new lyric for “Brain Wrecker” takes shape and the song becomes “Pale Blue Planet.”

On July 1st, Dom Brown records guitar parts for “Being Followed”, while Simon records vocals on “The Man Who Stole a Leopard” and Nick records more synths on “Safe (in the heat of the moment).”

On July 6th, VH1 films interviews with the band members at Sphere Studios for an update on the Duran Duran Behind The Music. In between the interviews, Nick records more keyboards on “All You Need is Now” and several other tracks.

n July 13th John and Nick write a lyric called “King of Nowhere,” which later becomes “Too Bad You’re So Beautiful,” while Simon and Dom record more vocals and guitars at Eastcote studios.

On July 14th, John and Nick meet celebrated British artist Clunie Reid about the album artwork. Nick also records more synths on “Leave a Light On” at Sphere.

On July 15th Rob Sheffield’s Talking to Girls About Duran Duran: One Young Man’s Quest for True Love and a Cooler Haircut is released to great acclaim. Simon reads portions of the book, about Rob’s formative years and how Duran Duran’s music played a part of it, on Simon’s Reader. Rob would interview Simon and Nick for Rolling Stone in December.

The band begin rehearsals for the Lovebox show.

Duran Duran return to Lovebox on July 17th, joining Mark Ronson onstage for performances of “Record Collection” and “Planet Earth.”

On July 19th, at Metropolis studios, Simon records final vocals on “Other People’s Lives” and updates “Safe (in the heat of the moment)” and “Pale Blue Planet.”

Simon tries out new vocals for “King of Nowhere” on July 20th.

It is revealed on that the Scissor Sister’s Ana Matronic will be a guest vocalist on the song “Safe” from the band’s upcoming album.

Nick and MNDR sit for a joint interview, talking about music and synthesizers, for Dazed and Confused magazine.

At the end of July, Simon flies to France to record his part of a duet for Isabelle Adjani’s upcoming album.

The boat Rio, with crew-member Simon Le Bon, wins Class Zero at Cowes Week, a huge English regatta.

Nick co-writes and co-produces an additional track for Mark’s Record Collection called “Sound of Plastic.” The track is recorded on August 1st, and features vocal performances by Rose Elinor Dougall, Spank Rock, Jamie Reynolds & Anthony Rossomando, [which were recorded on August 4th]. It is released as a special limited 12” vinyl edition.

Nick records an interview for Radio One’s Annie Nightingale special.

Roger and Jake DJ at the Country Club, Portorondo, Sardinia on August 16th.

On August 19th, Nick does a Billboard magazine interview for a piece on Mark Ronson.

Roger and Jake Fonique DJ in Ibiza at the Blue Marlin alongside legendary DJ Louie Vega on August 21st.

On September 6th, Oldman’s Brave New World of Wine book is released, with a passage written by Nick Rhodes.

The David Bowie Tribute Album, We Were So Turned On, is released on September 6th. A Double A-side pink vinyl 7″ featuring Duran Duran’s “Boys Keep Swinging” and Carla Bruni’s “Absolute Beginners” is released in December. It is a Limited Edition to 2000 pressings: 300 on pink vinyl and 300 on clear vinyl and 1400 on black vinyl.

The band meet in London on September 15th to listen to all tracks for they have recorded so far and make decisions about what is left to complete.

On September 20th, the band work on “Mediterranea” in the studio.

On September 23rd, the band updated rough mixes of all tracks.

On September 24th, the band record vocal harmonies on “Runway Runaway” and edit the track.

The Notorious and Big Thing 2-CD/DVD & Vinyl Limited Special Edition sets are released on September 25th.
The band members join Mark Ronson & the Business International onstage at two of his UK dates at HMV Institute in Birmingham and the Hackney Empire in London. They perform two songs, “Girls on Film” – with Spank Rock performing a rap – and “Planet Earth,” with Simon and Nick also joining Mark’s performance of “Record Collection.”

On September 30th the band rehearse for an upcoming show in Paris and play “Boys Keep Swinging” for the first time.

The band announces the title of their 13th studio album, All You Need is Now.

British artist Clunie Reid creates the artwork for the All You Need Is Nowalbum. Rory McCartney and Ashley Heath from Pop magazine do the graphic design.

Duran Duran join Mark Ronson, MNDR and Spank Rock at an in store at Swordfish Records in Birmingham for the release of Mark’s album, Record Collection. Over 400 people were turned away from the event.

On October 3rd, Fendi celebrates Paris fashion week with a private event launching their new women’s fragrance, Fan di Fendi, with a live performance by Duran Duran.

On October 22nd the band record EPK interviews at the studio.

On October 25th, Nick Rhodes presents Mark Ronson with a Q Award for ‘Innovation in Sound.’ Nick and Mark DJ the Q Awards after show party.

Simon records rough vocals for a new lyric on “Girl Panic!”

On November 2nd, Roger, Nick and Simon film a Today Show interview for national US broadcast at the Soho Hotel in London.

On November 3rd, Simon re-records the original verse vocal on “Safe (in the heat of the moment)” and Nick adds more synths to “Other People’s Lives” and “Girl Panic !”

On November 10th the band do their first promo photo shoot for All You Need is Now with photographer Roger Deckker at the Lemonade Factory in London.

On November 11th and 12th the band have a live studio hook up with Spike Stent to tweak all mixes.

On November 14th Nick and Mark Ronson remix the Depeche Mode track “Personal Jesus” for an upcoming release.

The band announce on their site that Ted Jensen is mastering All You Need is Now at Sterling Sound in New York City.

Simon and John appear on BBC 1’s The One Show.

Simon is interviewed on Loose Ends on Radio 4.

Due to demand, Duran Duran release their single “All You Need is Now” one week early, exclusively on iTunes. The song is a free download in almost all iTunes territories.

Duran Duran announce that Kelis will be singing vocals on the track “The Man Who Stole a Leopard.”

The band start rehearsals on November 21st-24th to go over new songs for the live shows.

On November 25th Nick and Simon guest with Mark Ronson at his show at Abbey Road.

On November 26th, the band film the “All You Need is Now” video with director Nick Egan in South London.

Nick and Simon go in to the studio to record a bonus track called “Early Summer Nerves” on November 29th.

On November 30th the band have a L’Uomo Vogue shoot at Syon House just outside London.

John and Nick do a photo shoot and interview for Love magazine.

Nick does an Evening Standard interview and photo shoot .

Newsreader Nina Hossain is revealed as the reporter at the end of the song “The Man Who Stole a Leopard” as well as the guest ‘Sat Nav’ vocalist on “Blame the Machines.” An avowed fan of the band for some time, she tells a journalist, “It was the best thing I’ve ever done apart from having my children!’

December 9th-14th Nick and Simon do press in NY. John and Roger do press in London.

On December 10th, Nick and Simon appear on Mark Ronson’s East Village Radio show in a storefront in New York City. Kelis calls in to the show, and they play several snippets of tracks from the band’s upcoming record.

Duran Duran appear on ITV1’s Loose Women, performing two tracks, including the single “All You Need is Now.”

On December 15th, Roger and John appear on Sky News and debut a clip of the band’s video for “All You Need is Now.”

On December 16th, band records TV Interviews at Metropolitan Hotel London, including one with Nina Hossain

On December 19th, Simon and John sit for an interview with BBC2’s Something for the Weekend.

On December 21st, Duran Duran release their 13th studio album, All You Need is Now, as an exclusive digital download with iTunes. TThe nine tracks are instantly well-received, and the album debuts at #1 on the Pop Download Charts in 15 different countries.

Roger and John appear on BBC Breakfast on December 21st to celebrate the album’s release.

The Nick Egan directed video for “All You Need is Now” is uploaded to iTunes, featured on the Yahoo Music page and on Youtube’s homepage, where they have a tribute to Duran Duran, showcasing all of the band’s videos.

The review in Rolling Stone claims “…every bit the chic Riviera rock of Duran’s 1980s classics”, the New York Post chimes, “a return to the brash, shiny rhythms that sold 80 million albums.” and The Huffington Post labels All You Need is Now “…undeniably satisfying.”

Duran Duran announce a partnership with Genero TV where aspiring filmmakers can choose any of the nine tracks from All You Need is Now and create a video for it. The band will be among the judges and will award a $5,000 prize for each winning clip

For Mediterranea with Love is released on December 28th as part of the 12 Days of Christmas promotion on iTunes in Europe. The free EP features the track “Mediterranea,” which will be featured on the 2011 physical release of All You Need is Now, plus two live tracks. More than 5 million people download the EP.

Simon and Nick appear on the fourth hour of The Today Show in the US, talking with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb about All You Need is Now.

The band perform on The National Lottery Show on Christmas Eve outside the historic Natural History Museum in London. They perform “All You Need is Now” and “Planet Earth.”

The band close out 2010 by announcing they will appear at a pre-Superbowl concert, the Pepsi NFL Fan Jam, on February 3rd in Texas with Kid Rock and Jason Derulo.

The Time magazine Q&A with Simon and Nick is featured in the magazine the first week of January.

Japan bassist Mick Karn dies on January 4th; Bassist John Taylor writes a moving tribute on

Roger and Jake DJ at the Chi in Dubai on January 14th.

Duran Duran announces that they will be part of the iTunes Festival in London. They will play on July 16th at the Roundhouse, with iTunes giving away all the tickets via lottery.

Simon appears on Radio 4′s Frontrow on January 13th.

On January 14th, VH1 debut the video for “All You Need is Now.”

On January 19th, Duran Duran announce they will be performing as part of Coachella. Their performance will take place on April 17th.

Simon appears on Richard Bacon’s show on BBC Radio 5 on January 20th.

Simon and Nick are presenters at the British Comedy Awards on January 22nd. They give the Best Comedy Actress Award to Miranda Hart.

Duran Duran announce their first UK arena tour in 7 years, with 11 dates:
May 18th Newcastle Metro Radio Arena
May 19th Glasgow SECC
May 21st Birmingham LG Arena
May 22nd Nottingham Capital FM Arena
May 23rd Liverpool Echo Arena
May 28th London The O2 Arena
May 30th Brighton Centre
May 31st Bournemouth International Centre
June 1st Cardiff International Arena
June 3rd Manchester MEN Arena
June 4th Sheffield Motorpoint Arena

On January 26th, Simon and Roger visit Heart FM in London.

The band announces that they will be headlining the T Mobile Electronic Beats Classics event at the prestigious Admiralspalast in Berliin on May 26th.

Simon and Roger visit the show Daybreak on January 31st to talk about the band’s upcoming UK tour.

Duran Duran perform “All You Need is Now” on Alan Carr’s Chatty Man on January 31st.

The band announces they will be one of the headliners at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami’s Bicentennial Park on March 25th.

Duran Duran celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the release of “Planet Earth” with a blog post from John that you can read here .

On February 3rd, Duran Duran, along with Jason Derullo and Kid Rock, kickoff the NFL Pepsi Super Bowl Fan Jam concert series at the Verizon Theater in Grand Prairie, TX. Portions of the show are aired on VH1.

Roger and Jake DJ the XLV party in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, TX on February 4th.

Dior announces that Duran Duran will be providing the music for the Dior ADDICT perfume ads starring Kate Moss and directed by Jonas
Åkerlund. The band lent the title track “All You Need is Now,” off of their forthcoming album,

Simon and John present the Best International Group award to Arcade Fire at the Brit Awards on February 15th.

Duran Duran announce plans for the physical release of All You Need is Now: March 21st internationally and March 22nd in the US and Canada. The exclusive UK deal with independent sales and distribution company ESSENTIAL MUSIC, will feature five brand new tracks and will be available on CD, vinyl and a special Deluxe Edition CD package, that will include a bonus song “Networker Nation” and a remix of the album’s title track by Youth Kills. The US edition will be released via S-Curve Records, featuring five brand new tracks and will be available in CD, vinyl and a Deluxe Edition CD/DVD package that includes a bonus song “Networker Nation” and a DVD featuring rare studio footage.

On February 16th, Simon and Nick join Mark Ronson at the Rounhouse in London for a performance of “Record Collection.”

On February 17th, the band begin rehearsals for their upcoming date in Milan where they will be performing at an event hosted by Vogue Italia, Comune di Milano and Hogan.

Duran Duran confirm an appearance at SXSW in Austin, TX.

The band announce three dates in Mexico: April 8th at Banamex Auditorium in Monterrey, April 10th at Telmex Auditorium in Guadalajara, and April 11th at National Auditorium in Mexico City.

The band’s site posts news of a special show at Shepherd’s Bush Empire to be recorded by BBC Radio 2. Tickets for the March 7th show sell out immediately.

The band announce they will play a set in support of the Walking with the Wounded Charity at Battersea Powerstation on March 3rd.

The band spends the third week of February in the studio, rehearsing for upcoming live dates.

The band arrive in Milan on February 23rd to start international promotion for All You Need is Now.

On February 25th, Duran Duran are honored by the Mayor of Milan, Leitizia Moratti, who presented them with an Award for Style at the Town Hall. This is rare honor, given only to artists, creative individuals or innovators – not Milanese – who the Mayor and City Commissioners want to distinguish in some way. Each awards is unique and given to the recipient for something different each time.

Later that night they play to a packed fashionista and media crowd for a Vogue Italia event during Fashion Week hosted by long-time Editor Franca Sozzani.

On February 27th, the band perform on the TV Show Quelli Che il Calcio filmed in Milan.

The band confirm two dates at V Festival in the UK , headlining the Arena Stage on August 20th + 21st. They also announce US dates:

March 16th Austin, TX SXSW (Time Out Showcase)
March 18th Thackerville, OK WinStar World
March 23rd Los Angeles CA Mayan Theatre
March 25th Miami, FL Ultra Music Festival
April 2nd Mashantucket, CT Foxwoods
April 4th Atlanta, GA Centre Stage
April 6th Houston, TX Warehouse Live
April 14th Pomono, CA Fox Theatre
April 16th San Francisco, CA The Fillmore
April 17th Indio, CA Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival
April 20th Denver, CO Ogden Theatre
April 22nd Minneapolis, MN Epic
April 23rd Chicago, IL House of Blues
April 25th Toronto, ONT Phoenix Concert Theatre
April 26th Montreal, QBC Le National
April 27th Boston, MA Royale Theatre,

Duran Duran perform at a sold out show at Shepherd’s Bush Empire. The show is aired live on Jo Whiley’s Show on BBC Radio 2.

ITV confirm One Night Only, a TV Special featuring Duran Duran to be filmed on March 12th in London. The show airs on March 20th.

The band arrives in Austin on March 15th to begin their stint at SXSW. This includes packed-to-the-rafters shows on March 16th at Stubbs as well as a featured interview moderated by John Norris on March 17th at the Austin Convention Center. Duran Duran also perform a surprise show for C3 at the Whitley Building. The standing room only audience included Jon Hamm, Mischa Barton, Kevin Costner, John Poppper and others.

On March 21, All You Need is Now is released in the UK and Europe.

On March 22, All You Need is Now is released in North America.

Simon and John appear on Access Hollywood Live with Billy Bush on March 22nd.

The band perform “All You Need is Now” on The Tonight Show on the day of their North American release.

March 23rd finds the band in Los Angeles at the Mayan Theatre for American Express’ Unstaged series. Kicking off their second season with Duran Duran, the concert is directed by the legendary David Lynch and is streamed live around the world, online, on Vevo and Youtube. Lynch had encouraged fans to tweet in Qs he’d pose to the band in a pre- recorded Q&A, as well as photos of painted hands and faces that were projected onto the screens behind the band during the show. My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way, Beth Ditto, Kelis and Mark Ronson are all special guests at this extraordinary event.

Duran Duran appear on The Ellen Show, performing “All You Need is Now.” Ellen is such a big fan, she invites the band to come and join her when she tapes her show in Orlando at the beginning of April.

The band appear on the outdoor stage of Jimmy Kimmel Live on March 30th performing 5 songs.

Duran Duran appear on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on March 31th performing “All You Need is Now” and “Hungry like the Wolf” as a web exclusive. Jimmy begins his show singing a Duran Duran medley.

Duran Duran appear on The Ellen Show for a second time on April 5th, recorded at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

Duran Duran announce a series of ex- US dates including:

April 30th Dominican Republic Altos de Chavon
May 26th Berlin, Germany Electronic Beats Admiralspalast
June 10th Paris, France Le Grand Theatre
June 11th Den Haag, Netherlands Ado Kyocera Stadion
June 12th Brussels, Belgium Forest National
June 14th Copenhagen, Denmark Tivoli Gardens
June 15th Gothenburg, Sweden Leisbergshallen
June 16th Stockholm, Sweden Cirkus
June 18th Helsinki, Finland Kaisaniemi Park
June 21st Moscow, Russia Moscow Megasport
June 23rd St. Petersburg, Russia The New Arena
July 14th Dublin, Ireland O2 Arena
July 18th Leipzig, Germany Leipzig Parkbuhne
July 19th Munich, Germany Munich Tonholle
July 20th Vienna, Austria Gasomoter
August 6th Schaffhausen, Switzerland Das Festival
August 12th Ibiza, Spain Amnesia
August 26th Langesund, Norway Wightegaarden
August 27th Oslo, Norway Festningen Festival
August 28th Bergen, Norway Grieghallen

Duran Duran announce a special, limited edition of a deluxe vinyl package of All You Need is Now. With only 500 copies available worldwide – each individually numbered and signed by the band – this special edition features exclusive artwork created by Clunie Reid (Saatchi Gallery, the Tate, New Museum NY), with art direction by Rory McCartney.

Duran Duran sit for a live stream Youtube Presents Q&A at Youtube HQ on Friday, April 15th.

On April 16th, Roger and John support Record Store Day by doing a signing of the David Lynch 7″ remix for “Girl Panic!” at Rasputin Records in Berkley, CA.

On April 17th, Duran Duran perform a 12-song set at Coachella in Indio, CA to an enthusiastic crowd. The performance is streamed via Coachella’s Youtube channel.

Percussionist Chastity Ashley joins the band for their US tour.

Simon and John do an acoustic performance at WXLO Radio in Worcester, MA on April 27th where City Councilor-at-Large Frederick C. Rushton gave them the keys to the city.

At a concert in Montreal on April 26th the audience sings “Happy Birthday” in French as birthday boy Roger Taylor is presented with a cake.

The band participate in a press conference on April 28th in the Dominican Republic to discuss their much anticipated April 30th show at Altos De Chavon.

The band finishes the mini promo tour and fly to Rome for an RDS radio event on May 12th for 200 winners. The show is recorded for later broadcast.

Duran Duran fly to Cannes on May 13th during the Cannes Film Festival to perform a one-off gig at the European launch of Belvedere Red vodka, a special edition of the brand which will raise money for the Global Fund, the world’s leading financier of programs to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. The band goes on stage at 1am performing to a packed house.

Duran Duran are forced to postpone their entire UK Arena tour when Simon Le Bon begins experiencing problems with his throat.

On June 20th (John’s birthday!), the band re-schedules their UK tour for December, 2011.

After several years in the making, the incredible Duran Duran Universe in Second Life opens on June 22nd. The Duran-centric Islands, AZIZI, SANHEDRALITE, TLON & KHANADA, are looked after by community manager Chrissy von Wellean. Visitors can check out the DDU in Second Life by clicking here. Roger Taylor helped kick off the grand opening with a special live streaming DJ set at the UFO Club in-world, and Nick Rhodes stopped by to welcome visitors.

Nick Rhodes is featured on the cover of the August, 2011 issue of Keyboard magazine (USA).

The band reluctantly postpone their entire European summer tour that was due to start on Thursday 14 July in Dublin, Ireland due to Simon’s ongoing vocal problems, which Doctor’s felt needed more time to heal.

Nick announces he has spent a few days at the end of July working in the studio with artist Rose Dougall on her forthcoming solo album.

Roger announces a DJ date with Jake Fonique at the Meridien Beach Club, Taormina, Sicily on 11th August.

On August 2nd, the band announce their North American tour utilizing all their social networks, making a different show announcement every 5 minutes via Twitter, Facebook & YouTube. The dates are:

September 23rd Everett, WA Comcast Arena
September 24th Portland, OR Theater of the Clouds
September 26th Saratoga, CA Mountain Winery
September 27th Los Angeles, CA Nokia Theater
September 30th Las Vegas, NV The Joint
October 1st Valley Center, CA Harrah’s Rincon
October 4th Broomfield, CO 1st Bank Center
October 6th Grand Prairie, TX Verizon Theater
October 8th Mobile, AL Bayfest
October 10th Clearwater, FL Ruth Eckerd Hall
October 11th Hollywood, FL Seminole Hard Rock
October 13th St. Augustine, FL St Augustine Amphitheater
October 14th Atlanta, GA Chastain Park Amphitheater
October 16th Washington, DC Constitution Hall
October 17th Philadelphia, PA Tower Theatre
October 19th Cleveland, OH Playhouse Square Theatre
October 21st Chicago, IL @ Chicago Theater
October 22nd Windsor, ONT The Colosseum at Caesars Windsor
October 23rd Montreal, QBC Bell Centre
October 25th New York, NY Madison Square garden
October 27th Toronto, ONT Air Canada Center
October 28th Boston, MA Wang Theater
October 29th Atlantic City, NJ The Borgata

Simon partners with Keep A Child ALive for their “Buy Life” campaign, posing for a photo wearing the charity’s tee shirt along with other celebrities such as Pink, Usher, Alicia Keys and more.

The band celebrates National Duran Duran Appreciation Day on August 10th by giving away a free download of “Other People’s Lives (Night Version).”

On August 15th, the band announces four UK warm up shows, which are the first dates since Simon’s vocal problems. The tickets are made available to the band’s Fan Community first and then opened up to the public. The shows are:

September 1st Bournemouth, Old Fire Station
September 8th Cambridge, Cambridge Junction
September 9th Bristol, Bristol Trinity
September 10th Oxford, Oxford Academy

On August 20th Roger is joined by his son James for a joint DJ set in Sulmona, Italy. The local council sponsors the “White Night” event, which was a free event for all the people of the town held in the central square. Roger and James began at 1:30am DJing for over 3000 people.

Duran Duran announce an October 25th date at Madison Square Garden. The band’s first return since 2004, the headline show is in conjunction with WPLJ’s “Scott & Todd” Morning Show’s 20th Anniversary.

It is announced that All You Need is Now standard vinyl will be released on September 12/13, 2011. It will have all the same tracks as the March CD release..

On September 6th, Duran Duran is honored in London at the GQ “Men of the Year” Award Ceremony, held at the Royal Opera House in London. Alex James from Blur presented the band with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

September 20th finds the band performing in Santa Monica, CA for the 15th Anniversary party of the iconic show, South Park. The band plays “Hungry like the Wolf,” “Notorious,” “Planet Earth,” “All You Need is Now,” “Come Undone,” “A View to a Kill,” “Sunrise,” “Rio and “Girls on Film.”

It is announced that John will release an autobiography in 2012. Dutton in the US and Little Brown in the UK will publish the book.

William Shatner records a cover of the song “Planet Earth” for his album Seeking Major Tom, released October 11th.

Duran Duran play at Madison Square Garden on October 25th. Mark Ronson joins the band onstage for “Girl Panic !” and Ana Matronic joins them for “Safe (In the heat of the moment).”

Duran Duran host an after party at the Boom Boom Room in New York City following their sold out show at Madison Square Garden.

The band appears on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson to perform “Leave a Light On,” and Simon, John and Nick speak to Piers Morgan on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight. Both shows air on October 28th.

The band ends this leg of their North American tour by playing a sold-out show in Atlantic City on October 29th. Mark Ronson and Ana Matronic join the guys onstage again. All the band members come out for the encore wearing Halloween masks. Later that night, Nick hosts a Halloween party at the Boom Boom Room.

Simon and John appear on VH1′s Big Morning Buzz on November 1st.

The five “Supers” – Naomi Campbell. Cindy Crawford, Helena Christensen, Eva Herzigova & Yasmin Le Bon – grace the cover of December’s UK Harper’s Bazaar. The tagline, “Supers vs. Duran Duran” refer to the iconic pairing of the supermodels and Duran Duran in the bands upcoming “Girl Panic !” video, that was filmed on location at the Savoy Hotel by director Jonas Åkerlund. The video stars Naomi as Simon Le Bon, Cindy as bassist John Taylor, Helena as drummer Roger Taylor, Eva as keyboardist Nick Rhodes and Yasmin Le Bon as “the Guitarist. “ Harpers UK also printed several magazines with Duran Duran on the cover.

Duran Duran release eleven ‘teasers’ for “Girl Panic !” on

The band attends the UK Harper’s Bazaar Women of the Year ceremony at Claridges in London on November 7th. The nine and a half minute short film for “Girl Panic !” premieres at the event.

The video for “Girl Panic !” has its World Premiere on VEVO on November 8th. The band also attends an event at the Savoy Hotel to screen the video again. Later that evening, Simon and Nick Present the Icon Award to Jonas Åkerlund at the UK Music Video awards.

The band appear on SKY television on November 9th to discuss their new video for “Girl Panic !”

Duran Duran plays to a massive audience at the SWU Music & Arts Festival in Sao Paulo, Brazil on November 13th. The concert is aired live on TV Globo and over the Internet in Brazil. The band does many press interviews during their 48 hour stay.

After one week, the “Girl Panic !” video has over 2 million plays on Vevo.

Roger DJs at the Capogiro Club in Bergamo, Italy on November 18th.

Two books that heavily feature Duran Duran are released in the marketplace: The Uncensored Story of the Music Video Revolution by Craig Marks and Rob Tannenbaum chronicles the rise of MTV, with Simon, John and Nick taking part in the oral history, and Put the Needle on the Record: The 1980s at 45 Revolutions Per Minute by Matthew Chojnacki, with a forward written by Nick, celebrates album artwork from the 80s .

Nick becomes a graduate of the University of Bedfordshire at a ceremony in Luton on November 18th. He is recognised with an honorary degree for his contribution to the music industry as a songwriter, performer and producer.

By the end of November, the “Girl Panic !” video has over 4 million views.

The band kick off their UK / Ireland tour on November 30th in Brighton with CocknBullKid opening on all dates (ex Glasgow (Aerials Up) & Dublin (Royseven) ). Percussionist Dawne Adams joins the band for the UK tour. The dates are as follow:

November 30 Brighton, Brighton Centre
December 1 Bournemouth, BIC
December 2 Birmingham, LG Arena
December 4 Glasgow, SECC
December 6 Nottingham, Capital FM Arena
December 8 Cardiff, Motorpoint Arena
December 10 Liverpool, Echo Arena
December 12 London, The 02 Arena
December 14 Sheffield, Motorpoint Arena
December 16 Manchester, Evening News Arena
December 17 Newcastle, Metro Radio Arena
December 20 Dublin, O2 Arena

The band put 2012 dates on-sale:

January 21 Klosters, Switzerland, Altitude Festival
January 23 Vienna, Austria, Gasometer
January 24 Munich, Germany, Tonhalle
January 26 Leipzig, Germany, Haus Auensee
January 28 Dortmund, Germany, Westfalenhalle 2
January 29 Brussels, Belgium, Forest National
January 31 Berlin, Germany, Columbiahalle
February 01 Bratislava, Slovakia, Incheba Arena
March 10 Singapore,Indoor Arena
March 14 Hong Kong, Asia World
March 17 Brisbane, Australia, Brisbane Entertainment Centre
March 19 Melbourne Vic, Australia, Centre Court/Rod Laver Arena
March 20 Adelaide, Australia, Adelaide Entertainment Centre
March 24 Perth, Australia, Sandalford Estate
March 27 Sydney, Australia, Sydney Entertainment Centre
March 31 NS Wales, Australia, Tempus Two Winery

The band finish out the year with incredible sold-out shows all over the UK and a final 2011 date in Dublin at the O2.

European tour dates are announced with Simon and John getting to work promoting them through media in Switzerland and Germany.

A Silent Express is named the support act for the dates in Germany: January 24 at Tonhalle, Munich, January 26 at Haus Auensee, Leipzig, January 28 at Westfalenhalle 2, Dortmund and January 31 at Columbiahalle, Berlin.

The band begin rehearsals for the European dates on January 17th in London.

Duran Duran’s “Girl Panic !” video clears 5 million views on YouTube.

Duran Duran’s first show of 2012 takes places at the Altitude Festival in Klosters, Switzerland on January 21st. Afterwards, the band attend a charity Polo Match on site, followed by a fundraising dinner to benefit the Sentebale charity, with a speech delivered by Annie Lennox. An impromptu rendition of Duran Duran’s “Ordinary World” by Simon and Dom added to the fundraising effort at the even

John is confirmed for a Q&A at the DLD Conference (Digital Life Design) in Munich. The talk, taking place on January 23rd, will cover Duran Duran’s contributions to both music and technology as well as the HERE RIGHT NOW microsite.

The band launch HERE RIGHT NOW, a partnership between Duran Duran and San Francisco-based Gray Area Foundation for the Arts (GAFFTA) that aims to display people’s ‘Now’ from around the world. A series of word prompts — the first set inspired by words used in “All You Need Is Now” — invites users to submit their vision of the word on a World Globe where people can share their “Now’s”.

Simon and John appear on the German talk show Gottschalk Live Talk Show, with host Thomas Gottschalk, on January 30th.

As part of New York’s Fashion Week, Savoir Beds’ SoHo store re-created the “Girl Panic !” video with models re-enacting scenes from the clip in a replica of a suite at London’s Savoy Hotel in the store window, with the music video shown inside the store.

In February, Roger Taylor is chosen as the first guest curator on Saatchi Online.

On February 12th, John, Simon and Yasmin Le Bon attended the debut Fashion Show for the SkaistTaylor line at Lincoln Center in New York City.

Duran Duran announce their 2012 South American dates:

April 28, Brasilia, Brazil Nilson Nelson
April 30 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Citibank Hall
May 02 Sao Paulo, Brazil Credicard Hall
May 04 Buenos Aires, Argentina Luna Park
May 08 Santiago, Chile Espacio Riesco

John continues to work on his autobiography, spending the last week of February in London meeting with his Editor and attending a reception at Soho House with book sellers.

On February 29th, Duran Duran announce the name of their forthcoming DVD, A Diamond in the Mind, Duran Duran – A Performance – 2011, filmed live in Manchester at MEN Arena on December 16th, 2011. The film, directed by Gavin Elder, is to be released early Summer, 2012.

The band’s mix engineer, Snake Newton, puts the final touches to the audio for A Diamond in the Mind, which will also be released as a stand-alone CD, as well as being part of a package with the DVD. The whole audio track is then mastered on March 5th at Metropolis in London.

The band kicks off their Pacific Rim tour in Dubai on March 8, 2012. They then play the following dates: March 10 at Indoor Arena, Singapore — March 12 at Olympic Hall, Seoul, Korea — March 14 at Asia World , Hong Kong — March 17 at BEC, Brisbane, Australia — March 19 Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne, Australia — March 20 at Adelaide Entertainment Center, Adelaide, Australia — March 24 at Sandalford Estate, Perth, Australia — March 27 at Sydney Entertainment Center, Sydney, Australia — March 31 at Tempus Two Winery, Hunter Valley, Australia.

Two Duran Duran songs, “Hungry like the Wolf” and “Rio,” are featured on the April 10th episode of Glee on Fox.

On Friday, April 13th, 2012, Simon visits with the Air Ambulance Service headquarters as part of his new role as an ambassador for the charity. To learn more about the incredible services this charity provides, please visit

Duran Duran announce more European and North American dates:

June 25 Rynek Wroclaw Strefa Kibica, Poland at MUSICART
June 27 Prague, Czech Republic at O2 Arena
June 28 Budapest, Hungary at the Papp László Budapest Sport Arena
July 06 Thessaloniki, Greece at Earth Open Air
July 07 Skopje, Macedonia at Skopsko Kale
July 09 Istanbul, Kucuk at Ciftlik Park
July 12 Novi Sad, Serbia as part of the Exit Festival
July 14 Ljubljana, Slovenia at Krizanke
July 16 Verona, Italy at the Verona Arena
July 18 Rome, Italy at the Foro Italica
July 20 Cattolica, Italy at the Arena Della Regina
July 21 Lucca, Italy at the Piazza Napoleone

August 08 Saratoga, CA at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga, CA
August 09 Saratoga, CA at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga, CA
August 11 Costa Mesa, CA at the Pacific Amphitheatre/OC Fair
August 12 Tuscon, AZ at AVA Amphitheatre/Casino Del Sol
August 15 Tulsa, OK at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino
August 17 Memphis, TN at the Memphis Botanical Gardens
August 18 Biloxi, MS at Hard Rock Casino and Resort
August 19 Atlanta, GA at Chastain Park
August 21 Durham, NC at the Durham Performing Arts Center
August 22 Portsmouth, VA at the nTelos Wireless Pavilion
August 24 Mashantucket, CT at MGM Grand at Foxwoods
August 25 Atlantic City, NJ at Revel Ovation Hall
August 26 Pittsburgh,PA at Stage AE
August 28 Kettering, OH at Fraze Pavilion
August 29 Highland Park, IL at the Ravinia Festival
August 31 Orillia, Ontario Canada at the Casino Rama Entertainment Centre
September 1 Orillia, Ontario Canada at the Casino Rama Entertainment Centre

The UK advert for BT’s Infinity 2 uses a selection of songs from Duran Duran in their new commercial.

At the end of April, Simon, Nick & Roger return to Antigua and the yacht Eilean – the classic boat from the iconic “Rio” video – which has now been fully restored. Eilean competes in the Panerai Classic Yacht Challenge, and Simon takes the helm for part of the race.

Duran Duran begin their South American tour in Brasilia on April 28th. Simon is joined by Brazilian singer Fernanda Takai for a duet on “Ordinary World.” She then joins them once again on April 30th in Rio De Janeiro.

Duran Duran is announced as one of the headliners, representing England, at the BT London Live Opening Ceremony Concert in Hyde Park on July 27th to celebrate the London 2012 Olympic games.

On May 8th, the track listing for the CD & DVD of A Diamond in the Mind is posted online, as well as a release date of July 2nd, 2012.

Nick participates in a BBC Special called Ziggy Played Guitar. He talks about growing up a Bowie fan and what Ziggy Stardust meant to him.

Duran Duran announce they will be appearing on Good Morning America on June 20th as part of their promotion for A Diamond in the Mind.

Roger and Simon complete a full UK Press Day on June 13th with appearances on Sky Sunrise, BBC5 Radio Live, Daybreak and CNN. Simon also appears on the chat show Loose Women. On June 16th Simon is a guest on Radio 4′s Loose Ends.

Warner Music Group/Rhino launches their Single Notes E-Book series which examines music and pop culture. Among the first five releases is Lyndsey Parker’s Careless Memories of Strange Behavior: My Notorious Life as a Duran Duran Fan.

On June 13th the band announce their first ever digital concert premiere on Facebook where they will stream their latest concert DVD, A Diamond In The Mind, on July 8th at 2pm EST with exclusive Audio Commentary and LIVE Q&A to follow. The band will do the Q&A from Istanbul, after a concert performance that evening.

Duran Duran appear on Good Morning America on June 18th, performing “Sunrise,” “Girl Panic!” and “All You Need is Now.” The band continue to make promotional appearances in and around the New York area, talking about their upcoming CD & DVD, A Diamond in the Mind. The band speak to People, Daily Beast, FUSE, VH1, ABC News Radio, AOL Spinner, MTV’s House of Style and CNN.

On June 20th Duran Duran is the special surprise guest during DJ Steve Aoki’s set at Terminal 5 in New York City. As part of Trident’s “See What Unfolds” campaign, the band perform “Hungry like the Wolf” [New York Werewolf remix] with Steve, and then do a short set that includes “Wild Boys,” “Girl Panic!,” “Sunrise” and “Notorious.” A video of the collaboration can be seen here.

On June 30th, Roger is a guest on BBC Radio 2′s Dave Pearce Show’s Ultimate Anthem portion, where he discusses his favourite dance tracks and what makes each track significant to him.

It is announced that DJ Barthez will be the support for Duran Duran at their show in Istanbul on July 9th at Küçük Çiftlik Park.

It is announced that the band Der Noir will open for Duran Duran at the show in Rome on July 18th at Foro Italico.

On July 6th at the Duran Duran show in Thessaloniki, Greece, the band toast David Bowie’s debut on Top of the Pops 40 years prior by playing “Starman” as part of their encore.

On July 7th, the President of the country of Macedonia and his son come to see Duran Duran’s show at Skopsko Kale. President George Ivanov arrives with his son Ivan and meet the band after the show.

A Diamond in the Mind is released in North America on July 10th. choose to make the MP3 download of the concert the “Daily Deal” and sell the download for $3.99 for 24 hours.

During the band’s July 12th headlining performance at the Exit Festival in Novi Sad, Serbia, Duran Duran are joined onstage by The Gossip’s Beth Ditto during the song, “Notorious.”

Duran Duran perform to a rapturous crowd as part of the BT London Live Opening Ceremony Celebration Concert in Hyde Park on July 27th, 2012 to usher in the kick-off of the 2012 Olympic Games in London. Taking the stage at 7:55p, the band play “Planet Earth”/”A View to a Kill”/”All You Need is Now”/”The Reflex”/”Girl Panic!”/”Save a Prayer”/”Notorious”/”Ordinary World”/”Sunrise”/”Wild Boys”/”Rio” to an ecstatic audience.

It is announced that singer MNDR will open for the band on several US dates on the last leg of the All You Need is Now world tour.

Duran Duran’s “Hungry like the Wolf (New York Werewolf Mix)” by DJ Steve Aoki is serviced to radio on August 20, 2012.

On August 14th, the iTunes store in North America adds the film, A Diamond in the Mind.

The Eagle Rock “Duran Duran” store begins to sell not only all the different versions of A Diamond in the Mind, but also makes the audio commentary availlble that was recorded during the digital premiere on Qello in July.

John Taylor’s In the Pleasure Groove: Love, Death, and Duran Duran is announced for release in the UK on September 13th and North America on October 16th. John’s book publishers set up several signings and readings for Pleasure Groove.

The band announce the cancellation of the last five dates of their two year All You Need is Now tour as keyboardist Nick Rhodes becomes ill and is unable to travel. “I feel completely helpless over the situation and all I can do is apologize to our fans,” Rhodes says.

The cancelled shows are:
August 25, 2012 – Revel Ovation Hall, Atlantic City, NJ, USA
August 26, 2012 – Stage AE, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
August 28, 2012 – Fraze Pavilion, Kettering, OH, USA
August 29, 2012 – Ravinia Festival, Highland Park, IL, USA
August 31, 2012 – Casino Rama Entertainment Centre, Orillia, Canada
September 1, 2012 – Casino Rama Entertainment Centre, Orillia, Canada

A fan whose specialty is Duran Duran makes an appearance on the UK Game Show Mastermind, airing on BBC2 on Friday, August 31st.

John embarks on a UK book tour for In the Pleasure Groove:

September 13, 2012 Leicester Square Theatre, London. Q&A with Tom Sykes
September 18, 2012 The Birmingham Conservatoire, Birmingham City University. Q&A with Simon Price
September 19, 2012 The Dancehouse in Manchester. Q&A with Dave Haslam
September 22, 2012 WH Smith Book Sellers, Argyle Street, Glasgow (signing only)
September 26, 2012 The Forum/Toppings Books of Bath. Q&A with Elise Raynor

On September 18th, during the In The Pleasure Groove promo tour, John dedicates a Music Suite to Trinity High School in Birmingham, UK, where he was a former student.

John Taylor’s In the Pleasure Groove: Love, Death & Duran Duran (Little Brown UK) debuts at # 6 in the Sunday Times hardback non-fiction charts the week of September 19th, 2012. The book remains at #6 the following week.

Penguin US announce signings and readings for John’s In the Pleasure Groove:

October 16, 2012, Barnes and Noble, Citicorp Center, New York , NY [signing only]
October 16, 2012, 92YTribeca, New York, NY, Q&A with Glenda Bailey. Proceeds benefit Road Recovery
October 18,2012, Bookends Bookstore, Ridgewood, NJ [signing only]
October 21, 2012, Bass Guitar LIVE Event, SIR Studios, Los Angeles, CA
October 24, 2012, Cinespace, Los Angeles, CA, Q&A with Tom Sykes
October 25, 2012, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA, Q&A with Barry Walters
October 26,2012, The Scottish Rite Theatre, Austin, TX, Q&A with Margaret Moser
October 29, 2012 Indigo Bookstore, Toronto, Ontario, Q&A with Liz Fromer
October 30, 2012, City Winery Chicago, Chicago, IL, Q&A with Mark Bazer

John makes several media appearances to promote his book in the UK & US, with stops on Sky News, CNN Connect, The Today Show, The Couch, Loose Women, VH1 Big Morning Buzz and more.

In the Pleasure Groove is set for release in Italy on November 21st on Arcana and in Germany in April, 2013 on Hannibal Verlag.

John Taylor’s In The Pleasure Groove: Love, Death & Duran Duran debuts at #6 on The New York Times Best Seller’s List for the week of November 4th, 2012, making him an Internationally best selling author.

On October 31st, 2012, Simon Le Bon helps to launch a new Children’s Air Ambulance Service, a helicopter service dedicated to transporting critically ill children and babies.

Simon shaves his beard and keeps his mustache in support of the Movember Movement for men’s health.

On November 8th, John goes to Google HQ in California for a “Google Hangout” with fans, streamed live via the band’s Google+ and YouTube pages. He then stays to do an Author Q&A with Google staffers.

John adds two more in store appearance for In the Pleasure Groove: one in Milan on December 7th at Libreria La Feltrinelli and a final UK signing on December 13th at Waterstone’s in Brighton.

Steve Aoki vs Duran Duran’s “Hungry Like the Wolf New York Werewolf Remix” charts at # 9 on the Musicweek Upfront Club Chart.

The Duran Duran Web Shop launches a special area for their VIP Fan Community members where they can shop exclusively and get additional member discounts.

At the end of November, Nick goes in to the Studio to work on a remix for singer MNDR’s album title track and forthcoming single, “Feed Me Diamonds.”

John appears on the Italian late night television show, Volo In Diretta, to support the Italian release of “In the Pleasure Groove” on December 6th, 2012.

Due to high demand, Arcana publishers move John’s in store signing in Milan on December 7th to the larger Magazzini Generali venue.

The Duran Duran World in Second Life holds many events during the year, which include a few visits from Nick, a DJ set from Roger and an in-world reading from In the Pleasure Groove by John. The DD Universe closes out 2012 with a “Lonely In Your Nightmare Before Christmas” Party on December 22nd.

The band announce via the Year End Katy’s Kafes on their VIP Fan Community that they will once again be working with Mark Ronson and plan to re-group in the Studio in March, 2013.

On January 8, Koishii & Hush release ““C’est Tout Est Noir feat. John Taylor” John comments: “I was asked by the trance duo Koishii & Hush to apply a little vocalizing to a dark and tender groove they had been working on. Vocals are not my main gig but I approached it as a follow up to ‘I Do What I Do’, the love song I had contributed to the Nine 1/2 Weeks soundtrack back in the day.” The track and remixes are made available on iTunes, Beatport and other digital retailers.

Nick Rhodes photographs Charli XCX for hipster art, fashion and culture magazine Untitled. The images appear in the April 18 issue, with behind-the-scenes footage released on YouTube in July.

Nick Rhodes and Warren Cuccurullo announce the release of their long-awaited TV Mania project, Bored with Prozac and the Internet? on January 14. The release comes out digitally and on special edition vinyl (produced by The Vinyl Factory) on March 11, 2013. They additionally launch their own Twitter page at @TVManiaMusic as well as a website at

On January 15 Roger DJ’s a special invitation-only show for Géau Vitamin Water on the beach in Punta del Este, Uruguay.

On February 2 Koishii & Hush announce that due to demand, they will be releasing a limited edition CD Maxi single with several mixes of “C’est Tout Est Noir,” as well as a CD-only exclusive remix that was not available digitally; only 500 copies will be put in to production, including 20 signed by John.

On February 13, EMI Records announces a special blue vinyl release of Duran Duran’s “Is There Something I should Know?” [B-side "Faith in This Colour"] for the 30th anniversary of the single’s release and Record Store Day Europe, on April 20, 2013.

Duran Duran’s John Taylor receives the Experience, Strength and Hope Award on February 15, presented by Robert Downey Jr. at Skirball Hall in Los Angeles. John is honored by Writers In Treatment for his commitment to his sobriety and in celebration of his book, “IN THE PLEASURE GROOVE.” Others joining the gala include Buzz Aldrin, Steve Jones, Ione Skye, Michael Des Barres, Ed Begley Jr. and comedian Bobcat Goldthwait.

On February 17 the pre-sale for TV Mania’s “Bored with Prozac and the Internet?” begins on The Vinyl Factory website, where fans can purchase a TV Mania Box Set limited to 100 copies, signed by both Nick and Warren, or the gatefold vinyl edition.

On February 26 Nick Rhodes announces an exhibit of a collection of original photographic works that will show in London from March 7 through April 5, 2013, to celebrate the release of the TV MANIA album, “Bored With Prozac And The Internet?”. BEI INCUBI – translated as “Beautiful Nightmares” – premieres on March 7 at a private, star-studded event at The Vinyl Factory Chelsea, in London.

On February 27, John Taylor becomes a citizen of the United States, making him the only Duran Duran band member with dual citizenship.

Readers of Music Radar online vote John Taylor the BEST BASS PLAYER in the world, with him receiving over 30% of the vote. John tops the 60-person list that includes Paul McCartney, Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Who’s John Entwistle and RUSH’s Geddy Lee.

TV Mania announces a contest with the website Lomography, where budding photographers can compete to win prizes from Nick and Warren by taking photographs (no digital!) inspired by the TV Mania song “Beautiful Clothes.” The grand prize winner is announced on April 2, 2013.

On March 1, premieres the MNDR remix of TV Mania’s “Beautiful Clothes.”

The following day (March 2) features some of Nick’s Bei Incubi Polaroids, alongside a story on the exhibition.

On March 4, Simon, Roger, John, Nick and guitarist Dom Brown reconvene in the studio in London for the first time since the sessions for ALL YOU NEED IS NOW.

On March 28, Nick and Warren record a special “Katy’s Kafe,” made available for everyone to listen to, not just members of the band’s fan community.

On March 31 at 2am EST, Duran Duran’s Facebook reaches 1 Million LIKES.

On April 1, Duran Duran fare very well in two online polls: BBC Radio 2’s fan-selected Top 100 Albums, with RIO placing in at #3. And a #2 placement for Duran Duran’s debut album, Duran Duran in a Slicing Up Eyeballs online poll for the Best Album of 1981. Simon said about the Radio 2 accolade “Absolutely over the moon about this poll. It’s a huge deal for us, and I know how much we owe to all of you for it. Thank you.”

On April MNDR’s Feed Me Diamonds (Remixes – Part II) featuring seven remixes is released. Nick contributes the ‘Radiant Cut’ remix for the album.

John Taylor has to cancel his appearance at the LATITUDE Festival in the UK on July 19 due to a scheduling conflict with the band’s need to be in the studio.

Actor Milo O’Shea passes away on April 2, after a short illness. The next day, Nick posts a blog on about Milo, and how his performance as Dr. Durand Durand in the movie Barbarella inspired the band’s name.

The Contra Costa Times begins an online competition with 32 artists they feel should be inducted in to the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame, including Duran Duran. After 16 weeks of voting, pairing two bands against each other for one week, Duran Duran are declared the winner. Online voting from the band’s very loyal fans cinches the win with 54% voting for DD over the other semi-finalist, Depeche Mode.

Alternative website Slicing Up Eyeballs ranks the Top Albums of 1982 with a Reader’s poll that places Duran Duran’s RIO at #1, topping a list that includes The Cure, Depeche Mode, The Clash and Roxy Music. “The second album from Duran Duran made the U.K. band genre-defining superstars around the world on the backs of its trio of hit singles and now-classic music videos.”

Nick makes his directorial debut with TV Mania’s video for “Beautiful Clothes,” which premieres on April 29 simultaneously on the sites for Vogue Italia, GQ UK and

Koishii & Hush release the maxi CD single “C’est Tout Est Noir“ on CD with all copies signed by Koishii, Hush and John Taylor.

The Simpsons, a favourite television show of the band’s, features a graphic of the single “Rio” in a jukebox in Mo’s Bar on the May 5 episode.

Nick and John spend the week of May 6 in the studio in London together, working on an original musical idea.

New York designer, Michael Kors, announces the release of three new fragrances, on May 9. Duran Duran’s “Girls on Film” is chosen as the music for the global TV spot, shot by Mario Testino and featuring Ashton Kutcher and Karmen Pedaru.

On May 13, Manimal announces MAKING PATTERNS RHYME: An Art-Rock Tribute to DURAN DURAN to benefit Amnesty International. According to the press release, this record will focus on the band’s deep cuts and obscure early catalogue.

On May 15, Simon participates in the Manchester United Player of the Year Awards at the Theatre of Dreams in Manchester. It marks the last time Sir Alex Ferguson will be in attendance as the coach of the team.

In May, Nick Rhodes exhibits his “Pale Blue Nurse” photo at Baoli Cannes for the Lova Images Exhibit. Acclaimed photographers and celebrities donate images to Lovaganza celebrating life and happiness. These photographs are then auctioned during charity VIP events in aid of all the programs that Lovaganza supports.

On May 23, Duran Duran perform at the tail end of the Cannes Film Festival for the CINEMA AGAINST AIDS XX event to support and raise money for amfAR. A private, in-home performance by Simon, John and Dom was auctioned for over $850,000.

Simon attends a special charity performance of Punchdrunk’s SLEEP NO MORE in New York City on May 30. Proceeds go to support Arms Around the Child and Act V The End of AIDS.

Timbaland invites Simon to perform as his special guest at the Sound Of Change Concert at Twickenham Stadium on June 1. Though he worked with the band on Red Carpet Massacre, Timbaland never performed live with them, thus this marks the first appearance of the two together on stage.

Ology Music’s website holds its Second “Battle of the Bands” starting with eight bands and ending in a final competition between Duran Duran and Pearl Jam. Duran Duran fans vote online, taking the band to victory with 492 points to 23.

On June 12, John goes to Parliament and 10 Downing Street in London as part of Men’s Health Week 2013. He works with MP Tracey Crouch to raise awareness on Alcohol and Drug misuse. Later that evening, John and Nick attend the annual event of the Founders Forum, hosted by Prince Andrew at Windsor Castle.

On John’s birthday, June 20, The Edinburgh International Book Festival announce that he will appear for a speaking engagement on August 17, in support of his recently-released biography.

On the evening of June 21, @MaslowMyPrince became the 100,000th follower on Duran Duran’s official Twitter page.

On July 4, Total Radio UK hold an all-day Duran Duran music marathon online.

On July 5, Ology play all 39 Duran Duran videos as a tribute to the band.

On July 14 Simon and Yasmin are part of a panel of judges for the Cartier ‘Style et Luxe’ concours d’elegance, at the annual Goodwood Festival of Speed. Later that evening, Simon is a special guest at the Nile Rodgers/Chic’s performance at Hyde Park for “Heart in the Park.” Simon and Nile perform Duran Duran’s “Notorious” to the delight of the packed crowd.

The band members celebrate Duran Duran Appreciation Day with fans on August 10 with an exclusive video and audio download of “The Reflex” from their UK Olympic Performance in Hyde Park from 2012. John and Roger both post “Thank You” messages on

John speaks to a sold out crowd at the Edinburgh International Book Festival on August 17. On the same day, in a different country, Roger DJ’s at Club Tripic in Ibiza.

On September 1, Simon joins the crew of the boat Hamilton in the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup and Mini Maxi Rolex World Championship in Porto Cervo, Sardinia.

Nick and his girlfriend Nefer attend the GQ Men of the Year Awards on September 3, at the Royal Opera House in London.

For the first time in music history, on September 3, Nick and Warren announce the launch of a TV Mania franchise, where fans can create their own TV Mania materials from a toolkit of music, image and design elements. Fans participating are encouraged to ‘become’ TV Mania for a particular location (e.g. TV Mania Sao Paulo). Nick and Warren determine the best entrants in early 2014.

Nick participates in the Channel 4 (UK) special about the seminal UK show, The Tube, called REWIND THE TUBE. Nick is intereviewed for the last episode, which airs on September 20.

The band spend the week of September 23 working on their new album in the studio in London.

The paperback version of John’s IN THE PLEASURE GROOVE is released in North America on September 24. The book includes a new foreword, written by Nick and a different cover to both the earlier-released hardback and UK paperback editions. To celebrate the event, John hosts a Twitter Q&A on September 23 followed by another one a week later on September 30.

On September 25, influential cultural site, NOWNESS premieres Aaron Rose and Andre Saraiva’s short film for L’Officiel Hommes, featuring professional skateboarders Jerry Hsu, Austyn Gillette and Josh Harmony, set to Duran Duran’s iconic track ‘The Chauffeur’.

Nick Rhodes takes the cover photo for nightlife impresario Nick Valentine’s book, Clubs, Drugs and Canapés, released in October of 2013.

Duran Duran’s John Taylor is featured in the “Best of British Music” portfolio in the 25th Anniversary issue of British GQ. Each participating musician’s print is in the window of the tailor that made their suit. John is featured in the window of Gieve’s & Hawkes at Number One, Savile Row.

The band’s UnStaged film, directed by David Lynch, is chosen to open The Contenders film festival at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. The band attend both screenings of the movie, on November 4 at 7:30PM and 8:00PM, introducing the 8pm screening to the sold out crowd and holding a Q&A for the audience at the sold-out 7:30pm screening. Afterwards, there is a party at upper east side restaurant East Pole. Attendees include the band, Debbie Harry, Richard Phillips, Diane Birch and Larry Mullen Jr. from U2.

It is announced that Duran Duran will be featured in the book Mad World: An Oral History of New Wave Artists and Songs That Defined the 1980s, by Lori Majewski to be released in April, 2014. Nick Rhodes writes the foreword for the book.

Duran Duran ‘super fan” Andrew Golub, better known to friends as “Durandy” who has amassed an incredible collection of Duran Duran tour posters over the years will be releasing a book in 2014, a self-published book called “Beautiful Colors,“. This set, with a foreword written by Nick Rhodes, is the only print collection of posters and advertisements that the band is aware of.

Duran Duran commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the release of their third album, Seven and the Ragged Tiger, on November 20 by posting a short podcast about their memories of the recording process.

John is featured in an Abrams’ book called Area by Eric and Jennifer Goode, chronicling the New York club’s meteoric rise in the mid ‘80s. On November 5, Nick Rhodes attends an event at The Hole on the Bowery in Manhattan, showcasing photographs of the scene at Area taken by Andy Warhol. Shortly afterwards, Nick is interviewed for a documentary about the legendary club for Vice.

John Taylor participates in the Amy Winehouse Foundation Gala in London at the Dorchester Hotel on November 20. He auctions off two mini Taylor guitars signed by the band and raises over £24,000 for the Foundation.

On November 17 Simon presents an Award for Best Musical at the 59th Annual Evening Standard Awards in London. He attends the event with his daughter Amber.

On November 21, Duran Duran and Denis O’Regan, who was their official tour photographer in 1984, announce the forthcoming publication of DURAN DURAN : CARELESS MEMORIES, a coffee table book of photographs shot during that time. Alongside this, the band’s online web shop debuts the 2014 Duran Duran calendar, made up entirely of Denis’s photos from that tour. Denis exhibits the photos at a dedicated pop-up store at 15 Foubert’s Place, off Carnaby Street, in Central London, (not far from the band’s original 1984 office). On December 5, members of Duran Duran, Denis O’Regan and Intense Books host a launch event for DURAN DURAN : CARELESS MEMORIES, with the proceeds of a silent auction going to the Ace Africa charity. The book is expected to be released in 2014.

Once again John lends his support to teen support charity Road Recovery, filming a short video talking about founder Gene Bowen’s bicycle ride across New York State to raise money for this incredible organization. John donates a 20-minute SKYPE chat to help raise more funds, which is snapped up immediately.

On Tuesday, December 3, Simon takes part in the biggest single fund raising event in the City of London, ICAP’s Annual Charity Day. ICAP, the world’s largest inter-dealer broker, gives away its revenues and commissions to charity on this one day. Simon participates in support of the Blue Marine Foundation, a charity he has been involved with since last year.

Classic Pop Magazine announces that Duran Duran is the most popular group of the classic pop decade, tied with Depeche Mode. Both acts have SIX singles in the magazine’s Top 100 songs of the ‘80s.

Duran Duran close out a fruitful year in the studio on December 13. Nick and John spend December 16, 17 and 18 in the studio together doing work on their musical.

The band each record a year-end Katy’s Kafe for the Duran Duran VIP Fan Community website, discussing their highlights of the year.

On December 20, THE WEDDING ALBUM mixer, David Richards, passes away aged 57.

On December 31, the band post a mix-tape curated by John Taylor as a New Year’s Thank You to their fans.

Wishing their fans a Happy New Year, Duran Duran post a festive (and funny) video on their YouTube page.

On January 1, Duran Duran reach 2 Million LIKES on Facebook.

John’s IN THE PLEASURE GROOVE is released in Brazil on January 8, on Benvira.

On Monday January 20, Duran Duran’s “Anyone Out There” is used to help wake up the European Space Agency’s Rosetta, which traveled for 10 years in deep space. In November 2014, Rosetta will make the first ever landing on a comet in history.

For the first “Katy’s Kafe” of 2014, John discusses his ‘perfect album’ and chooses ZIGGY STARDUST by David Bowie. He and Katy record a video portion of their discussion for YouTube.

It is announced that John will participate in the London Bass Guitar Show with a speaking engagement and Q&A on March 2 at the London Olympia.

Duran Duran’s “Come Undone” and “All She Wants Is” are used in commercials for the Argentinian bank, Banco Hipotecario.

On February 10 John and Roger record the London Youth and Voce Chamber Choirs and London Youth Chamber Choir for tracks on their forthcoming album.

On February 11 the band host an in-studio visit with winners from a British the National Literacy Trust fundraising auction.

John Taylor appears on the inaugural cover of Intervene magazine. It is also announced that he is a Patron of Mount Carmel, the south London alcohol treatment center.

On February 27 Simon and Dom Brown performed acoustic versions of “Ordinary World” and “Rio” at the “Night for Nick” benefit in London honouring the late Nick Milligan and his 8 year old daughter Emily, who died the previous summer in a tragic boating accident. Nick was a good friend of Simon and Yasmin Le Bon. Monies raised from the event benefited the Cornish Air Ambulance You can read more about this worthwhile cause here.

On March 2, John appears at the Bass Guitar Show at the Olympia London. He is interviewed by author Joel McIver before signing copies of “In The Pleasure Groove” for hundreds of attendees.

Koishii & Hush release a video for “C’est Tout Est Noir” featuring John Taylor’s vocal on March 5.

Roger DJs in Zurich, Switzerland on March 6 for the launch party of the Swiss version of L’Officiel Magazine.

On March 10, John attends a black tie “Corks & Couture” fundraising event for the Rainbow Trust in London.

On March 11, Simon and Yasmin attend a UK screening of the film “Winter” at the Electric Cinema in London.

Solo artist / producer Mr Hudson begins working with Duran Duran in their London studio. The band members post a photo of them all together on their social media accounts but don’t comment any further.

Duran Duran fan extraordinaire, Durandy (Andrew Golub), releases the book BEAUTIFUL COLORS: THE POSTERS OF DURAN DURAN. The hardcover book examines Duran Duran’s career through posters, from 1978 up to the present day, and includes rare and vintage promotional artwork from the largest Duran Duran poster archive in the world. Nick Rhodes, who became aware of Durandy’s collection years ago, writes the introduction to the book.

Mad World: An Oral History of New Wave Artists and Songs That Defined the 1980s by longtime Duran Duran fan Lori Majewski and co-author Jonathan Bernstein is released on April 15. The band’s “Girls on Film” is one of the songs featured and Nick Rhodes writes the book’s foreword.

On April 16, the 30th anniversary of the release of the single “The Reflex,” the band and Nile Rodgers reflect on the song’s genesis in this video tribute.

On April 23 the band confirm that they have been working with ex-Red Hot Chili Pepper guitarist John Frusciante on a few tracks for their forthcoming album.

On the May 13 episode of GLEE, “The Untitled Rachel Berry Project,” the character of “Sam” (Chord Overstreet) performs “Girls on Film.”

The week of May 12, the band resume work in the studio with Mr Hudson.

On Sunday, May 18 Death or Glory Records in Redditch (UK) host their second band forum, which is organized for local musicians to meet and discuss the local scene. John Taylor stops by as both an interested local resident and special guest. Sharing stories from the early days of the band, as well as keeping the audience up to date with how recording is going for their new record, John takes the time to talk to the artists in attendance and shares his wealth of knowledge in the form of advice and funny anecdotes.

On May 21 Nile Rodgers is honoured with the International Music Summit Legends Award at Ibiza’s Hard Rock Hotel. Simon flies in from London to help honour – and surprise – Nile, as well as discuss his incredible work with Duran Duran over the years. Simon is joined by DJ Pete Tong and industry legend Seymour Stein.

On May 27 Manimal Vinyl debuts Moby’s cover of Duran Duran’s “Rio” from the forthcoming tribute album, MAKING PATTERNS RHYME, on Stereogum, and Consequence of Sound.

Duran Duran’s The Wedding Album is ranked #20 on Metro Weekly’s “50 Best Albums of the 90s.”

On June 4, both Simon and Nick attend The Royal Academy of Arts Summer Party in London.

Simon attends an America’s Cup reception in the UK where he works alongside the Duchess of Cambridge for the UK’s America’s Cup bid at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich.

On June 14 John is interviewed by BBC Wiltshire about helping people with addiction recovery. The same day he also speaks at DHI’s Reach Out event.

Dom, Simon, Nick and Roger attend the wedding of their friend, John Hitchcox, on June 14. Dom writes a blog about what it was like performing in a super-group of sorts at the wedding.

Pitchfork debuts Warpaint’s cover of Duran Duran’s “The Chauffeur” from the forthcoming tribute album on Manimal, “Making Patterns Rhyme.”

On June 23, Billboard magazine honors the thirtieth anniversary of “The Reflex” reaching Number One on the Hot 100 with an online article touting the song’s staying power.

In response to ITN News stating that Redditch was the least musical town in the UK, John Taylor puts together a mix-tape of Redditch-only based artists and posts it on

Finnish superstar producers JS16 & Erkka release a well-received cover of Duran Duran’s “Girls on Film”. The song debuts on Music Week’s Cool Cuts Chart the week of July 1.

Duran Duran perform at the White Nights Festival in St. Petersburg, Russia on July 12.

On the weekend of July 18 Mark Ronson re-joins the band in their London studio. John posts a photo of Mark “on six string duty.” Singer Hollie Cook pays a studio visit.

Duran Duran work with Mr Hudson the week of July 21 as they publish photos on their website of some of the time they’ve spent in the studio together.

Duran Duran is announced as one of the performers on FASHION ROCKS airing live nationally on CBS from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on September 9, 2014.

For Duran Duran Appreciation Day 2014, the band post a cover of David Bowie’s “Starman,” which was recorded in Greece during the ALL YOU NEED IS NOW tour.

On August 10 Duran Duran meet in a London studio with Nile Rodgers and Mark Ronson to continue working on their 14th studio album. It is the first time they’ve worked with Nile as Producer in a number of years.

On September 3 Duran Duran is the surprise musical guest at the 2016 MX-5 Miata reveal thrown by Mazda. The event is attended by car aficionados, media and a few VIP fan community winners! The unveiling of the car and the band’s performance takes place at an airport hangar in Monterey, CA.

Duran Duran perform a medley of songs on Fashion Rocks, that includes “The Reflex,” “Girl Panic !” and “Hungry like the Wolf.” Both Nico & Vinz and Afrojack pay tribute to Duran Duran by performing a part of one of their songs (“A View to a Kill” and “Notorious” respectively) in their sets. Viewers who Shazam the show get the opportunity to download an exclusive live version of the band’s “Girl Panic !”

Duran Duran’s UNSTAGED plays for ONE NIGHT ONLY in US cinemas on September 10. Filmed in conjunction with the band’s 2011 album ALL YOU NEED IS NOW, the movie was part of the American Express Unstaged series that pairs musicians with filmmakers including Pharrell/Spike Lee, the Killers/Werner Herzog and Maroon 5/Gary Oldman.

On September 16, fans learn that Duran Duran’s UNSTAGED will run ON DEMAND from October 14 in the United States and Canada. Extra footage can be seen on the band’s YouTube channel.

ACL Live announce Duran Duran will headline a one-night-only concert as part of the Circuit of the Americas’ Fan Fest weekend, taking place during the 2014 US Grand Prix Formula 1 weekend in Austin, Texas. Duran Duran will play to an intimate audience of 2,400 in a special engagement Saturday, November 1 at the Moody Theatre.

New DNA-based anti-aging brand Geneu launches a London flagship store, designed by Imagination-owned consultancy Virgile & Partners, working alongside Geneu creative director Nick Rhodes.

On October 1 Nick is a featured interview on the BBC series “Oh You Pretty Things: The Story of Music and Fashion.”

Nick and Mad World author Lori Majewski are interviewed on Robert Elms’ radio show on BBC London 94.9.

On October 11 Roger looks back on the tenth anniversary of the release of ASTRONAUT.

Nick curates a collection of artwork for Parisian Galerie 1900-2000, for the Frieze Masters art fair in London, which runs from October 15-19.

Simon is part of the Lorde curated Hunger Games/Mockingjay Pt. 1 soundtrack, singing on the Charli XCX track “Kingdom,” produced by Vampire Weekend’s Rostam Batmanglij. The song is a standout and gets raves from critics.

Duran Duran perform their only full concert show of 2014 at the Moody Theater in Austin on November 1 as part of the Grand Prix/COTA weekends. The Austin-based band KNIFIGHT is the opening act.

The band is part of DellWorld, performing with Weezer at the Austin Convention Center on November 4.

John speaks to Katy about the genesis and impact of “The Wild Boys” on the 30th anniversary of the song’s release.

John and director Russell Mulcahy chat with Billboard magazine about the various videos they made together in the ’80s. The band’s SEVEN & THE RAGGED TIGER is also named one of the Top Ten pop albums of the decade by the mag.

Dom pens a blog for on his tenth anniversary of playing with the band.

For the second year in a row, photographer Denis O’Regan has a gallery showing of the Duran Duran photos that make up the book Careless Memories at Chelsea Galleries, London. The exhibit runs from Decemer 8-14.

Simon is interviewed about the 30th Anniversary of the Band Aid track, “Do They Know It’s Christmas” in Rolling Stone magazine.

On December 9 John visits the House of Commons to help launch the Addiction Report by the Centre of Social Justice.

The band Dirty Vegas record an EDM cover of Duran Duran’s “Save a Prayer” as a free holiday download for their fans and post it on December 23.

The band do their Year-End Katy’s Kafes on the VIP Fan Community Website, and also record holiday messages that are posted on on Christmas Day.

John curates a New Year’s Eve “mix tape” with and Manimal Vinyl.


The Duran Duran video “Night Boat” is finally added to YouTube.

Duran Duran supports Warchild UK by playing a small show to a few hundred people at the Wilton Music Hall in London on February 19th. To be part of this intimate show – AND raise money for an incredible cause – fans are encouraged to enter the lottery for tickets via online or text. Each entry costs £4.50 and makes an important donation to War Child.

On January 10, Nick blogs about attending the Todd Lynn fashion show in London the day before.

Duran Duran announce two summer Festival shows on January 28: On June 20th, the band will be part of the Sonar Festival, in Barcelona, Spain. On June 27th, the band will be part of Night at the Park, The Hague, Netherlands.

On January 29, post an interview with War Child UK about Duran Duran’s upcoming performance.

Esquire magazine re-visit the “Hit Songs of February 1993,” including Duran Duran’s “Ordinary World.”

On February 3, Simon and John attend a Grammy Week event honoring Nile Rodgers, held by the Producers & Engineers Wing of the Recording Academy at Los Angeles’s famous Village Recording Studios. On February 5, they both attend an event at Beats co-founder Jimmy Iovine’s Los Angeles home, also honouring Nile.

On Friday, February 6 an interview with Nick appears in the London Evening Standard and an interview with Simon runs in the Metro UK. Both are to support the band’s upcoming War Child UK fundraising date at the Wilton Theatre on February 19.

Simon announces on his personal twitter the death of Steve Strange, who was a huge influence on the New Romantic movement: “I’m very sad to announce that our friend Steve Strange has died in Egypt today. He was the leading edge of New Romantic. God Bless him.”

The band announces two more shows – a performance at the David Lynch Foundation Fundraiser on April 1st in Los Angeles and a September 12th set at Bestival on the Isle of Wight.

Another Festival date is announced: June 28th at the Killarney Festival in Cork, Ireland.

Nick does his annual Oscar “Kafe” with Katy where they discuss the nominees for the upcoming Academy Award presentation. He bests Katy by getting Eddie Redmayne correct as the Best Actor winner.

Simon phones in live to talk about the BRIT awards for BBC’s Mark Forrest Show on February 25.

Duran Duran is announced as part of the ON/OFF Photo Book,a unique portrait project shoot over the past five years to raise money for War Child.

Simon flies to New Delhi to participate in the Cartier “Travel With Style” event on March 14, which celebrates the design and craftsmanship that goes into creating the most luxurious and distinctive cars. He and Yasmin are among the panel of Judges at the world renowned show.